Health Q&A: January 26, 2017

Question : hi doc g, my first question today is my wife is on the 90 for life as were trying to get over pulmonary hypertention, she is also taking meds for about 1 year,  her blood pressure is usually 100 over 65, how low is to low of a blood pressure in your opinion,  2nd question is regarding eye inflammation, recently on vacation my wife's left eye became red and half of it was filled with blood, its getting better now but it just happen out of no where, any ideas on this ? 3rd question is can you explain?

Question : FucoidZ vs Imortallium... what's the difference? my 3rd question was about the plant minerals dosage, can you explain how much you get from one once

Question : Hello Dr. G.  The other night you suggested to possibly switch from the powdered Osteo to the liquid.  I did that over the summer & found that my joint issues regressed. I feel better on the powder.  That said, I’m struggling to take up to 4 scoops a day for my weight.  I’ve been taking 2 scoops of the powder/day.  Once I take 3 scoops or more, my kidneys flair up.  I’ve had an ultrasound that showed nothing which leads me to believe it’s my renal valves.  Also, once I took the belladonna 30ch & Berberis Vulgaris 30ch separately I got tremendous relief.   That said, what are your thoughts on doing half powder & half liquid easing myself into the full dosage?  

Question : I took 4 scoops/day of the powder last week for a few days and my back felt great.  Once I had to pull it back, the joint pain returned.  Also, what are your thoughts on the circulation support to assist this process?  I was unable to take the ultimate daily classic which left me jittery & the heart support made me feel extremely cold.  Everything else from Youngevity however has been great for me!  Thank YOU(-:

Question : Question : Is there a homeopathic remedy for women who experience frequent urination not caused by any known chronic disease?  Do not desire to use a prescription Md's recommend to suppress theurges and frequency.

Question : My wife has been on the program for a year. Off most bad foods (struggles with gluten). She has had some issues with waking up dizzy and on occasion and dizzy during the day. What can be causing that? I checked her BP during those times and average is 120/70. Also what are your thoughts on prolotherapy?

Question : My friends wife has toe nail fungus.  What would be the protocol for this?


Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, About a year ago. I bit the inside of my cheek. And something about the size of a kidney bean formed. Its been a year and its still there. It doesn't hurt, but it does get in the way of chewing some times. A naturopath doctortold me to take 3000 M Lysing for 3 weeks. But that did not solve or change the issue. What should I do?

Question : Dr, most of our food & meat is contaminated with vaccine & antibiotics , our dairy mostly homogenized & pasteurized causing gut issues & killing our good bacteria. Do you think the 90 might need an extra hand   by adding a probiotic strain into the pack ?

Question : What is the solution for bright yellow urine when taking the supplements? I know it is usually the b vitamins but wanted to double check for nursing mother who just started today.

Question : Osteo totally helped my dizziness in the morning. Not been dizzy for over a year and a half..Still take osteo every day... Thanks to your recommendation. When I start taking those Youngevity products and do the homeopathic remedy should the kidney bean size (scar tissue or ?) heal or get smaller. - 

Question : I am off the 10 bad foods but still see the liver spots on my hands and face. Do I need to detox?