Health Q&A: August 18, 2016

Question : Hi Dr. G. – Why does my blood sugar drop around 2-4 pm when I am trying to eat less and it makes me shaky and feel weird,  but in the night it goes up and upon waking it’s 115 now, taking sweeteze close to same time every day?  I remember what you told me about the sweeteze but when my BS gets in the 70’s I get weird/shaky/sweaty.  I am only taking 1 sweet eze with slender fx and banana around 10am then another 1 around 3pm with salad and fruit/protein then another 1 around 7-8 with more fruit.  I am doing 6 ounces of PDM could that be why it’s dropping –  Lastly I don’t eat phytates unless I eat almonds which is 2 hours after my last tangy and one hour before my bedtime calcium/PRM. This is why I am so hesitant to do a fast or get out much (can’t carry a piece of cheese with me everywhere I go) - It is not a pleasant feeling when you begin to sweat and get shaky in the middle of the day (there’s got to be another way or maybe I am just healing still – more time?  Thanks!!

Question : Aloha Dr. G.  A couple of weeks ago I asked you about a baby born with brittle bone disease.  Can you comment on this condition and what improvements her parents might see?  Is it a situation of too much damage done or can there be noticeable improvement? I watched your webinar on epigenetic's -- interesting stuff.  But it wasn't clear to me whether the MTHFR mutation could be reversed.  And what are the implications of having this mutation as I'm running into more and more people have it.

Question : Looking for evidenced based research for vaccinations, any recommendations?

Question : Hi Dr G, you diagnosed me as pre-diabetic in January. I'm 170lbs, taking 2oz PDMs, 2oz of Osteo,4 Tangy Tabs,6 selenium,6 EFA's, 8 SweetEze (at same time of day). Was getting improvement on some symptoms like anxiety and irritability but depression got worse and tiredness/fatigue after eating still there. You suggested 12 EFA's and 12 SweetEze. Did this for a while but found taking 3-4 EFAs at once started to make me tired so cut back to 8 and spread them out more, also cut SweetEze to 8 a day. The depression, anxiety, irritability are gone(!) the tiredness after eating is the only thing left but it got worse recently-is this Herings Law of cure and I just stick with it or should I go back to 12 EFAs & 12 SweetEze? Cheers Doc, nearly there! i have been diagnosed with food allergies too BTW.. The EFAs do seem to be the thing to give me sleepiness cheers Doc!

My son after his MMR regressed, very picky with food, stopped talking, walking on tip-toes, in diapers till 4 yrs, lost interest in books, freaked out in crowds, became very OCD...doctors just say it is coincidence. Doctors are cowards!

Question : Hi Doctor Glidden.  Despite my getting better on many fronts and having taken the Youngevity products since September, I have now been diagnosed with a low Hemoglobin count.  What can I do to get on the other side of this one?

Question : Dr my 10 year old is off gluten and the the rest of bad foods for over 2 years. Sometimes She gets a little abdominal pain, cramping & quite of bit of gases now it's getting a little worse. We notice she don't chew her food enough Is this cause by not chewing her food properly, or is this Dairy/Milk or is she having some bad bacteria lingering in her intestine/Colon? What will you Recommend giving her or eliminating in her diet?

Question : Dr. G! Istaking Ultimate Daily caps for clearing the arteries something that is taken for life like the Mighty 90 or is it only needed for a finite period. If finite, what are the indicators to step down to a maintenance dose or stopping completely? thanks much!!! Also, I want to again request a redo of the EFA webinar which is not available on the new site.Thanks.

Question : My periodontist wants to do skin grafts on gums due to bone loss & to prevent further bone loss. & to help receding gums. There's no infection. Do the skin grafts? Will a supplement help restore the bone loss &/or help he gas to stop recessing?  In addition, I've more hair loss, recently, especially @ crown area. What supplement should I take? Also, have athletes feet on right foot only? What should I take?

 I did not loss weight on a 40 day fast w/no sugars including no artifical sweeteners. I'm loosing some inches but not weight and continue exercising 5 to 6 days per week at 2 to 3 mile workouts. What should I do? What are thebest protein powder drinks? Veg-based proteins severely bloat my stomach. Is organic oat grass, wheat grass, barley grass ok?  What will help eliminate or decrease spider veins and age spots? Can I take a supplement to replace the 37mcg synthroid for hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s?

Question : About two years ago my blood pressure was 160/90. I used vitamin c (ascorbic acid) and baking soda (about two teaspoons of each per day). My blood pressure quickly came down into a normal range. About that time I discovered you and youngevity and I am on the program I have continued with the vitamin c and am wondering if I should stop?

Question : Good Night Dr G. Greetings from Grenada. I want to ask a question about Zika. Here in Grenada quite a bit of the population (including myself) have had Zika but there have been a few cases of Guillan Barre Syndrome which we have never had in Grenada before the Zika Virus came here. How can the zika virus cause this. What are your thoughts on this connection and didn't you do a webinar long ago on Gullian Barre? I can't seem to find it.

Question : Greetings Doctor. I have a family of three small children, all who have contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth disease or as her MD called it HFMD. What protocol, not withstanding the Mighty 90 and avoidance of the 12 bad foods, should I recommend? Also, really enjoyed the new format on the last Q & A. Keep up the Great work!

Question : Hi Dr G , I ask this question last week but dont think you got to it, have you seen people on kidney dialysis without hbp and can you explain why this is.

Question : at work is currently running a huge promotion to donate to a research for PKD (Polyzystic Kidney Disease) When I was asked if I'd give a donation I declined, and pointed to your website, but did not know what webinar includes this one? Since we know that plants can only have minerals when those are in the soil, why are so many people falling for the myth that they can get everything if they just eat enough vegetables?

mpfen kann zum Dravet-Syndrom führen. Dieser Impfschaden wurde anerkannt, nachdem ein Epileptiker geklagt hatte. Meaning that the German Court confirmed that this syndrome was caused by vaccination.

Question : recent lab work: bun/creatinine up from 23.6 in Jan to 28.4 this month, vit b12 @ 1554 (out-of-range) red cell 15.3 (out-of-range) is that ok? any concerns medical dr wasn't concerned asking you for your take on it...thanks oh cholestrol is total 306 non-hdl 200, ldl 194…good?

Question : Working on gaining weight - any suggestions.

I am on Prevacid and I understand how bad it is for me.  I want to get off it but I get some bad pain in my chest and acid reflex.  It has actually caused reflex to come up and put divers in my teeth at night.  Peppermint and ACV both bother me and cause heartburn.  SIBO has made it hard to eat anything fermented.   I take 2oz night of cal toddy at night.  I use enzymes at every meal.  What can I do to get off or wean off of this.  I am not on gluten or bad foods. HELP :)

Question : Yo Doc, what is your opinion on getting the eyes dilated with drops during an eye exam? I’m thinking this is no big deal. Thanks!

Question : Hey doc had a customer taking the blood sugar pack for 3 months went off meds and sugar levels spiraled out of control. Has given up on HBSP and now back janumet to control it . Feeling disappointed can't work out why it spiraled. Any ideas?

Question : Good night Dr Glidden. I am 46 years old. I have been plagued by the following symptoms for the last 6 years: tingling of the nerves in some fingers, the lower legs& the head, two instances of inarticulate speech, dry scaly feet. I have had many tests by the neurologist, 2 MRIs and many blood tests and all results came back negative for any diseases. Although one fasting diabetic test shows that I am at the high range 5 but I am not diabetic. Could I have artery insufficiency? I am exasperated.

Also a holistic doctor told me to remove the mercury fillings in my teeth because it could cause the nerve tingling. Another question: I am having slight pain in the knees and hip which I suspect is arthritis. Most of my family from both my father & mother side have arthritis. I have been taking glucosamine chondritinfor a while. How do I treat arthritis? I also have costo chondritis of the chest cartilage. How to treat this?

Question : My daughter is on growth hormone for short stature.  I'd like to get her off this medication. What can i do to get her growing normally.  She had the stimulation test done and failed it.  Also, I have a another daughter on the spectrum, high functioning and still see nervous system issues.  Her doctor has her on B12 and calcium leucovorin.  My husband has high blood pressure and I just ordered selenium, BTT and Ultimate daily.  Should I add anything else?

I hail from beautiful Barbados Can these Youngevity products be sent to Barbados