Health Q&A: October 30, 2017

1:15 Question : Dr. G Does taking minerals and supplements when you are younger have any affect on the body later on in life since the minerals/vitamins generally don't store in the body?

Also, What are cell salts and what are they good for?

 P.S Did you hear about there is a new Qualified Health Claim about Psyllium Husk and a Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?


5:15 Question : I have a customer with a condition called Organized Pneumonia. What would be good for him????


7:15 Question : Dr. G…I’m excited to be in your company later this week in Indianapolis. I have an interesting situation here.

What would you suggest for a 58 year-old who is 6’3’ or 6’4” and who weighs about 250 pounds. He’s been dealing with acid reflux and has been taking famotidine for acid reflux for the most of three months. He also has a bad knee, and according to his doctor he is about 6 years overdue for knee surgery. 

He has overall aches, pains, and stiffness. He also requires sleepy time tea, melatonin, valerian, chamomile, and ibuprofen to prevent him from waking up after 2 hours and being wide awake.

I told him this is a sign of a blood sugar issue but he states his hemoglobin A1c was normal and fasting glucose normal.

18:53 He reports he has had multiple issues with supplements containing glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM such as increased discomfort in his knee. He is very leary of taking supplements with these ingredients. I know the BTT, beyond osteo, and glucogel have one or more of these ingredients in them but the ultimate classic and cal toddy doesn’t from what I understand. 

His main goal at this time is actually not for bone and joint support but for a general nutritional program, his stomach, and to help him to also lose weight.

Because of budget concerns, he wanted me to ask what you would ideally suggest based on a 200 pound persons dose as well as the very bare minimum supplement program for him…(for example…a one-hundred pound dose).

Thanks for your work Dr. G!

18:55 Also…he does not have a shell-fish allergy that he is aware of...and he does have his gall bladder...just in case you needed to know....take care Dr. G!


10:25 Question : Hi!  At times you recommend that certain supplements be discontinued after a specified period of usage.  Is there a way for us laymen to determine which supplements can be continued indefinitely-vs-those that should be discontinued for only a period of time-vs- those that should be permanently discontinued unless symptoms reoccur?  Thanks!

19:12 Colon Hydrotherapy Update:  The fourth colonic was the most successful & powerful with the greatest flushing – my system challenged the therapist.  Five days afterward, my colon and intestines are still in recovery.  My energy level is good and my body appears to have healthier blood sugar levels without the use of sweet eze, which I have discontinued, for now. (My therapist is on vacation.)


12:40 Question : Hi I have been having high blood pressure, I followed all that you suggested . efa plus, calcium, beyond Osteo-fx, Magnesium Taurinate 600mg from natural path. my blood pressure is up and down. I have a injury in my neck from lifting the pain is very bad today. Could the fact that my neck is sore and stiff cause the blood pressure to rise. If so any more suggestions

19:07 hi I forgot today the hospital put me on a monitor to wear for 24hrs, to monitor my blood pressure


15:00 Question : I'm asking a question for my sister in law who I've invited here tonight. her name is Shari. She has 2 grandkids ages 5 & 7. They live in Costa Rica. They wet the bed every night. She makes them go pee before bed but they still wet.They  are very sound sleepers, they eat very little protein, just fruits and veg.'s, no junk food or no supplements. Wondering why they may be having this problem? 

Another question-- Have a freind going to Jamaica, doesn't want vaccinated. What immune support would yo

19:01 Would you recommend? Bio immune or killer biotic or do you recommend homeopathic as a better immune support? And one more question---- Is Ozone Therapy beneficial for someone with Lupus or is it a waste of money?

19:05 necessary or is your protocol for Lupus all that's necessary?


19:00 My grandma has walking pneumonia and can barely talk We think she had a few stokes and she’s not recovering even though she does so many supplements. her tongue swells and she chokes We think it’s from chemtrails. What would you recommend in addition to the 90and selenium. Thanks


Do you think that dairy should be on the bad food list. The reason I ask is dairy can be problematic for some people with digestion due to the fact that most people stop producing Lactase, the enzyme that helps with the digestion of milk, when they stop breastfeeding. The dairy industry also keeps the cows on a significant amount of sex hormones or pregnant their entire lives to keep them lactating. this would increase the amounts of estrogen in the milk. Estrogen increases the risk of cancer, so Iv’e heard. Soo..thoughts?


29:33 Question : What is the XMRV virus?  If you have it what does it mean.  Symptoms.  Is there a cure?


Question : My grandchildren, ages 5 and 7 sleep so deeply that they don't wake up during the night to go pee. I've heard that some children struggle with this because they are lacking something in their diet. What is your opinion?

Also, I have a granddaughter with Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease who has had the flu 4 times in the past two weeks. What gluten-free product can she take to improve her immune system?

Question : Greetings Doc;  Still have not heard back on any quantity discount (if you can) for your book.  For my Christmas list I am looking at just about a dozen-&-a-half, and this would be (literally) the gift that keeps on giving.  Very gratefully, -Paul-


35:30 Question : Hi  Dr. G.  My knees are doing better and Saturday was first time we didn't have my blood pressure drop during dialysis.  This is making me feel much better and giving back some of my energy.  About a month ago I started having really bad pain in my left side just under my ribs.  Its so bad I have to go lay down and put pressure on it to dull the pain.  I don't think there is any organs there for this kind of pain.  Any ideas?


Question : Hi Doc, have a guest on tonight seeking  help for a 80 y/o male, 225 #. While going in for hip replacement surgery 2 yrs ago, MD's said he had sepsis, doctors removed hip implant for 2 months, replaced it, took  8 mos to heal hip. Now recent  PSA  test indicates prostate cancer. He strictly wants to be treated wholistically.

Also personally, I had a concussion in July, in which I just iced it and avoided the MD's like the plague. Stupid I know, but didn't want any more radiation. Since I didn t have it checked, I didn't realized either that my thyroid TSH went from normal-ish to 27.4 last month, a month later went to 28.4. MD says after 8 weeks increase dose my 25 mcg, already taking 175 mcg, managed health care system won't test free T3 or T3. Going to see a concussion and whiplash MD and Functional Neurologist Chiro this week. What are the magic works to get them to prescribe Nature Throid for me?

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