Health Q&A: October 2, 2017

02:20 Question : Hi Dr. I asked a question last week. I have MRSA and you told me to spray on rotation the Argentyn 23 and pure works foaming cleanser every 2 hours. And right before bed to spray the wound with the foaming cleanser and bandaging it. My question is: am I leaving it unbandaged throughout the day? The doctors are making a big deal out of it staying bandaged. What should I do?

04:00 Question : Aloha Dr. G...asking a question for my friend Dona who couldn't login today. Can cartiledge rebuild? She says "I'm still having major Disc issues. Since I saw you in Dallas, I started taking 2 STA Restored caps a day plus my 21 Gluco-gel & one 32 oz Gluco plus a month. Plus Good Herbs Bone & Joint, Purmeric, Imortalium in addition to HBSP & more. I'm considering stem cell therapy. " Any other options for her?

05:30 Question : 1. I have a customer who would like to know what you think of Pearlcium. 2 - I have a customer who is an Recovering Alcoholic and is afraid to take Good Herbs Products for fear of Flipping the internal switch that could start her craving Alcohol again. She has been sober for 23 years. Thank You Dr. G.

09:40 Question : Doc, my mom, 87 YO 110lbs with bronchiectasis. Currently Using Advair and Nebulizing Albuterol twice daily. I have added Nebulizing Argenten23 once daily. Any cautions or recommendations on the continued use and timing of these. Thank you.

11:55 Question : Dr. Glidden, always a pleasure to be here. I have been having family meetings where I have shared your various recordings, and I must say that those who listen are impressed with how you deliver the quality information to people in such a logical, and entertaining way. In particular, I enjoyed the discussion on sleep on the tactical health podcast. Regarding sleep, I have developed a habit over the years with my long hours at the hospital where I end up eating a rather large meal before I go to bed. I would like to get your perspective on proper sleep hygiene, and how eating habits may effect our quality of sleep and health. In particular, do you have any recommendations on when we should eat our last meal and perhaps what kind of food to eat/avoid. I appreciate your time as I know others who would be curious to hear this. God bless, and take care!

16:00 Question : Dr. G,  Do you think what we believe in regards to health will ever reach the naturopathic community as a whole, let alone the mainstream population?  P.S What does Beef Gelatin do for the human body and is it advisable to supplement daily with it?

Question : 59 year old female, approx weight 150. Suffers from debilitating migraine headaches for 20 years. Headaches resulting from an abusive childhood (both physical and verbal). Current treatment is shots of Clonidine and Lidocain in her head and face every month to help alleviate the pain. Longest migraine lasted 45 days. She also suffers from Lupus, Sjogren's, and Fibromyalgia. Ready to try something different. 62 year old female, 5” 8, 144lbs. Last 10 months has lived with perineal pain. MD GYN found no cause, offered steroids for pain. Only RX is 60 mg Armour thyroid for Hashimoto’s diagnosed 37 years ago.  On YGY products faithfully last 3 1/2 years. Daily regime : HBP 2.0, 1 Oz Cheri-Mins, 15 glucogel caps, Immortalium, Synaptiv, Ocutiv 9 Selenium, Osteo Mag, Destress, Women’s Hormonal Balancer, Flora Fx, SweetEze, and OsteoFx with OJ before bed. 

Had resolved health concerns before this developed! Is strictly gluten free and does not eat the 12 bad foods. Eats organic and non-GMO. Very allergic to soy. Any suggestions or recommendations for the pain?

25:55 Question : Good night. I have a scar from a burn that took a while to heal. It appears to have healed but now it itches recently and has bumps in it. I had it since August. What do you suggest? Also what do you suggest for cellulite on the legs and thighs? And what supplements or nutrients should you take for healthy teeth? 

28:28 Question : Hello Dr. G. My girlfriend has recently been doing the ketogenic diet and it is causing her to menstruate for extended periods of times. We are currently not doing the 90 essential nutrients only because it's pretty expensive right now but that will change for me in November. My research tells me since she is burning fat she is also releasing excess estrogen stored in fat. Is there anything she can take to help. Thank you so much.

30:30 Question : hi dr. G is there a treatment of skin lipomasts? they are thin encapsulated fatty deposits that are located around the body ?

31:55 Question : I bruise alot. have no idea 90% of the time how and when. mostly on my legs...what to do!? Thanks

33:33 Question : Hello. I haven't had a cold in a really long time, any suggestions? I'm being a big baby! Thanks.

35:55 Question : I have AFIB and Atrial Flutter my doctor is recommending I do Catheter Ablation. What do you suggest?

37:20 Question : Hi Doc... Any recommendations on preventing colds and flu (minus flu shot). I seem to recall you mentioning the foaming hand cleanser and Killer Biotic. I seem to get sick around January/February each year; flu last year, bronchitis the year before.

39:39 Question : My mother has a prolapse and constantly has UR infections. I have her on 2 grams of D-mannose twice a day. Is there something else I can do

42:00 Question : (not sure if my question came through). Young woman with severe asthma who is on a budget. She is currently dairy free and limiting her meat to see if that would help. I was thinking perhaps the Ultimate Classic, Projoba and Good Herbs Respiratory? (I am unsure of her weight) Also, is there anything diet wise that she should do (other than the 12 bad foods)?

43:43 Question : Hey Doc; It is called Serra Peptase :o)