Health Q&A: September 26, 2016

Question : Hi Doc, 48yo female, suffers from Polycythemia. She takes asprin and Hydrea, 2-3 capsules a day, each capsule contains 500mg of Hydroxyurea. Can she recover from this and what is the protocol. Thanks Doc.

Hey Doc, what to do with OCD?

Question : I have a-fipacemaker, plavix, geleliquis,take 90 plus gluco-gel & d-stress, classic daily.where  can i find more recomendations to pass thru my continued skin irritation, glutin diet free too.

Question : Hi Dr. G. - Listening to the newest webinar on EFA’s - blew my mind!    Now that you explained how the EFA’s really work – can you get YGY to supply a HSP with a choice for which EFA they want?  For the projoba what would yourecommend per 100# and how about taking some Projoba and some EFA plus?   Lastly if the HSP provide all the nutritional vitamins and minerals we need – why so many add ons (with the exception of illness or continued symptoms).  Thank you for your continued knowledge!

Question : What should the ratio of Calcium to Magnesium be for someone with atherosclerosis and joint pain?   What's your opinion of applying Magnesium transdermally? I was pitching Youngvty to someone and they mentioned synthetic ingredients.  Are there any in their products esp BTT2.0? I found a company that produces the purest, unadulterated, organic, non gmo seed oils in the world w/o damaging the oil.  Some many claims on health benefits.  Thoughts?

Question : One of the students in my class is under MD (crrrr!) observation for a possible diagnosis with mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation that could require thoracic surgery. I have not had the opportunity to talk to his parents yet but would like to get you advice if you know what that all means, if there is a nutritional treatment and if you are convinced they can avoid surgery. If so, I'd try to convince the parents to talk to you before they go ahead and have that kid cut to pieces

Question : person had campylobacter 6-7 years ago.  was given an antibioticever since has to run to the bathroom almost immediately after meals, especially after restaurant food.  not off 12 bad foods, not on 90 for life.  assuming gut flora destroyed after antibiotics in addition the usual digestion disruption bc of gluten etc same person has Osgood-Schlatter disease (Lannelongue’s disease)

Question : When do you have to worry about blood pressure.  If it is high, what do you recommend?

Question : Good night Dr G. What would you recommend to help a 21 year old who wets their bed occasionally. She is usually thirsty and drinks a lot of water just before bed. What causes loss of pigmentation of the skin on the legs and how can you remedy this? It is characterized by white blotches on the skin by the calf muscles. How to get relief from costo chondritis-  imflammation of the chest cartilage. I have a friend who can be easily constipated and as a result he gets tears by the anus area which takes a while to heal. What do you recommend?

Question : Hi ya Doc!  What would you do for a eye migraine? Thanks man! Oh yeah,  why would a male need to take female hormone's?  Could this be cancer related? I know he had some sort of cancer diagnosis. Don't know about other symptoms.  Again thanks!

Question : Hi ya Doc!  What would you do for a eye migraine? Thanks man! Oh yeah,  why would a male need to take female hormone's?  Could this be cancer related? I know he had some sort of cancer diagnosis. Don't know about other symptoms.  Again thanks!

Question : Dr. G, I havea co-worker who will be having breast reconstruction from a mastectomy.  Any suggestions on getting ready for the surgery

Question : not sure if this is in your wheel house ? but what do you think about dog vaccinations, I just got a puppy but I don't want to pump him full of vaccinations

Question : Doc, you recently added more ounces to my cal/mag due to my spasms.  I'm up to 3 oz but cant take more or i get upset stomach (tried to spread it out and add water, didn't work still) so I take 3 oz for now.  Only seems to help when I had an easy day, but not stressful day.  I have serious adrenal issues and have been on hypothalmus support, should I switch to adrenal support?  if so, how much to take.  I also wake in middle of night and cant go back to sleep.  I have sweeteez but not sure dose.

Also can I use osteo FX and add extra powdered magnesium to it (325 mg per two teaspoons) or will that upset the proper formulation?  Also do you know if dogs can take some of the human products. If so which ones are ok??

Question : hi dr g,  a friend is 100lbs over weightsuffers from a fib   andjust had a kneeinsert that is already become painfull for herwhat should she do first?…….

Question : 40 year old woman, one of her heart valves has a slit (can't remember the name, sorry). She said it was congenital, eventually would have to put a pig valve in to replace. My question is, can this be fixed through nutrition? 5' 4", 120 lbs in good health.

Hi Doctor G! My 80 year old father is having headaches and vertigo. He is on blood pressure and cholesterol meds and his doctor just put him on a blood thinner for a-fib. I have been trying to persuade him to take the high road but no luck so far. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Question : Hi Dear Dr Glidden Is the dosage for tangy tangerine tablets 4 pills a day regardless of weight? Is doesn't say anything on the bottle

Question : Hi Dr. G, Is it normal for a Caucasian female's hair (that was previously naturally straight) to turn curly as she ages or is this a sign of a potential health problem? She is now in her mid 50's.  Thanks

Question : My friend Lisa has a very low heart beat of 40 bpm. Has been this way for quite awhile. A) how serious is this? and B) What should she be doing? Thanks!

Question : Hey Doctor Glidden, any word on the gray hair treatment? I was out for a month because my mom had a head stroke. She passed last week! Do you use jojoba oil, Tea tree oil or flaxseed oil wholistically? Looking forward to meet you too!