Health Q&A: November 13, 2017

Question : Dr. G What is youngevity's I26 used for and what is the dosage? question 2 I am giving my mother (120lbs, 81 years old) 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon of Mannose, and 1/2 teaspoon of argentyn 23 very 3 hours. Are there any side effects if I continue to used this cocktail as a maintenance for her reoccurring Urine Track Infection problem when the test says the infection has clear up.

Question : Aloha Dr, G! My husband Don seems to have recovered from his prolonged issues with bacteria in his system as a result of an impacted wisdom tooth. Thank you for helping him turn that around. One of the aftereffects he is experiencing is a loss of smell and taste. Is there anything we can do to add additional support for those functions? Mahalo!

Question : Jesus has a customer with Salzmann’s nodules and also has issues with Chronic Bronchitis. I have a customer who has neuropathy in his feet and does not have and does not have diabetes. .He has been on the 90 for a year. Also what is the proper dosage of Copper per 100 lbs. Also proper dosage of Acetol Choline per 100 lbs.

Question : Hi Dr. G, it’s been a while but Randy’s having issues again with the phlegm 

in his throat and the difficulty burping to release pressure after he eats. He said it feels like the burp just keeps building into a giant air bubble in his stomach and doesn’t want to come out. It eventually does in the form of little burps and then one big one after some force and a great deal of discomfort and time. He has been greatly helped with what you have recommended but these 2 issues have just been persistent. They diminished for a while but have resurfaced. Any other ideas in your arsenal? Also has been having some nausea.

Question : Dr. G. My cousin has sleep apnea and is sleeping with a nebulizer given to her by an MD. What can she do to get herself freed from this problem?

Question : Hi Doc, 80 y/o, male, 225#, Had scheduled hip replacement surgery 2 yrs ago. Just before replacement it was discovered that he had blood disease (sepsis). It took 8 months to heal. Now on recent check up, per his MD, his PSA test shows suspected prostate cancer. Recommendation?

Question : Have a friend who's wife is in a Nursing Home. He wants her to get off all the med.'s they are pushing her to take. He wants to know how much Tylenol is a safe dosage for her. He thinks they are giving her way to many. Have sent him this Q & A link tonight so hope he's listening in. His name is Roy. She is 85 years old and I don't know her weight. My grandson has a dry scalp, what should he take for that?

Question : Hey G. Since I have blood sugar issues I went on a ketogenic diet and cut out alot of carbs and sugar. I also fasted. And I lost alot of weight. But I also lost alot of muscle mass. I didn't expect this to happen. How do I regain and rebuild muscle? What should I eat to regain muscle mass? Does this type of diet make you lose muscle mass? Also how do you get rid of an ingrown hair on the toe?

Question : Hi Dr. Gidden, I’m giving my son the Healthy Start Pak to help with his growth. (Remember his doctor recommended the synthetic growth hormone therapy which I adamantly rejected). He’s 12 & can’t swallow the EFA’s. I squeezed one into his drink and he gagged (literally). How can I get this in him? Should he eat more eggs? Is HGH YOUTH COMPLEX an option or is that not for kids?

Question : If I were to advise an ambitious young person interested in pursuing both a career in Naturopathic Medicine and another complementary profession, would you recommend Nutrition/Dietician, Chiropractic, or another degree program?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. Good to see you tonight. You were going to look into a product outside of Youngevity which contains Nattokinase for me. I have ordered the Youngevity Nighly Essence which does contain the compound for now.

Question : hi Doc my friend got a headache from the sweetners in the strawberry kiwi mins and she gets headaches to all products that have stevia or artificial sweeteners do you know why? 

Question : Dr. Glidden, Thank You! I'm now taking Nature-Throid and are feeling better. I'm eating mostly grain free, take the 90 essential nutrients, but I'm severly struggling with sugar cravings. Help! I've heard that sugar cravings are due to an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut? Any suggestions about taking a nutritional blood analysis test? Lastly, what the cause and what can I take for spider veins?

Question : Greetings Doc; Welcome back! What would you presume to be helpful if I have an apparent small bony growth on the distal end of the 3rd metatarsal on my left hand (on the side toward the 4th)? I have no pain; no apparent limited motion. It seems to have developed in the last couple of months. It is not soft like a fatty tumor would be; it is solid. I understand online treatments are limited, but any help is gratefully received. Thanks.

Question : Dr. G... Mr. "Anderson" here.. Just got my 6 month dental checkup. Need a deep cleaning. Any suggestions for gum and teeth support? Have all my teeth, brush 2x Day, floss and waterpik daily. Tired of bleeding gums and dental protocol which is just good enough to keep me coming back.P.S. Any thoughts on opioid epidemic?  Thanks...

Question : What is your take on CBD hemp oil? My friend whose an ND just started using it as a go to for everything