Health Q&A: August 29th, 2016

Question : In a documentary on the life and death of Robin Williams they indicated that he had “dementia with lewy bodies” which was misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s (another death by MD).  This form of dementia is not one of the four types in Epigenetics.  Would you explain what it is, why it would be misdiagnosed and what should have been the “medically verified nutritional approach” that would have possibly saved his life.  Dementia with Lewy bodies can be found at  (

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. I’m 6’2”, 160lbs. I currently take the Beyond Tangy Tangerine and EFA Plus everyday. I’m currently experiencing internal hemorrhoids, occasional bloody stool and anal leakage as a result of the internal hemorrhoids prolapsing outside of the anal sphincter. I’m trying to stay hydrated and not forcing stool during bowel movements. Is there something else I can be doing to help heal and/or prevent any further issues? Are probiotics a good idea?

Question : doc 2 questions, my wife has a bunion I think on one side of her big toe, whats your experience on getting on the other side of those also she has always had red cheeks possibly rosacea ? what causes it and how can we treat it

Question : I have friend having trouble with milk production and stress.  Her baby is 2 months old and she was on the HSP 2.0 throughout pregnancy.  Would Dstress be a good option for her and what else?   A different person had kidney transplant at least 5 years ago, he is concerned about boosting his immune system with Youngevity products for fear of the body rejecting the transplant as he was told this by his physician. difficulties. He has had a recent 'flare up' of symptoms. Parents want to start him on YGY. The SMART FX EFAs are small enough for him to swallow (due to bad taste he won’t pop them open). Because of a budget issue and taste of the products - parents may opt for PDM in juice, calcium, SMART FX, and watermelon sprinkles. The SMART FX bottle has 60 soft gels – will one EFA per day be enough?

Question : YoYoYO DR G!  Hello from Austin TX!  Hope all is well in northern country.  Es muy caliente aqui! Wanted to ask what the exact healing process is for afib. Mom has been on protocol having less and less episodes.  Your belief is disc degeneration in the thoracic area impinging the nerve that feeds the heart causing it to beat erratically.  What is actually “healing” from medical nutrition and your protocol? 

Question : Hi Dear Dr Glidden!   What do you think of lifting weights?  I know your no a fan of cardio excercise (and I love you for it) but Ive become flabby…. should we just get over it? Why doesn't anyone share your views on this? God Bless you! Marisa P.S.  Your thyroid webinar never mentions what your T3 and T4 should be? 2nd What causes fatigue after a bowel movement?  Doesn’t happen always but man sometimes I have to sit down… again ;).   3rd Fell back to loose stools after trying your recommendation last q&a of 2oz calcium in morning and evening.   How does 3oz mixed in my tangy,gluco,plant sipping cocktail and 1oz at bed in oj sound? Thanks for all you do and look forward to our consultation!

Question : I would like to know What would help to ease toe-fungus, heartburn, permanently loss of smell due to serveral sinus surgeries, swollen nose bone and runny nose 18:25 and painful lower back pain

Question : Hey, Dr. G thank you so much for the advise about Morton's Neuroma. The Hypericum is really helping.  Would you know what we could give a 7 yr. old terrier w? diabetes and is going blind? He weighs about 20 lbs. Would appreciate any advise. Thanks you're awesome. Love the humor and songs.

Question : Hi Doctor. This past april before I started younggivity my reverse t3 was at 8. Normal reference range is at 8-25 ng/dL. I just got my new blood results in i did last week my reverse t3 is at 14. Im taking the hypothalamus support. When the numbers are in range does that mean i dont have hypothyroid anymore? Should I keep taking the hypothalamus support? 

Also, my progesterone in april was 0.1 now its at 1.1. What should i be doing different

Question : Hello Doc, It’s been awhile and it’s great to hear and see you again. I have a question that was summited o us and it goes like this. I was curious if there has been any success with Ascites associated with NASH. This is a symptom my husband has from his end stage liver disease. Water has accumulated on his abdomen (over 100lbs.) and he can no longer carry this weight Thanks Claudia.

I have a lady that has purchased a Sueroviv 3 Day Cleanse; I have never used it so I have no experience. Will this make her have urgent trips to the bathroom and need to stick near the house or can she go out.

Question : Hello Dr. G I started on the Healthy Digestion Pack about two weeks ago. I'm craving sweets and think I may have an intestinal parasite issue...any suggestions? Thanks so much for all you do!!

Question : Greetings Dr. I'm traveling to a major city w/ poor air quality. I am curious to know, what effect does air quality have on my health? What precautions and/or supplements should I take, if any, to "beef up" my tolerance? Is it possible or even necessary?

Question : 59 yr old male, 260 lbs., 2 back surgeries (last one 11 yrs ago), still has chronic back pain, now symptoms of neuropathy (numbness, tingling in lower legs, feet, arms and hands), feels pressure in the legs, restless leg, hot flashes, and on again/off again low grade fever.   On a pain regiment (pills, cortisone shots) that does not work any longer.  Not diabetic.

Hello Dr. Glidden, Christine Crockett from Toronto.  What's your view point on moxibustion?  My traditional chinese medical doctor suggested I do it.  Also, when will your webinars be set up to email?  I'm really looking forward to that and will gladly pay for it(-:

Question : Hello Dr. G. – Is it true that Milk Thistle extract can cause a severe allergic reaction to some?  I am Leary of trying it to help with the liver/hemochromatosis – is there a specific dosage to try starting out?   Do you think it’s a necessary and or valuable add on for me to help clean up my liver?  Thank you!

Question : When I stop using Metronidazole Gel my Rosacea returns. What can I do or use instead of the gel? Does Rosacea ever stop returning? I've IT Band Syndrome & have to do a lot of stretching prior to exercise to help. Why am I having IT Syndrome & is there something that I can take to help it? When I stop using Metronidazole Gel my Rosacea returns. What can I do or use instead of the gel? I've IT Syndrome & have to do a lot of stretching prior to exercise to help. Why am I having IT Syndrome & Is there something that I can take to help?

Question : Hi Dr. G!!  I have a new rep with small fiber neurothopthy.  MS 43 years pain in feet  stenosis  hyrniated disc  rsl hypercalcimia  rhynauds (pink itchy feet) ...need to know what to put her on outside of the HSP and concerned about the calcium.

Question : Hi Dr G. I have had diabetes tests which indicates pre diabetes. You recommended 2 bottles of sweet Ezee a month. But I also have early signs of arthritis in the knees and hip. What do you recommend for this? Also my daughter Ashley has problems with acne. She has allergies to dairy which she tries to avoid but she breaks out often. The breakouts are usually big pimples which leave dark marks. What do you recommend for her? She also suffers from lack of sleep and she has tried remedies sch as valerian tea among other things. She is also always thirsty and she drinks water constantly. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Also what kind of diet do you recommend for me as a pre-diabetic?

Question : Dr Glidden I think I have a Histamine Intolerance.  When I eat certain foods I get a stuff noise and a lot of mucus drainage.  Some of the foods are, any kind of citrus foods or drinks, products that contain yeast, yogurt,  mushrooms, chocolates, sauerkraut, etc.  I read that when DiamineOxidase (DAO) or Histamine N-methyltrasnferase (HNMT) are low in the digestive track can cause a reaction.  If so, What is a good brand for DAO or HNMT I can buy to help this condition.

Question : Dr. Glidden, if I email you trascripts of the Medicinal Supplement Summit would you please take a look and advise us what to tell our customers when they ask all kinds of questions.  Thanks.

Question : Can you explain again why all oil if bad for you.  Also, do you know of any good tasting fat free salad dressing?  Thank you.  Have really improved my health with Youngevity Products. Can you explain again why all oil is bad for you.  Also, do you know of any good tasting fat free salad dressing?  Thank you.  I have really improved my health with Youngevity products. 

good evening DR G my wife have been getting acne lately, have usedhair skin and nails but still persists, any suggestions, thanks.

Question : Hey doc just a quick question what happens with the plaque build up in the arteries when customers have been taking the appropriate protocol. Does it dissolve? My Brother in law is on blood thinners due to 75% blockage in the artery and i have given him information on what he can do. This was one of the questions he asked me. Thanks

Question : The Employer purchases the medical plan. There are 300 different types of Insurance plans within a particular Ins company.  I don't know how Washington stategot Naturopaths onboard with theInsurance co. Question.. how did they do that?  And is that a good move for the NaturopathAnd I am not sure of that means NP only OR not. I would like to see that as an option as long as the integrity of the NP.. thoughts

Question : Allopath wants me back on High Blood Pressure meds because my numbers went up. Been off them for four months, but got Pneumonia in April. I am going 100% to save myself, with your direction, for the next 90 days. I plan 2 Healthy Startpacks-liquid Calcium, 2 oz, liq. mineral, 600 mg additional Selenium, half tsp 2 x daily of Good Herbs Heart Support. Off gluten and 10 bad foods over a year, working on the last 2 bad foods now. Anything else I can do? Thank you for helping me LIVE, happily!!!

Question : Dislocated my kneecap in freak accident....besides lotza gluco gels, Osteo FX, EFA, and can I get back to my very active life in fitness training? Dislocated my kneecap in freak accident....besides lotza gluco gels, Osteo FX, EFA, and can I get back to my very active life in fitness training?

Question : Hi Dr. G, 30 yr F, diagosed w staph inf, has 1/4" scabs all over legs, trunk, & arms for 2 yr. MD prescribed antibiotic for 30 days. She had a missionary stint in Nicaragua 2 years ago when she was bitten by some bug there.  The locals told her to immediately pop the pus/boils that formed. She came back to the states ill for several months, but there no diagnosis other than general malaise. Now dermatologist says these lesions are staph. I wonder if she is suffering leishmaniasis? Any thoughts? Any specialized treatment other than antibiotics?