Health Q&A: August 1, 2016

Question : whom would you suggest to get the ear piercing done? We had some bad experiences in the past.Weknow that there are some meridians at the spot where the piercing is usually done and that can cause trouble = inflammation.

Question : Evening Dr G!  Martay and Babs here.   Moms ?: When moving to afib maintenance is there anything you recommend or would avoid to eliminate future episodes? 

Martay's ?  Taking enzymes-  If missed before meal which happens 75% of the time is taking them during or after ok?

Question : Hey Doc, besides HBSP (tablet form with extra minerals) what do you recommend for low hemoglobin count?  I love being able to sign people up for the $2 fee to hear the straight answers directly from you!

Question : 60 yo female w/recent low hemoglobin: 8.6 (norm10-12). Was also low in March when hospitalized w/GI bleed d/t too much ibuprofen for knee + back pain. Pain slowly resolving since starting w/new chiropractor + on YGY since April (HBP, selenium, glucogel, digestive enzymes). MD told her to add OTC iron tabs twice daily. She added OxyRich last week. Has made some dietary changes but not yet off 12 bad foods. h/o gastric bypass 2003. Additional suggestions?

Question : A)My dear mr Glidden! Everything goes the good way, and after 1,5 years of your help after my heart attack we are in the process of reevaluating my protocol (Body weight 145 lbs). Some questions: 1) You suggested I stop taking the 6 Ultimate Classic. Is it good to take the bottles I already have bought? 2) You suggested I go over to powder instead of liquid Calcium so that I get Molydybdenum for the pain in my hands. However, can I use a bottle of liquid Molydybdenum I have, as long as I have B)pain, so that I can use the all the bottles of Calcium I already have? 3) Shall I continue as usual with the rest of my protocol: 2 ounces of PDM, 2 scoops of BTT, 4 tablets of BTT, 9 EFA, 9 Selenium, 3 half teaspoons Good Herb’s Heart’s support, 4 Imortalium? 4) And if so, for how long? And 5) Should I in addition take Ultimate Enzymes for the two painless and small gall stones that have been observed?  Love from Inge (Norway)

Question : 1) Can you please tell me if the following 4 supplements are best to be taken with a meal or on an empty stomach?

a) Ultimate Selenium

b) Ultimate Gluco-gel

c) Maqui Plus

d) Imortalium

1a) How do you determine if a supplement is suppose to be taken a meal or on an empty stomach?

2) I have a probiotic with ingredients of ORGANIC BARLEY GRASS and ORGANIC OAT GRASS. So is the organic barley grass the same as consuming barley and the organic oat grass the same as consuming oats?

3) So when a suggestion for a supplement is for it to be taken with a meal (example: EFA Plus), when exactly during a meal do you take the supplement? Is it swallowing the supplement with water right before your first bite, in the middle of the meal, at the end of the meal? And do you swallow the supplement with water or with food?

Question : My friend is an alcoholic and I was wondering if there is anything she can take that will help with the addiction, and the effects of when/if she quits cold turkey? Thanks, really need your help with this one.

Question : Good evening Dr G. Recently signed up a new Rep who had been diagnosed w/ arthritis in her neck. She went "all in" ona Healthy Bone and Joint and diet program and in only TWO weeks her neck pain had subsided! Also, serendipitously, her long time battle w/ heartburn had disappeared! Needles to say she was excited and can't wait to tell others. She had asked about "Gluten Free" oats & I directed her to tune in tonight to find out. These products are Fantastic! It's an honor to work with you.

Question : This is my mother who is 81 years old,weighs 133ibs and about 5 feet,she has blood pressure,seizures,arthritis. Over 3 months she has been taking the supplements,her blood pressure is low . she is still taking her blood pressure medication and heart condition problem, which is called heart murmur .Lately, to be specific about 2 weeks,she keep on saying that somebody promised on the TV told her she won a car and i told her it is not true,but she still do not believe it. she kept on saying it .

Question : Please help I'm in hormone hell!  I can't seem to recover from Bust FX.  Afraid of Good Herbs Female Hormone support.  Are they the same?  What's the difference? Thanks and God Bless you!!

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden.. Thank you for everything you.. I have a question, I've been experiencing frequent bloody nose for the past 4 days. Do you know what it is caused by? What do you recommend?

Question : Hi Dr. G.  The second dose of lycopodium was an aggravation, nothing like the first dose.  It took 3 days to get back to where I was BUT it was worth a shot.  I had a whole long message but I thought I would save you from all that reading and just give you the bottom line, instead of detailing each day - blow by blow, (saved all my notes).  I will say I am on board with your recommendations Dr. G.  as I still have irregular HB but my blood pressure is staying more normal. This irregular HB doesn’t hurt as bad if my HB stays under 70 and it’s been 10 months since it started coincidentally with my last valium wean. Still very thankful for where I am now.  As far as being active I can’t just sit around so I am swimming a few times per day 10-20 minutes with light housework and minimal business calls. Thanks for all U do!

Question : Hi Doc. Just recently, my 24yo son 175lbs, is having dry scaly skin around his mouth, I told him to take EFA's, he said he has been (4 -6 a day).  Any suggestions? Thanks.

Question : Hi Doctor! How are you? The plant dervied minerals because it has silver and nickel, silver, lead things like that is that bad for you to keep taking? The metals.

Also, my husband has rocesa the redness in the face what can he take? I showed my holistic doctor the bottle and she said it has too much metal and gold in it that its not good to keep taking.

Question : hi Dr Gi have a newbie here with a lot of questions she doesnt know about youngevityyou or DR wallach yet. she asks ; what causes psoriasisand exczema ?  and abnormal pressure in eyes. ? , how to increase vitamin absorbtionthanksyou da man! s

Question : My wife recently noticed a lot of belching from the EFA plus, why is that?

Also what is the website you recommended to get a gelatin that you could eat to help build cartilage?

Question : person with fatty liver and diabetes. 18 yr old

Question :  I've been taking the Anti parasitic support and Super Olive health from the Good herbs line.  No matter what dosage of the olive leaf extract, I get really bad die off when taken internally.  I was told that I could apply it to the bottom of my feet which wouldn't be as harsh and haven't had any negative effects since.  Do you feel that this is still an effective route to consume and absorb?  Perhaps the die off is an indication that it's working so not sure if I should continue taking it internally.  That said, how long is too long for die off to last?  I also have had chronic candida.

I'm starting a friend on Youngevity and although she's open, she took the healthy body start pack with a bottle of the plant based minerals to her Homeopathic Dr. to test how the products worked for her.  He told her that everything was fine but not the plant based minerals.  How much faith would you give to such a test with a metal rod?  I'm sure you're familiar with such a test.

Question : Hi Doc. I'm scheduled for Retrocele surgery (fluid in scrotum area-Large) this Friday. They are going to do an Epidural injection -Anesthesia to numb my pelvic area. I'm not to happyabout the injection to my lower spine. Do I need to add a circulation product to my intake after I've recuperated from the surgery? I take HSP w/slender fx-Sweet-Eze and PDM. Any further suggestions ? Thank Doc

Question : hi doc, a few weeks ago you advised me to use good herbs heart support and niacin to get my blood pressure down. ive been trying to do this for a year. within just two weeks it dropped like a stone to normal levels. thanks so much! so the question is how long do i keep taking the good herbs stuff? i hope this isnt permanent because i cuss you every time i have to swallow that stuff. by the way the advocate is the best 20 bucks i ever spent

Question : Doctor G ,   is there anything other than cancer that can cause PSA numbers to spike up. I've went from 10 to 25 in 9 months.  Thank you for your time and insight.    Richard

Dr G, is there anything other than a malignancy that can cause PSA numbers to spike up? Went from 10 to over 25 in nine months. Am 73 years old and weigh 215lbs. Am doing Health Body Start pac appropriate to body weight. Switched to Tangy pills and added 4 bottles of selenium per month. Thank you for your time and insight.    Richard

Question : Dr.G last monday my full question didn't go through. RE: the "Meth Baby" who is 9 yrs.oldnow is also having major aggressive issues, is there homeopathic that would help out here? I also shared with you I had to take a course ofantibiotics for my tooth pocket that abcessed into the bone. Should I have it pulled? What next? as the Dr. wants it out to avoid further complications. THANKS!!!

1 more thing, my doc said, she wants my on HBP Rx. now. I reminded her that Cytomel & Hydrocortizone (Oral) also contributes the HBP and when I sit down for 15 min than take my BP it's fine and I shared that with her. So short term should I take the RX for my BP?

Question : I would like a recommendation toeither a Homeopathic or a ND in the Twin Cities.

My friend Mary Jo mother has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.  Doc wants her to go to Mayo.

Question : Youngevity user is using HSP Digestion emphasis on eye support also. No gall bladder, shots in the eyes and over weight. Has lost 5o lbs in 7 months, but is now at a stand still with weight loss. Says energy has improved and feels better.  Still getting eye shots for macula. How does Youngevity userget off more weight has plateaued ideas/recommendations?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, Hoping all is well with you and yours. A friend of mine suffers with gout. He is on taking the health brain and heart pak/ selenium/ultimate daily and wondered if there is sometime to add to protocol to help. Also wondered if it was something he is eating/drinking that can trigger this. Is there a webinar that we could watch that speaks to this?  Thank you

Question : Dr G-Dawg! need a quick comparison of the different EFA YGY products. I have only ever taken EFA plus. is ultimate efa better, different? Thanks Much for all your guidance. Your Q&As always one of the highlights of my week! On the old site there was a specific webinar on the different EFAs. Is that still accessible?

Question : Hi Doc. Received the restof the products for the fungus and skin issues. Will follow up with you in 4 weeks. Since you are talking about digestive issues, have you heard of DYSBIOSIS? Is this some new medical term and condition ?

Question : Dr gidden I had an reaction with the gluco gel my blood pressure rose up to 181/107 I stop it what do I do do replace I have some type of vertigo extremely dizzy unbalanced I take the osteo and minerals selenium EFA