Health Q&A: January 4, 2017

Question : Hello - Three questions tonight Dr. G.  #1 Is it okay to mix Argentine 23 and Sovereign silver?  (Order came in wrong-old bottles have some Argentine23 left) #2.  Why do some older people shake – like shaky hands etc. #3.  Why do we feel so good when in the state of ketosis? Thanks Dr. G.!! Happy New Year

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden!  I have a good friend here in Toronto who happens to be awesome.  Her name is Leslie, she’s 45 years old, 5’1, 115lbs & is physically active.  The only problem is for the last 7 years the MD’s have had her on Testosterone .3 MG 1 x day, Progesterone 100 MG cream 2 x day & Estradiol 1 MG cream 2 x day.  She informed me that these bioidentical hormones are based on her blood work she gets done twice a year .    Leslie’s also had chronic ringing in the ears for about 3 years which she recently watched your webinar on tinnitus.  The CM creamed seemed to help right away.  She’s also interested in starting Youngevity.  Oh & lastly she has a growth on her wrist which looks like an oversized boil but extremely hard which she’s had for a year & nobody has any idea what it is or the cause for that matter.   So, given her details, what would you suggest she take?  Thank YOU!!!

Question : female friends skin is getting white blotches, around her neck, shoulders and collar bone area....also, any updates on your skin and hair product? girls at the salon are driving me crazy about it ;) Happy new year, 2017 is gonna rock :D Thanks for all you do.

Question : Hi Dr. G, I’m helping someone that couldn’t make it tonight.  She writes:  Started around April 2015, felt something POP in my right ear and then severe pain shooting from tip of RT EAR to middle of scalp near the crown area, shooting down my neck.  Since then I have had the feeling of sharp, metal or steel like spiders, biting my right ear, then move to the back of my head. 2inches above RT ear I am bald, crusty whiteness in the RT temple area? Back of scalp (near the crown area)  under the first layer of hair I am bald, feels like whatever bit me is imbedded in my scalp, very painful.  I have been to several dermatologists had an MRI seen by Neurologist and ENT. I am exhausted physically, emotionally, and financially. But the moral of this story is that SOMETHING BIT ME ON MY RT.EARIT HURTS AND I WANT IT OUT.............. Thanks, Donna weight - approx. 172lbs.

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I hope you had a blessed holiday season. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Keep up the good work. God knows I appreciate the good work that you do.

Question : Happy New Year Dr. G, Thank you for the complimentary autographed copy of your book!  Are there consequences if the same homeopathic remedy is taken for a prolong period of time, at the same initial potency?  The company in which it was acquired indicated that it could take stubborn problems 2 – 6 weeks before results are satisfactory enough to reduce the initial recommended potency.  Thanks!

Question : Dr GHappy New Year to you and Brenda.   Do you have an opinion on energy medicine.  Have heard several testimonials of there healing experience. This is a FYIcheck out  It is in Madison WI and NO FRYING, No additives, no preservative. Yes there doughnuts are BAKED.  WE have had some of there products and they are GOOD.

Question : Hi Doc, What is your recommendation for a 26 year old female with MS. She is active, legs not functioning well. She is about 125 lbs, 5 feet tall. What protocol is suggested. Also is there a natural protocol for a 6 month old with upper respiratory infection.  Antibiotic prescribed do you recommend anything in addition to.

Question : Hi, Doc!  HappyNew Year!  My friend is taking Beyond Osteo FX at night w/a little OJ and has noticed his blood pressure higher at night.  He’s on 10 mg of Lisinopril.  So, he changed to taking it in the morning thinking this might be better?  Is there a connection?  Also, why do you say herbs are not to be taken regularly - like the Good Herbs?   Thank you!

Question : Hey doc. I have a growth on one of my eyes that has become inflamed and red. Not sure what is called but I heard thatit is called a pyterygium. How would you treat this? Also what causes clumsiness where someone bumps into things a lot and the person feels off balance at times? Also do you oil pulling is a good thing to do? Where you gargle a mixture of clove oil and coconut oil first thing on mornings Thanks doc

Question : Aloha Dr, G!  My husband had some body stress release therapy sessions over the past couple of months and is now having periods of light-headedness and fatique.  Could this be related to the therapy?  He is on 90 essentials plus Gluco-Gel and D-stress.

Question : Hey Dr G. Hey Dr G. Been a long couple months. Was on 90 for life and many other vitamins until stomach pains and anxiety made me go in and withdraw all for 3 days. Much longer story also. Since then Buspar, as needed Lorazepam. Stomach pains so bad had to see GI, did EGD said mild sphincter erosion on both ends and once again suggested PPI. GI said “get this” I produce too much acid. When I take PPI it relieves the pain, really trying to not take them. MD told me to quit enzymes. They also did a test haven’t heard yet. Been taking the Beyond Osteo-FX, and PDMs with fresh OJ 3 times a day for a month now with probiotics and at mealtimes digestive enzymes then stomach starts up. 4 Projoba Omega a day, B-complex, Aloe Vera, Milk Thistle small amounts. On a very stomach friendly diet with Bone Broth, Goats Milk Kefir, blueberries, etc. Mornings are tough! Afternoons get better and evenings are livable! I’ve watched GERD, and Gastric Tract videos many times and know it inside out. Currently seeing Cranial Sacral Therapist, one session done have many to go I’m told. Also noticed that joints are hurting more! Budget is being stretched too far, Yes Stress!

Question : Dr, what's the deal with all these allergies & allergic reactions to different types of foods.Doyou believe it's the foods that's causing allergic reaction or is it how our food is processed & contaminated with pesticides/Herbicides/hormones/chemicals/Antibiotics/toxins in our foods & water? 2nd question. Dr, most pork in the US are feed with bad foods ,GMO & pesticides in there foods. This mean the pork lard in your good list foods is also not good idea to cook with? By the way , I could not find organic non GMO pork lard

Question : Hi Dr. G and happy new year to you!Here is my question.  I finally purchased some Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt but it is not iodized like my other sea salt.  What is the best way to get my iodine? Or do I not need to worry? Thanks.

Question : Dr. G, I have uncloaked (visible) for the Q&A.  My co-worker’s son (Aiden) has some health issues.  To begin, his mother has Type-2 (16 yrs) and was taking Glipizide 3 months into pregnancy.  Aiden is 5 yrs old and weighs 29 lbs (low percentile weight).  He has asthma, wears corrective glasses and eye patching to improve his right eye.  He has had 5 surgeries: 1-Lobectomy (right lower lobe), 1-Scimitar Syndrome correction and 3-genital corrective surgeries.  Part 2 - He has a lot of energy and trouble gaining weight.  He eats/likes tofu and soy beverages.  The father eats a lot of soy products and both parents are Filipino.

Question : I have a 4 or 5 year old nephew that has chiari 1 malformation. As well, he has been diagnosed with epilepsy with a trigger, which they say may or may not be related. What do feel that can be done for his situation?

Question : Hey Dr. Glidden;  My rash is really bad, I've had a rash on the left side of my stomach, for 4 months now. I was thinking was heat rash, but not sure anymore, the weather has cooed down.  Do you think Icould possible have Shingles. Would Shingles run down my arms and legs??  Thank you The stomach rash is very sore, with sharp pains and itcy... By the way I think you are very smart...

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, Happy New Year! My father is 80 y/o and I just learned that the doctors took out his gall bladder many moons ago, his gut is compromised and his health is declining. For some reazon he chokes when he eats solid foods! Is it safe to give him Ultimate Enzymes to help him digest his food? I also told my sister to give him BTT 2.0 and Plant Derived Minerals. I am ready to test the Hair product!

Question : Besides decayed teeth, what could cause really foul smelling breath? Could it be a sign of poor digestion or something else?

Question : Dr. G. Happy New Year. Which cleans blood vessels better cardio stx or ultimate daily classic?

Question : The hormone therapy was prescribed by her "ND", my mistake.  Apparently the hormones are natural.  Do you still feel the same way? Sorry about that! Thank YOU for your book!!!  I got it today(-:

Question : Happy New Year Dr. Glidden: I asked this question on the last marathon but you did not give the protocol in your first response so i asked again and you id respond. I tried to get it all down but not sure. I went back to archives to find and found first anser but not the protocol you gave nor my second question. Please help as my daughter wants to start and I have my pen ready.

Question : .... My daughter is diagnosed with level or grad 3 spondylolisthesis and is being encouraged to have surgery. Sorry couldn't get in all in. Can this be reversed with medical nutrition and what is the protocol...she weighs 108. Thank you and my pen is in hand! =) humu humu means the nose nuku nuku means the fish, apua means a s It's the pig with the fishlike nose...just joining in the fun! Used to sind this to my special ed students in Hawaii. =) lol it's the fish with the pig-like nose

Question : Hi Doc happy new year, been using your supplement plan for almost a year. i feel so great i guess i dont need you anymore lol. only joking thanks for the education doc. Hi Doc happy new year, been using your supplement plan for almost a year. i feel so great i guess i dont need you anymore lol. only joking thanks for the education doc.

Question : to follow Hi Dr Glidden.   I have an acquaintance whom had a fall which resulted in a concussion.  She tripped while at the gym, and bumped her forehead on a set of weights that were positioned in front of her.   Ever since (about a year or so ago) she has had numerous subsequent concussions from very minor bumps to the head (like bumping your head as you get into your car etc), plus other post-concussion issues like frequent debilitating headaches, sensitivities – (unable to speak to someone on the phone, and no long car rides due to the bumps and vibrations for example), brain fog, severe fatigue.  She is 43, and for most of her life, was a vegetarian.  She was asked to add meat to her diet for protein, which has helped her somewhat, and she does not eat any grains (not sure of the reason).  1) Can you explain what happens to the brain when you have a concussion, 2) why some people have severe post-concussion symptoms, 3) recommendations for what to take, and 4) what to do and what NOT to do when you have this condition.  And are there any webinars in your library that you would recommend us to watch that address the underlying issues of post-concussion problems.

Question : 49 year old man diagnosed with cerebral atrophy, after suffering from severe and frequent headaches, some loss of motor skills, aphasia, slurred speech. Diagnosis confirmed with MRI. He has hadmeningitis twice in the past and spinal tap. he has two young daughters. What can he do to support and promote healthy brain and slow or reverse symptoms? Thank you.

Question : So Dr. G. is being in the state of ketosis a good thing?  I am feeling so good and lost 17#.  Hope you say Yes.  Thanks

Question : Last time I inquired about my painful elbow and my daughter's contact ulcer in her throat.  You said I should take Spongia and she should take Rhus toxicodendron. It took me a while to get it, and I took my first dose of Spongia on Monday.  I was immediately hit with fever that has lingered.  Is this a coincidence? It reached 101.1 and wiped me out!!!  I thought all was well yesterday until last night around 8:30pm the fever spiked again to 99.7 then backed off some. Is it possible we confused who was to take what?

Question : Hi Doc! I am on bone and joint pack since June. Gluten free since then. Doing great in many areas. You increased my dosage on gluco gel to 20 caps a day as I am still experiencing ringing in the ears. Since I increased the amount I have started to experience heart palpitation or arythmia especially when I lay down to sleep. Could this be a side affect of the supplements? I had an ekg done today and will get the results next week. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Question : hidr Gmy new girlfriend had her gallbladder removed 2014   she feels sick after meals what should she eat? i say healthy body healthy digestion pak would help her eat anything except the 12 bad foods?

Question : Happy New Year Dr. G!  I have a question for a 36 yr old female, about 110 lbs.  Has constant diarrhea or constipation.  Only cheese and crackers settle well in her gut.  I'm thinking she may need something to heal her gut before she starts on even a HBSP? What would you recommend for her?  Thank you!

Question : Bakers green acres sell heritage pork, magnilisa pigs and non GMO lard,  and go to his store, you can order it there, lard from soil raised pigs from marion michigan.

Question : Can you clarify when to recommend liquid vs capsules of the gluco-gel?

Question : I have a fluid cyst on my thyroid. Drs. have done a biopsy, they will let me know next week the results. I'm nervous because it can be cancerous. Is there anything I can do? After I had a baby this cyst appeared.