Health Q&A: August 8, 2016

Question : 32 y.o. male with recurring skin infection on arms, groin, back. Dermatologist will not refill prescription med - patient had reached max dose. Was told it was the same med used to tx yeast infections. Rash always returns – was told he is probably reinfecting self w/towels and sheets but not given instructions how to stop reinfection. Used Accutane for acne during hi school years. Eats the standard American diet. Hasn’t started on Youngevity - Best protocol?

Question : Dear mr Glidden:  1) I feel a bit unclear about how to take the Enzymes you suggested for my small gall stones observed by Ultra Sound. In addition to my ordinary protocol, should I take 3 per day independent of meals for 21 days. AND on top of that, 1 per small and big meals as long as ultra sound says I have gall stones? 2)  You wondered from where I got liquid Molybdenum. It is made by Nutricology ( 3) Is there any supplement for neurotic hair pulling?

Question : 1. Sorry fellow advocates about the continued questions about stool size.  Last week you said no prob with large stools.  But I’ve noticed when they are large they are in the morning and most likely didn’t have any or really small in the afternoon or evening the day before.  Concern?  Shouldn’t we go 2-3 times a day?

2. What are your consultation fees for your advocatesvs non advocates?  

3. Close us out tonight with your take on living life with integrity and honesty. That was moving and in inspiring.  I want to make a bracelet.   I’m serious. BTW…your webinar on Thur is my late brother’s birthday who passed from brain cancer.  Coincidence?  Who knows?  Love ya, keep up the great work Dr G!

Question : 67 YO male with GERD.  Been on HB Digestion Pak and extra calcium for 2 months with no change.  Is avoiding bad foods.  Did go back on Prilosec last week because it was still so bad. Recommendations?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden What's the triglyceride number a woman should shoot for? What are your thoughts on honey? Is adding Evening Primrose oil overkill if you are already on EFA's? Are things fried ONLY in butter in a cast iron skillet OK?

Question : Hello Dr. G. – (sorry…..lengthy) Although the lycopodium second dose was an aggravation – days later I didn’t have as much irregular HB, and there were 3 days in a row where I didn’t feel it at all, but now it’s back, just a tad less. I have been extremely mindful of when it happens and it doesn’t seem to matter what I am doing or what time of day - it just sort of happens – could be doing nothing, could be after a swim, could be after a dream when I wake, could be after doing small chores, but

I found that if I get emotionally upset it happens for sure.  Ice and sitting down or just sitting down is the only thing that helps, (ice doesn’t always work) – laying down on left makes it seem worse.  It just feels like a small drum in my chest that is beating off rhythm which makes my back and chest hurt a bit.

I am getting blood work done Friday and should have results within 10 days – not sure why I keep going back and forth with these symptoms, but sure will be happy when this irregular HB is a thing of the past. Wondering should I stay home and not go anywhere until all this goes away or just get out there and LIVE while this is happening.  I am still so happy to be where I am, just need a bit more help to get rid of the irregular HB.  

 I will call your office in a few weeks to schedule if you think we should chat about this. 

 I did want to ask you Dr. G. about Micellar Casein and will that ingredient block any mineral or vitamin absorption?  Thank you so much for all your help!

Question : Dr G, would you ever suggest a homeopathic medicine complex with more than one ingredient or will they most likely not work since they are not a single remedy.  Also, what other foods/ingredients do you think may possibly be added to the bad food list?  P.SCheck out Quest Protein Chips they are gluten free, soy free, high protein low carb and taste great!

Question : In a video interview 6 years ago with Hristo Hristov you mentioned a “fat switch” that was activated after a period of time that was associated with weight gain/loss.  In subsequent videos you have not mentioned this switch, at least in that context.  Has your view changed or do you just no longer use that term to describe the process?

Question : Howdy Dr.G! I’m the Adrenal person on Hydrocortisone doing T3 protocol to get off of steroids. Something that is not discussed much and that is pharmatcutical companies reformulated drugs and the consumer is unaware and is being victimized. This is happening to me right now with my Hydrocortisone and I’m very sick. Anything I can do to help myself? I so badly want to get off steroids! THANK YOU!

Question : Hello Dr. G Is there is a correlation with gout and elevated b.p,? I was thinking that the glomerulus in the kidneys could be clogged and thereforenot able to rid the body of purines. Has this been your experience? Thank you

Question : hi Doctor! me and my husband went to cabo mexico 3 weeks ago and when we came back my husband started feeling sick till now. His urine was burning but he tested negative for urine infection. He had fever and cold sweats. Then he started with stomach diaherra. He recently got the cold went away and got it back again. Also he has been haviing this lingering caugh for three weeks now. What do you think is going on? He is 185 lb. what should i order him?

Question : Hi Dr. G., During an outdoor health event, a blood sugar level test was administered by just pricking a finger for an instant reading. The non-fasting result was 123 – reportedly a normal result. The health practitioner indicated that a reading over 200 would be in the danger zone.  Is this accurate information?

Question : Hi Doc, Just wanted to know how much extra molybdenum I should be taking for my carpal tunnel. I'm at 200 lbs. Also, haven't received the book and DVD as refund for my last Advocate purchase, when can I expect it? Always, thank you!

Question : part 1: 63 year old female 85 lbs has alot of on going stress (husband battling cancer) has a pacemaker no gallbladder, body freezes mainly at night. Can see & hear but can't move. Uses a cane because legs feel weak. Drs say MS. Oxygen level 92. has seen parasites in stool but testing shows none. diagnosed with UC 15 years ago but keeps under control with diet and supplements. Has done alot of natural supplement for years. Started HSP March 2016 plus Oxybody, selenium, nightly essence. Part 2: Feels alot better, uses cane less but very concerned about the freezing spells.  Doesn't take any prescription medications. Off the 12 bad foods

Question : Dr. G.  When I take more than six of the EFA Plus, I start getting bumps on my neck.  I would like to take more, but it also makes me belch if I take over three at a time.  Are the bumps caused by excessive oil?  It is strange as my skin tens to be dry, but more omegas seems to make me break out.

Question : Hey Doc I watched your webinar on Diabetes and was wondering what happens to the cells when the doors dont open to allow insulin to pass through. Sorry for the question i am inquisitive and curious :)

Question : 58 yr old black female (retired chiropractor) No meds, recently BP has spiked, psoriasis, very fatigued and weak over last week to wear it's difficult walking, fall asleep when driving or when still...What do I do? I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 7 years ago, the cpap didn't work, also have hot flashes and they seem to be getting worse lately.   Live in Raleigh, NC

Question : I have a serious breathing issue with sever mucus and weakness. Also glaucoma onset. I have a serious breathing issue with lots of mucus and weakness. Also glaucoma onset

Question : hi DR. G  youmentioned your healing from Belles palsypleasetell usthe whole story?

Question : My friend has a frustration for you today. She's traveling and can't get on tonight, but I'll show this to her later. 60's female, barely 100 lbs, feels great , but her A1C numbers were high a few months ago 6.3, then 3 months later 6.5 and most recently after 3 months they're 6.4. MDs are saying too high. She's very heath conscious and has access to many holistic health care professionals, and has adjusted her eating as logically as possible.Would  like your take on the A1C numbers. Thnx for all Correction...First test was April at 6.2, 1 week later (in case lab wrong)6.5 then last test last week of July 6.4. Eliminating sugar and carbs lost 13 lbs during that time. Now 99 lbs. (Sorry, I started question with incomplete info…)

Question : Are you familiar with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome disease...Dr. call this auto-immune…

Question : We are supposed to be avoiding oil yet, YGY has products for both humans and animals that have oil. Should we avoid these? confused.

Question : Hi Dr Glidden, All your dosing is by body weight, what is your opinion on muscle response testing?   Also can you shed some light on protein powders.  There are so many different kinds. whey, rice, pea, bone broth.  It can be so confusing what is best?.  What ingredients make it the best and what should one avoid? Thanks

Question : Good day Doctor. As a fellow, "Proud" possessor of the "MD Bashing Gene" I really appreciate your advice on freely questioning doctors about patients concerns regarding diagnosis. So many people I speak with, do not feel they are "worthy" enough to even pose a question! Please expound. Also, coffee w/ supplements, yes or no?

I did want to ask you Dr. G. about Micellar Casein and will that ingredient block any mineral or vitamin absorption?  Thank you so much for all your help!

Question : Howard a new distributor of ours has had kidney removed because of Cancer.  He has chosen not to do the killer stuffs from MDS.  He has started on the HBBS because of boarder line diabetes, RYL550, and Colloidal Silver. Every few days he has a swollen face and his lips swell up. He is not on any meds.  We talked about a food diary. Any thoughts?

Would you please share what is the negative effects on the body when a person wakes ups at night and stays up has a snack watch's TV then goes back to bed.

Question : Doc, a friend of mine has yellow palms. The MD thought it could be too much vitamin A, then she was told that it's an iron deficiency, as she is anemic. Does that sound like an accurate dx? Thanks!

Hi. My husband was feeling shortness of breath. We had his heart and arteries checked and his doc said he looked fantastic. He had a lung X-ray and that was completely clear. Any ideas what to check out? He has a cpap machine and we understand that we can be free of that. I have him on 4 sweeteze at night but he will wake up with headaches if he doesn't use it. We will try sleep eye tonight to add to it. Cal Toddy has helped some since we changed from Osteo. We aren't sure why he gets winded from working out. He's always been a lean athletic type.

Question : I have been going to the Chiropractor for a year. started off three times a week and then down to now once a month. Felt great but two weeks ago he manually stretched me and now my lower back is in alot of pain. He has me now coming 3 times a week so is this too much 3 times a week and he also now saids he can't adjust my back

Question : Here's a testimonial!  Christine Crockett from Toronto.  I just joined in tonight's q & a 15 min ago and would have started in earlier but was playing an awesome game of tennis.  Something I would never have imagined myself doing several months ago if it wasn't for Youngevity.  I had so much fun tonight and I can't even begin to thank YOU and Dr. Wallach for such a transformation this is making in my life!  I am Beyond grateful(-:

Crockett from Toronto...Might be too late.  My 10 year old daughter has bad acne and wondering what you'd suggest?  She's using the soapworks and 2 of the Sta-acne free/day but not giving it the punch.  Any ideas?  Thank YOU!!!!!!!