Health Q&A: September 15, 2016

My sister has been experiencing a sensation in her lower legs, below the knees which she describes as "stuff" falling, crawling. There is no pain associated with sensation and it is not constant but has been happening everyday for the few months. Have you hear of anything like this? I'm trying very hard to get her over to the Undiscovered Country. Thanks Doc

A few years ago you cured my eczema by eliminating wheat and taking EFAs - thank you! For the past year and a half I have constant red bumps on the outside of my lips that sometimes lead to cold cores. I use Soverign Silver first aid gel daily which dries up the bumps but want to figure out what's causing them. I take TT tablets, minerals, selenium, EFA and killer biotic daily and avoid all the bad foods. Could it be an overgrowth of candida? Dairy allergy?

Update on brother-in-law that has had back surgeries and now has symptoms of neuropathy. He started the regimen that you recommended, but at a lower dose and is seeing great improvements after only a week! Pain meds have decreases tremendously, anxious feeling in his legs gone, hot flashes have disappeared, and has lost 10 pounds! Thank you for your help!

Dr.G this might be a silly question, but those electronic toothbrushes, do you think they are safe to use? I'm making reference to the Toothbrushes that you plug in. Thanks

Hey Doc, being that Rebound Fx also has minerals can that be used as a sub for plant derived minerals? Is there a difference between the capsule and the liquid gluco-gel?

Hi Dr. Glidden. I hope you are all pumped up after the convention. I have a question for a 16 year old girl that has been diagnosed with Right Bundle Branch Block. While I know that this has something to do with heart health and I am well aware of the Youngevity protocol for heart health for my own condition, I would like to get some clarity on this particular condition. It does seem to be a mouthful. The girl is around 110 pounds in weight. I appreciate your tutelage in this matter.

Have you heard about any results in cancer patients using Essiac Tea?

 DR G - while at the Youngevity convention did you come across any information regard YG reaching out to professional athletes who are being plagued by bone and joint injuries (Tony Romo, RG3, Teddy Bridgewater, etc.) Romo could be the next "Theo R" for YG and I would think Jerry Jones could afford a few healthy bone and joint paks.

Dr G, I want to become a Naturopathic Doctor and was wondering if you feel New Jersey will ever license Naturopathic Medicine? P.S Not all Katz products contain margarine, only a few do.

I heard you speak of a low heart rate awhile back. Hubby, 69, has a heart rate of about 40 or so and has had it since he was a triathlon athlete in his 30’s. He believes it’s because of that. He does have cramps in his hands and keeps stretching them. He thinks it may be carpal tunnel. He goes to chiropractor who’s thinking the same thing. I’m wondering if his blood is pooling (which means it has for 30+ years) or does this sound like carpal tunnel?

Also, he has varicose veins and is treating them w/Meso copper and YGY BTT & Rebound. A Rebound testimony is that he’s always gotten terrible charley horses since he was about 18 or so when profusely sweating. He’d take potassium tablets and Gatorade & still get them. This year he’s been taking Rebound religiously and NO charley horses whatsoever! He gets wet from head to toe while cutting grass, working outside, etc., and NO charley horses!! Also, can diarrhea be cause by taking too much Osteo FX?

On 6/14/16, my friend (who is on quite a few meds - Gabapentin, Ferrex, Losartan, & Methylphenidate) started BTT, Beyond Osteo FX, Sweeteze, Selenium, Gluco Gel, PDM, Nightly Essence, Enzymes, has no gal bladder & fatty liver taking Good Herbs Liver & Gallbladder. She’s 70 and at 219 and has been on Meformin since 5/19/16,
Metformin lowered her blood sugar w/YGY for awhile, but as of this past week her #s are going up - like 141 in the morning upon waking & before breakfast. Ankles have been swelling for about 9 mos. Any suggestions to get her sugar counts down? She’s religiously off the 12 bad foods.

What is the best way to deal with h-pylori? (for a male prospect)

My sister has been experience a sensation in her lower legs below her knees, she describes it as "stuff" falling, crawling there is not pain associated with this and is not constant but happens every day. Have your hear this before? Thanks doc

Hey Dr. G. Is Iridology a reliable method of diagnosis?

Hello Dr. Glidden! I had blood work done recently because I've been feeling very fatigued and the EB-VCA IGG result was 5.78 and EBNA was 7.34. Is there a correlation between Epstein Barr and childhood vaccines? BTW, they won't get anywhere near me with a needle with all the research that I've done!
Thanks so much!

Friend just was told he has throat cancer-- Doc--would you please advise? Thank you!!!! You're the best!

Hello, This my first live chat. So, here goes. How to get rid of 20 lbs of menopause weight gain? Also, I have G6PDD and passed it on to my son who lost his gallbladder at 15 months old because of it. I understand I can be cured but no one has said how. Suggestions?

Do you know if Rebound, Pollen Burst or Slender Fx is more marketable or appealing to the masses? I would like to focus on the distribution of one product for starters. Thanks!

I have a friend who is practicing dentist and he wants to start the products. He has 3 stints recently placed, asthma, high cholesterol and bone on bone hip joint. Where shoudl we start and not overwhelm him.
Current Drugs: Symbicort, Spiriva, Zetia and 350 mg aspirin

Greetings Doctor. Really sorry I couldn't attend the conference in Utah but I'm certain your lecture was both informative and empowering. Two questions; when mixing powdered supplements, does consistency affect absorption and secondly, I have a representative who is experiencing sores in her mouth when taking the plant derived minerals. Coincidence or correlation?

Hi Dr G. About every 6 months, my 21yo son gets a clogged ear from ear wax and can't hear out of that ear properly. We have to take him to the MD's to get his ear flushed out, and a clump or two of ear wax comes out and then he's fine but I was wondering if there is a safer way for my son to have it removed. Thanks. It's 10am in Bundaberg Queensland, Australia when the chat starts. Doc. How does the Liquid bottle of Ultimate Tangy Tangerine compare to The Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0? Can I take the Ultimate Tangy Tangerine instead of the BTT 2.0 without missing out on nutrients? Doc, do you know how we can find out why Pollen Burst, ZRadical and other supplements aren't allowed in the New Zealand wearhouse.

An update for my mother who is 81years old who had dementia about a month ago .You recommended D-stress and healthy blood start ,also she had seizures and with this seizure she is still her medication. Both seizures and Dementia- she doing GREAT!!! No symptoms. Could she stop D- Stress? How Do you intoduce this fantastic healing program to people,especially when you are using a social media?-My name is Benjamin Onwuemena

I have a potential customer who just had surgery for uterine fibroids. Her surgery was delayed due to blood clot and huge swelling in leg. She is ready to learn about a holistic approach so this doesn't recur.

What's up doc. My daughter is 20 years old and has the following symptoms about 1 week before and during her menstrual period: vaginal pain, pelvic pain, constipation, depression, moodiness and bad acne. She had an ultrasound of her abdomen & pelvis and it showed the uterus is anteverted and is normal but there is a 1.4 x 1.3 cm dominant follicle on the right ovary. everything else appeared normal in the ultrasound. How can you help with these symptoms she has each month.

Also my son who is 15 years old has very sweaty palms and the soles of the feet. Advise me on this please. He also has moles when he was born but some more has appeared. About 2 have even appeared and disappeared. He spends some time in the sun playing basket ball and we live in sunny Barbados. I have since advised him to wear sunscreen with SPF 100 protection. Should I get these moles checked out? Please advise.

Also you diagnosed me as pre-diabetic. I have started using the sweet Eze. But I need advice about a good diet that I should be on. What kind of foods I should eat. Many thanks. By the way I am a firm believer in your work. It is so refreshing. Your recommendation for my pre-diabetes is working. I have had it with the medical doctors who couldn't even help my acid reflux. keep up the good work!

: Dr G, How are you?. 60 year old male 200 pounds recently diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia - low platelets count. When asked, MD's have no clue why is it caused. So far they gave him steriods and sent home. So, why is this caused according to wholistic perspective and what can be done about it?. Thanks, You Rock. Second question: which brand of himalayan salt or celtic salt has iodine added to it. I tried to find but couldnt because answers on it were vague. Thanks

I do not buy or use soy products in or on my body. I also avoid soy candles. Do I really need to be concerned about using soy candles in my home?
Also... I just wanted to share that a distributor on my team had been given a diagnosis of cervical cancer shortly before learning about our products. She has been using Healthy Body Start Pak for the past 4 months and now her "cervical numbers" are going down! Thank you for all you do!

I recently purchased the healthy start pack for body weight,Cheri mins,smart fx,and ultimate selenium for my three year old grandson but he refuses to take it I've put it in his bottle and club soda and h can taste it I even cut the dosage in half and still refuses, how can I get this in him? Also we give him organic milk with dha( it has 32mg in it) if he's getting dha in that do I still need to give him liquid dha? he might also be on the autism spectrum but on the low end of it so we are trying to correct it . Thank you for any help you can give me

First time as Advocate. Thanks for appearing Road Show in Minnesota.
Met a lady and it pains me to see her daughter in a wheelchair having Cerebral Palsy. Any ideas to help the daughter.

: Hi Doc,Michael from Allentown,PA .my mother had spinal cord injury, she gets severe pain radiating from lower back to down both legs,and also extreme hot , a feeling of burning in legs and pelvis. Pain meds. seem to not work for her pain.Her MD IS NOW SUGGESTING a morfean pump in he

My brother had heart attack 4 weeks stint in and one to go with 80% blockage on the existing one....however...his wife had a heart attack Tues with an aneurism behind the Mayo clinic as I speak...hasn't awaken only to find many strokes due to plaque breaking off and ending in the question....if she survives what would b a good start if she is open to it?....