Health Q&A: January 30, 2017

Question : Aloha Dr. G!  A friend is 68 Yr old female, 150 pounds, who had whipple procedure 6 yrs. ago for ampullary cancer.  She is on acid blocker (Protonix) to prevent ulcers which could be life-threatening per surgeon.  Has osteoporosis.   Does she need to stay on acid blockers and what products would be best for her?

Question : Dr. G, I've been wearing neodymium 12,000 gauss finger rings to bed on my pinkie finger every night for three weeks.  The inventor says according to Chinese philosophy, wearing these magnet rings when you sleep on your pinkie fingers increases the body's healing power.  I've noticed when I first tried them out a surge of energy going through my fingers, and I notice I sleep better and was wondering if the magnetic flux could penetrate through skin and bone and have a positive effect?

Question : Hi doc hope you and yours are well, I have a friend who is going through dialisys   and he says he got constipated while using the utimate classic, I told him to stop and and he became regular again but he seems reluctant to restart at half the dosage as I have suggested. whats your advice. thanks much

Question : Greetings Doc! Had a recent blood test. Thyroid showed the following: A recent blood test had these figures for thyroid: T4 - 5.46Range 4.50-11.70, Free T4 1.25 Range0.80-1.80, T3 Uptake 35Range 22-35. Is Nature - Thyroid ok to take for problems with the thryroid as this is what a doctor is recommending. Do you recommend it? Are there youngevity products that are good for this?

Question : Dr. G- I have been super healthy all winter, but I went to my sister’s where her family had the stomach flu.  I caught it and started getting sick yesterday (nausea, throwing up, diarrhea, aches, fatigue).  No stuffy nose or cough.  Her family members were all sick for only a day, but mine has carried over to today.  Any recommendations beside staying hydrated?  I was able to take my healthy body vitamin regimen today.

Question : Dr G: One of my customers is on warfarin and is taking the Tangy Tangerine 2.0. Evidently the Vit K in the TT is one of the blood markers they use. Can the Vit K in the Tangy be a reason for concern for someone on Warfarin? Also, when she started taking the Tangy, it seemed to cause excessive nighttime urination (9x at night). Any thoughts on this? Thanks!!

Question : Hi Doc. How can nerve damage caused by diabetes be reversed. What is the cause of a water filled sac on a toe. The toe is also swollen. Also what causes stiff neck. The muscles in my neck seizes up and I get this from time to time

Question : Thank you, Thank you Thank you.  I am all better now thanks to you.  I am the one with Candida or whatever and you told me to do the killer biotic, sweeteze, and the Pure Works foam, Pure Works spray, and the Colloidal Silver.  Even though it was all through Christmas and I had a big breakout right after Christmas it did finally go away.  Yay.

In 2002 a Dr. gave me Triamcinolon 0.1% cream to put on a rash similar to this.  Does that tell you what she was treating?  Friend has carpal tunnel.

Question : hello Dr. Glidden.  Does alcohol thin blood or thicken it. for people having problems with blood clots? Thanks for all.

Question : Hi Dr G!  New Ambassador here.  I am 45 year old male at 5’6” & 212lbs concentrating on weight loss.  I also have plantar fasciitis & tinnitus.  I have lost 8lbs using the Advanced Liver Cleanse from Infowars before starting the Healthy Weight Loss CEO Megapak.  I have been on the Megapak for 3 weeks.  I feel great but I really haven’t shed any more pounds.  My calorie intake at 1200 or below and have eliminated the 12 bad foods.  What products would you recommend? And Would you recommend the ketogenic or general health eating plan from the Healthy Body Challenge? Thanks & May The Force Be With You!

Question : My Dad has tightness in his chest and someone recommended that he take nitric oxide. What is your opinion about that product?  He doesn't want to move forward without your advice. It was nice to see you in Dallas!  Thank you much. My system froze so I am not sure if my question was answered. Sorry to ask it again but my Dad is really, really anxious to hear what Dr. G says about nitric oxide. Dad has tightness in his chest and thinks nitric oxide might help. What do you think? Thanks sooo much!

Question : hi dr g   my psorasis is increasing im off gluttenhave a diet offats and proteins and carbs no grains and im off the 12 bad foods   take the healthy brain and heart pak1 every 3 months for financial reasons   it was gone for a year just from juicingand eating conventional foods,   after discovering youngevity i went off juicingand started supplements and organic foods and after a year it has come back and is spreading ?  i understand it is an immune responce   am i low on antioxdants?

Question : Hello Doc...I have a mother-in-law with IBS. Partial removal of small and large intestine. Still trying to work her way off of the ant-acid meds. Very sensitive gut and almost everything she tries to eat goes right through her and is causes great discomfort. She is taking a probiotic that requires refrigeration but not sure of the brand. What can we do for her on a fixed income and that will be very easy on her stomach?

Another woman, diagnosed with "Severe Crohn's , partial removal of small and large intestine and now they want to stretch the area that was stitched together. They have her on cimzia, methotrexate, zolfran, folic acid and B-12 injections. Limited budget...what do you recommend? I also have someone with rheumatiod arthritis. About 155 lbs. I'm confused on whether or not the killer biotic is enough to take care of the bug or is the minocycline required and how long is a reasonable time for it to work and how do you know when it has done the job? What else does she need to do. Sorry doc...also on a limited budget. Thanks much

Question : Hi Doc, I have a nephew that has always had issues with constipation. He is otherwise quite healthy but has recently started having seizures. The first one he stopped breathing and was pretty scary. He has had 3 or 4 since. They have brought him to the children's hospital and they haven't found anything yet. They are waiting for an eeg test to be done. Any suggestions? My daughter has a hard time sleeping especially at night time. Seems like she can't get enough air and her breathing is very loud. Sometimes it seems that she stops breathing for a few seconds. Even during the day sitting beside her you can hear that her breathing is laboured. If someone can't afford to go on the full 90 each month is it worth it to take a 1/2 dose or take it every other day?

Question : I have been having a persistant discomfort (not exactly a pain) in my right abdomen and decided to get it checked.  A CT scan revealed a 1/2" lesion on my liver. Now my Dr wants me to get an MRI.  I watched your liver webinar on the liver from 2015.  One of the products you recommended, Projoba Hepal is no longer available.  What would you recommend

Question : Mary Lynne has a calcium score of 1500 + dr wants ML on statins.  Have not started.

Question : Hi Doc, I've been on the 90 plus extra cal/mag for spasms and extra efa for Adrenal issues. I'm still having trouble sleeping (took Sweet eez for 3 mos no change) and I also get numb hands when I sleep (no heart issues).

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, My friend is having issues with dry itchy breast.  She feels it it worse than every and she's scratching herself raw.  Is it just dry skin? Trying to get the word out about your website!  Thanks for all you do!

Question : How many grams of protein, fat & carbs should I strive to consume daily?  I avoid the 12 bad foods but get et very strong cravings for sweets after meals especially at midday. Also, Rosacea is getting better ... Which b vitamins and how much of b vitamins should I be taking for Rosacea? I watched your webinar on skin conditions.

Question : Hi Dr. G! I get intense itchy rashes from gluten. I believe it is Dermatitis Herpetiformis but went gf before testing. I have been gf for 2 yrs & try my best to avoid cross contamination. The rashes still come on and last a couple of months and drive me crazy with itching. I read that the supplement PABA (PARA-AMINOBENZOIC ACID) is helpful for DH. Would this be safe? Also, do I need to cut out Casein. I read the same enzyme is responsible for digesting gluten as well as casein.  Thanks!!!!

Question : I have a customer that has been using chewing tobacco for 30+ years. 1)How harmful is this, and what might be the long-term consequences?; 2) Does it neutralize the YGY supplements he is taking (TT 2.0; Beyond Osteo; Liquid Gluco Gel; Selenium)?