Health Q&A: September 29, 2016

Question : Dr. G, I have to share some bad news on Katz donuts again! Brace yourself.... according to a conversation I had with a customer service agent from Katz, they fry their donuts in palm oil.. first eggs now Katz donuts, we need to find another good food to eat!

Question : Have friend who’s 11 year old son has Tourette’s Syndrome. What should he take? Also friend who’s on the Kidney Protocol but experiences anxiety. What additional products would you recommend.

Question : Hi Dr. G, Is it safe for a distributor to say that one of the benefits of the Plant Derived Minerals is that it could make for happier cells, tissues and organs?  Also, did you ever locate the webinar on Sickle Cell?  Thanks!

Question : im 62kg i have cystic fibrosis and 1year off from chemo for testicular cancer. its been 6weeks on the 2xdigestive pak, efa 180caps, selenium x3, mineral caps, Escape FucoidZ, cell shield rtq, d-stress. i have MRSA and pseudomonas in staff. i substituted creon 25000(pancreatic enzyme deffiency) for ultimate enzymes. i still have a terrible cough which leads to vomiting and shortness of breath, somehow a bad diarrhea and gassy, and my pimples and rosacea is still active. cant take the respiratory herbal support because of its alcohol indgredients.also  i need to be gaining weight but im losing it instead

Question : Hi Dr. G. – I know you already said you don’t know the dosage for the projoba omega but I am asking you if it’s okay to take 3 or more for me.  The bottle states not to take more than 2 so I just wanted to hear it from you.  Lastly as I am feeling better I am moving around more, when I do I stop and check my blood pressure and it’s always around 137/100 if I am putting makeup on, washing dishes or small chores, but then goes back down to 125/90 after sitting for a few minutes – will my pressure normalize in time and does that bottom number seem high to you (does it matter)?  I would like my pressure to be normal so I can go for walks or go out for an entire day, (without having to sit down like an old lady). Thanks for your continued help!

Question : If I mix a little Osteo Pwdr w/BTT, is that absorbed well since no citrus? Also, how does the Ambassador membership work?  If I invite someone, do they only get 24 hours of access to your site?

Question : If you have a hernia or a uterine prolapse is it safe to just live with them.  I really don't want any surgery.  Thanks.

Question : Aloha Dr. G.  We had a great time in Hawaii with Dr. Wallach last when will you be here?  I have a potential customer...65 year old woman with inoperable cyst on her spine.  The only MD solution is pain meds.  Is there anything we can do to support the bodiy's ability to reduce/eliminate cyst?

Question : My friend has Huntington's Disease and is starting to lose muscle control. He is also having a challenge enunciating his words and thinking clearly. What do you know about Huntington's Disease, and do you have any nutritional advice? Thank You!

Question : My friends 90 y.o. MIL had her gallbladder removed years ago. Has chronic diarrhea after she eats. She is not on any meds. My friend gave her some Ultimate Enzymes to take before meals. She tried them a few times and said it made the diarrhea worse. She is not on probiotics or any supplements. She is willing to try one or two products. Best suggestion?

Question : hello dr my wife recently went to a naturopath doc and he wanted to giveher ozone injections ? any thoughts on this  2nd question what were you saying about changing your mind on eggs on Monday ?

Question : I have a sebaceous cyst on the side of my head. It is the size of a golf ball and is very annoying. It affects my sleep and even bothers me  when sitting in a high back chair. Is there a way to get rid of it without surgery?

Question : Hello Doc: 3 quick questions; #1 Been using MIghty 90+ PDMinerals, my friend says my hair is getting darker there a supplement to speed up the process? #2 Been using Good Herbs Hypothalamus/Bone & Joint/Prostate/Mens Hormone it OK to use those continuously?  #3 I have calcium deposit growing like a bunion on the top/side t joint of the big toe from old injury can it be reversed?  THANK YOU!

Question : Evening Dr. G, I have a client50 yr. old male been to the ERwith diverticulitis and been hurt severely. What should I recommend he start with. He is willing to try anything and is turning to us for help. He is ready to give up on tradition medicine. Thank you.

Question : Lady, 73 years old had constipation issues for over 40 years.  Was diagnosed with Rectocele 3 years ago.  Shes been on 90 For Life for 2 1/2 years.  She's feeling good and is healthy but she's thinking about surgery for the Rectocele.  Or is there another way to correct this?

Question : gluten free, taking products for 2 years, 3 efas plus, 17 gluco gel, 10 seleium, this 2x aday for sure.   I cannot get the inflamation out  of my knee, hurts if i been on it, i limp, my kids just want me to go to dr.  lately my feet have been swelling, & after listening to your webinar onEFA's, I need more omega 3's, can ya help me get a flow with this?

Question : Dr. Glidden please explain why you no longer like eggs.  Glad you are not eating those donuts anymore.  I will find you a healthy donut recipe.  :)

Question : Doc, what do you think is wrong with Hillary's health?  Did you watch the Kloop video yet?

Question : Dr G What's the best way to get rid of a canker sore on an eleven year old

Question : Hello, Dr. G! Watched the update to the EFA Webinar. This new info is a BIG DEAL! Still trying to get my brain around the new info and how to approach my diet and EFA supplementation in a new way. Do you think a follow up webinar will be in down the road as you get more info on subject? or is Projoba Omega use taking care ofthings for now? Thanks Much

The EFA webinar was the most interesting things I've seen in a long time!

Question : Hey Doc, what's with the egg thing, have missed a few sessions,thanks.

Question : Hi Doc I went glutin free about 18 months ago but one month into it I figured I'm now eating a double modified Product. The grain is modified in the first   place(non gmo) then its modified again by taking the glutin out of it. Now we're grain free, fell Great. Any Comments??

Question : Dr. G, regarding the eggs issue.  Can we increase the Omega 3 intake to offset the high Omega 6 level in the egg yolks to at least be able to eat some eggs?

Question : Hey Doc, I have a customer that has type 2 diabetes that she wants to get under control. She is 135 lbs. She had her tonsils and gall bladder removed, intestinal blockage (intestine resection and replacement) and appendix total hysterectomy.  She has allergies and adverse reactions to: citric acid, codeine derivatives, cozar tabs, erythromycin derivatives, lisinopril, Metformin hcl tabs, Penicillins, Simvastatin tabs, Sulfa Drugs and Levemir flex insulin. She also has diverticulitis & arthritis. She is concerned about being able to absorb the supplements. What do you recommend? Thank you!

Question : Could a vasectomy have an affect on ones health, other than sterility? Haven't had a chance to watch all 3 of your webinars on Vaccines.  Wondering where you stand on Flu Shots??

Question : Hi Doc!  Not sure if you have covered this yet, but, I noticed the U.F.O. in the back ground. What is your opinion on ancient aliens? There is some compelling evidence behind it. wonder if the aliens are taking the 90? LOL

Question : Despite taking liquid calcium, still developed bladder stones. After removal of the stones, still getting deposits in my urine. What advice can you give me?

Question : Hi, I was wondering which longevity products aren't necessary for maintenance.  For example with the gluco gel products, when would it be appropriate to taper to a maintenance dose and what would your suggestion be for a 200 lb male or discontinue use completely?

Question : I recently had a calcium scoring of 758. I refused their drugs and here I am. Started a youngivity program 2 weeks ago with selenium, osteo fx heart support herbs, EFA, niacin Tangy tangerine and plant minerals. What effect will that have on removing the calcium/plaque build up? I have for the last year tried to improve diet, I now follow 12 bad foods program. Any suggestions other than mentioned. Would love to clean the pipes!  BP averages 130/85

Question : Hi, Dr. G!  The Healthy Brain and Heart Pack has brought my BP fro 176/107 to 120/80 (SWEEEEET!) and is healing my big, bulging varicose veins. Lots of other benefits, too. No weird heart palpitations. Less pain the the backs of my legs.  I've been on the products since May 2016.  But I still have spider veins.  Will those heal, too, and how long does it take?

Question : hi doc, what is your take on ketonic diet? daughter had 102 temp, how best to treat that?

Question : Hi Dr.  My 7 year old son has laud sounds that starts in the stomach which is followed by a laud burp, he has had this on/off for 6 months. His dr.wants  him on prilosec, i have been giving him ACV with water probiotics. This week it has gotten pretty bad.  He also has seasonal allergies, eczema and now asthma.  we did elimination diet to stomach aches 2 years ago and we are currently gluten free.  would he benefit from glutamine? Thank you so very much :)

Question : Crockett from Toronto...What are your thoughts on hot yoga?  I've had sciatica flare upsimmediately after doing hot AND regular.  The last time was a month ago after doing a regular class.  Been on the 90 for life for 10 months & since switched the liquid beyond Osteo to the powder and I'm on 17 gluco-gel a day.  I really love yoga but I'm afraid of getting another flare up.  Any suggestions? Crockett from Toronto...By the way, I've been doing some research for my daughter's middle school who serves junk food in the cafeteria.  According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, every 4 hours a leg is amputated due to type 2diabetes in Ontario!!!  Crazy eh?

Question : Dear Dr. Glidden, Greetings! Last time you suggested to use GlucaGel and more Calcium for my brother's dizziness & left hand spasms, stiffness, and nerve pinch, he was diagnosed with Buerger&Parkinson's Diseases, but he also has his right kidney problem, which is weak since 2009 &sometimes had stones and foggy urine. Is it OK to use the liquid Calcium while kidney problems? If it's OK, what about the amount, i.e., doses of Liquid Calcium? Thank you & God bless you in Jesus' name, Amen.

Question : Dear Dr. Glidden, Greetings! Last time you suggested to use GlucaGel and more Calcium for my brother's dizziness & left hand spasms, stiffness, and nerve pinch, he was diagnosed with Buerger&Parkinson's Diseases, but he also has his right kidney problem, which is weak since 2009 &sometimes had stones and foggy urine. Is it OK to use the liquid Calcium while kidney problems? If it's OK, what about the amount, i.e., doses of Liquid Calcium? Thank you & God bless you in Jesus' name, Amen.

Dr. G, can you speak about the importance of Vit K2 and calcium? Count oil in a jar ? It looks love lard good or not ?? And my mother has arthritic myalgia!! Help