Health Q&A: November 27, 2017

04:05 Question : Hi Dr G My daughter is 4.5 years old and i got letter from school that she is due to have a booster of 4 in 1 Diphtheria/Tetanus/Whooping cough/ IPV and MMR Measles / Mumps / Rubella . What is your toots on disrupting vaccination and not doing a booster since she already had started process of vaccines?  I would love to buy your book, please make postage possible for me to Ireland. contact

Question : Dr. G  What causes small broken blood vessels to appear on someone's face with a reddish hue to both cheeks? P.S What are your thoughts on Saltpipes where you breathe in salty air, and it cleanses your respiratory tract and help reduce inflammation in the lungs?

09:20 Question : Hello Doc,  2 points today. FIRST: I should have a guest tonight; a young man who wants to go study the real medicine and become a Naturopath. He would like to get your advice as much as is possible within this format. SECOND: I have some kind of a film on my pupils, almost like a haze and have to blink several times to get it clear. I'm on the EN90 program since over 2.5 years now, many of the issues I had with my ankles, knees and lower back are gone; I did some changes lately and used the Ultra Body Tody for 4 months. After you mentioned last time that too much Cell Shield RTQ can cause eye irritations including a scratching feel I have, I stopped it and went back to BTT.

12:05 Question : Hello Dr. G, I am in my 4th year of having Graves Disease. The only medication I am currently taking, is Atenolol (Tenormin) for Hypertension.  I was informed this week by my Pharmacist that there is a shortage of Atenolol (Tenormin). They are requesting that my Doctor prescribe a comparable drug. I will run out of my prescription in 5 days. I would like your professional opinion as to which drug you suggest I change to?  Thank you, Sherry 50 year old Female 5' 3" / 125 lbs

16:00 Question : For the past 15 years I have had skin issues; skin cancer-Basil cell, and skin tags. About 5 years ago I was told I have Type 2 Diabetes and I am on Metformin, and I have High Blood Pressure and Tinnitus. I am 60 yrs old, and 260 weight.  I bought the Youngevity Healthy Weight loss Pak. Im not sure how much to take and what additional things to add to this per month. Can you tell me how much of what? Thank you

20:00 Question : Hey Doc, what is the best strategy for avoiding the 12 bad foods while dining out? another question is Tropical Plus a good substitiute for BTT powder?

22:22 Question : Dr. G. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. It's always good to be on here with you. I have a loved one who is curious about dark circles under the eyes. I would appreciate hearing your insight regarding the genesis of dark circles under the eyes along with recommended strategies? God bless and take care Dr. Glidden. Also, I have heard you speak on the blood type diet. I have been hearing more about it. I believe you mentioned that people should be avoiding the twelve bad foods and supplementing appropriately according to body weight, and if interested to try the blood type diet along with the program for I believe 90 days. I wanted to ask if you had any personal experience doing the blood type diet for yourself or for your patients and what the results were like.

I have considered doing the diet as an experiment for health optimization…but quite honestly…as a blood type A the thought of eating a more vegetarian diet without really any dairy and light on meat is a little depressing. Don’t get me wrong…I eat a lot of vegetables but enjoy my meat (including a good steak, etc.) Would appreciate your insight on this. Take care!

28:05 Question : Dr. G My mother has had Alzheimer for over 4 years. I notice this week that while sitting down her arms flex up at the shoulders spontaneously Any idea what causes this and what can be done to stop it.

Question : What would you recommend for a Cyst on the Pancreas and what causes Cysts? Have a 74 year old male freind with high levels of iron. He weighs 275 lbs. Wants to know how to get his levels lowered. He also has Osteopenia and was told he may need joint replacement. Can you address this M.D.'s ridiculous recommendation? Have another freind with Chronic Leukemia, He's on the 90 nutrients and what else can he be doing for this? Tried to order your book Attempt A Cure for my freind Roy but there is no shipping to Canada Would you give a shout out to Roy, Claire and Janetta and Dale who are listening in tonight. Thanks.

37:05 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden I have a customer who has a problem with her Pancreas. The blood test showed the number at 400. She is doing the Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0, Ultimate Daily classic, Pancreas Support, glucogenix, Rev90. She weighs 195 lbs. I am not sure of what dosage you would recommend. Also her Triglycerides are very high she thinks the Number is 429 H. 

39:10 Question : Wanted to hear from you - friend called about stage 3 colon cancer - I know , not good but wanted to give them a shot.

42:10 Question : Hello Dr Glidden, I hope you enjoyed your vacations and had a happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to ask you if there is a homeopathic remedy for itching skin! My father whom came from Puerto Rico being bathe with rain water does not stop scratching himself. He is diabetic, hypertensive and is an 81 years old man. What do you suggest? When my father wakes up in the morning, his glucose is in the 60's, is that too low for him?

44:54 Question : Hi Dr. G –  I have this rough thing on back of left thigh, my sister says it feels and looks like a wart, neither of us can see real good had it for about 2 years. If I pick at it, it gets whiter. Any ideas? Also I have begun walking and basic active but always get irregular HB, I just soldier thru stop and keep walking – is this a good idea? I wake up with irregular HB my back is not right – should I just keep moving? I am still taking flexi – care –plus and glucco gel but you mentioned get stay restored, so I got it. Can I take all three and finish up the old then how much stay restored?  Very last….just got done with at 66 hour fast, OMG I was on fire with energy. Thank you Dr. G!

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I hope you had a nice vacation in Mexico! I'm the one who had a heart attack a month into Yongevity. After seeing the cardiologist today I was told that I have an 80% blockage of my artery in the back of the heart. They are suggesting angioplasty with a stint. What are your thoughts on this? I purchased the respiratory support for asthma, but realized it says not to take with Thyroid medication. I'm hypothyroid, and currently on Synthroid. Do you think this is still OK ?

51:10 Question : Dr. G just wanted to say that the webinar on tinnitus helped greatly if I was to rate it as 1-10 its down to around a 2. I've been on the 90 for seven months and taking Cal-toddy at night with OJ for two months with the cell Shield RTQ.

52:45 Question : Dr. G, Hope your Thanksgiving was well and that your feeling better. Any source for a genetics test (adult & teen) for a recommended diet according to genetics? And what to take or do for venous insufficiency? Thank you! My husband had a better dentist report about his reseeding gums after your recommendation for liquid calcium & plant minerals. Separately, he still has occasional bouts with vertigo despite doing yoga to increase circulation to the head & taking calcium &plant minerals. What do?

56:20  Question : Hello dr. I have seen 5 doctors and I have fired them all ! 3 years ago, I had a chest cold that went into nasal drip then phlegm in throat. Phlegm is in the throat, mouth and tongue and has never improved in this time. I am thinking silent reflex thru research although no other symptoms. No last 18 months, I am having spiking bp.  I ordered digestion pack and extra osteo-fx. Suggestions? You are up Super Man!

59:39 Question : Hi Dr Glidden, I'm 8 years old and i have a wart (so my mom thinks) on the side of my foot. What should I do? I don't want to get needles!