Health Q&A: August 15, 2016

Question : how important is the health of your mitochondria to one's overall health? and how can we improve that condition?

Linda in Kona Question : Just a quick hurray!  My dad has been on 90 for just under a year.  With medical nutrition his kidneys stabilized and finally had his creatinine numbers turn around and improve.  It's so great I can have him listen to you ... since he won't listen so much to me!  Thanks, Dr. G for all the great information and education you provide!

Linda Question : A friend is newly diagnosed with Meniere's disease. He is diabetic, 70, and probably over 200 lbs. He is experiencing dizziness, nausea, and vertigo. His MD says there's nothing to do for it. Can we help him?

Marisa Question : Hi Dr Glidden I saw on youtube you mentioned that HGH youth complex would prevent grey hair. (You look just fine!) But did it not work on you? Thanks - your wonderful I love the set up tonight!

Alice Question : How you do you like to take the Good Herbs? I can't stand the taste, even diluted in a glass of water. Thanks! Like the set up tonight!

Centearian Candidate Kenneth Question : Greetings Doctor. Recently I have found that the "Simplicity" of our nutritional program is something some are finding hard to grasp. They're leery that cleaning up their diet and taking Nutritional Supplements, is all that is needed to be healthy. The idea seems to be "far fetched", coming from a medically lay person. Is this common? Any suggestions to help address this concern? Always enjoy laughing and learning on Mondays w/you!

Daniah Question : Hi Doctor! My dad a couple of days ago got a ballon in one of his heart arteries because it was shrinking. He is experiencing swelling in arms and legs. Hospital checked him and said it could be from the needles they put in his arms like IV. What do you recommend? He is a smoker. Takes lots of meds and breathes really weird when he sleeps, as if he stops breathing for a couple seconds. Thank You. He also has hyper thyroid.

Eugene Question : Hi Doc-I have a 67 yr. friend w/one kidney who's been on a Proton Pump inhibitors (for acid reflux) he's been on it for 15 yrs. and went to the ER because of pain in Kidney area. he has to return when his dr. returns from vacation. He wants to know if kidney damage is related to his PPI and can it be reversed. He doesn't take any supplements at all.

IMueller Question : Hi Dr. G. – 1. Would it be a wise choice to take an airplane with this high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat I am having - May need to make a trip back east for family issues  2. dropped one selenium today while taking supplements and can’t find it, if my cat finds it and eats it will he be okay? – Thanks Dr. G!

Susanne I'm following the 12 bad foods diet. I just ordered the Healthy Digestion Pack. I'm wondering if I can eat "Organic" oatmeal or "Gluten Free" breads? I'm not so sure if it's the gluten as much as it is the glyphosate.

Dee Dee Question : Hi Dr. G, When is it better to use purified water over alkaline water? Does either H2O affect the efficacy of any of the Youngevity supplements? Thanks!

Mary Question : Dr. G, my husband is having severe muscle cramping in leg & feet once he is in bed. It is so severe it is interrupting his sleep and he is very sore the next day. Would you please advise. Thank you so much.

Carol Question : Should I be concerned that there is arsenic and lead in the Youngevity Minerals?

Patti-Caribbean Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, as you know, my parasite test came back negative from Dr.'s Data. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on what I should do next. Thank you

 My skin is insanely itchy and very sore. Reminder that my EOS% level have been elevated for years. Could I be allergic to mosquitoes? Could this be an allergy to living in the tropics. Thank you Dr. Glidden for helping me.

Mike Question : My grandaughter is 13 years old and likes athletics. Has had several broken bones. Diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. What can be done? Her mother is a nurse.

Ryan Question : Hey doc, I was on your marathon Q&A webby a couple weeks ago and asked a question about my 5 month old son that was having asthma attacks. You recommended him take 3 EFA's per day for 21 days, as well as his mother take 12 EFA's per day for 21 days. He's getting better slowly. What is your suggested protocall now that the 21 days are over? AND he has a really phlemy cough and he cant seem to shake it. Any advice? Thanks.

Trina Question : Hi Doc, For the past month or so I've been experiencing a swelling feeling in my lower left leg and foot. I measured around my calf and it's about a 1cm / 0.4 of an inch bigger than my right one.

It has felt bigger than my right leg for a couple of years but never had the swelling feeling. I heard you talk about not enough protein in the blood so I increased my protein intake to 60 to 90 gms of protein a day for the last 4 weeks, 60gms of that is NZ whey protein….

It doesn't seem to be making much difference, the swelling feeling is still there, the CM Cream helps take the swelling feeling away though. When I push on my leg with my finger, it doesn't stay indented. I had a urine test, it says: PH…6, Protein…nil, Glucose…nil, Specific, Gravity…1.018, Leucocytes...H 20, Erythrocytes…12, Squam Epi Cells...17 

I'm 165lbs & 45yo, I'm on 2 Bone & Joint Paks, 9 selenium a day, 9 Ultimate Daily Classic a day, 2 Niacin a day, 1 oz of Oxybody cherry berry a day., And use Rebound when I workout. How can I make this problem go?

Steve Question : My 84 yo dad is losing his short term memory. The MD gave him Donepezil and said it will only keep him from getting worse. He is now on 1 brain and heart pack with Synaptiv. My mom thinks he is still going down and wants to add the Donepezil with Youngevity. He also has swollen ankles and feet. Thoughts? Thanks

La Mar Question : Yo Doc, I had my A1c checked- 5.4. I’ve had some acne issues since starting the problem. I’ve eliminated dairy and gluten free bread. The skin has cleared up a bit. I’ve added the plant derived minerals back in the mix with no problems. Can grains and/or dairy cause acne breakouts? Can this be an allergic reaction?