Health Q&A: November 6, 2017

00:25 Question : Hi Doc, many thanks for the special price of your book. I know how hard it is to write a book beside your normal workload since I did one myself.

I should guests online tonight, Jane and family, and I hope you can get to their questions, using my Ambassador status.

Some people in our down-line experiencing hair loss after taking the 90EN for some time. Any idea what could cause that? They also noticed that the hair loss stopped when they started to take Nascent Iodine. The hair loss goes s sometimes together with a pale stool. Another suspicion is that the detox effect of the 90EN puts to much load on the liver at that moment. Or could it be an effect of Hering's Law of cure?

04:00 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I am a new follower, female 73 off all bp meds (clonidine, triamterene, atenolol & potassium cl er) since May when I somehow wised up and started researching side effects which were killing me. I am taking TT caps, osteo fx, efa plus, minerals, projoba omega and muscadine grape. Bp readings last 3 days at noon: 167/88 - 157/79 - 159/78 but it jumps 20 to 50 points when I stand up. Read somewhere it could be adrenals, please comment thanks

07:25 Question : Dr. G, if there is oil in food and it is baked or grilled, does the food become detrimental for the body? Also, I remember you saying to stay away from the sweetener Allulose because it is not recognized by the human body, is it the same deal with Xylitol or is it different? Lastly, why do we dose by body weight when everyone's organs would weigh roughly the same?

Question : My sister with the perineal nerve pain has a diagnosis now. Vulva vestibulitis? Any suggestions? Separately, a cousin has toenail fungus. She's been going to podiatrist for over a year. Doctor just cuts the nail and sands it down but it hasn't gone away. What can she do? Thanks.

12:35 Question : Many thanks for all that you do. I appreciate you very much.  You mentioned on a recent Q&A about the probiotics in tangy tangerine. Can you please clarify… are those probiotics in both the powder and the tablets? Many blessings.

I understand that Glutithione is not an "essential" amino acid because our body can make it. However, my reading suggests that many people make less as they advance in years. Do you recommend supplementing with this amino acid? If so, is there a particular product you suggest? Certain foods contain Glutithione like broccoli and cabbage and garlic … are they sufficient?

Question : Hi doc. Michelle Wallach posted that when it comes to dosage, liquids and powders are by body weight, but pills are by dosage per day. Why aren't the pills by weight?

19:20 Question : Hi Dr. G – I am old Imueller but you call me Lori please. So irregular heartbeat is everyday – went for acupuncture and they did knuckle thing on back and it got worse – my thoughts are I need plan because I am getting really busy and active! Don’t have down time like before - got ideas for me please? Thanks!

21:12 Mike Ganse question

24:24 Question : Dr. G. I have had a rash on the back of my neck for some time, very itchy. Now it has spread further and is on my face. Is it possible the supplements I am taking could be causing an allergic reaction? The MD gave me an anti fungal which made the rash worse.

26:26 Question : Woman, 26 yo, pregnant (yeah) . Developed rash on arms and legs. Morning sickness sometimes interrupts HBPack. Concerned? How to treat? Is the Folic Acid in the HBPack sufficient for pregnant women? Rash/little red bumps surfaced last Thursday

28:28 Question : My 14 year old male with anxiety, ADHD, asthma and fatigue 

  • Vyvanse – (30 MG) 1 tablet/day - ADHD 
  • Arnuity Inhaler – 200 mcg – 1 puff/day- Asthma
  • Pulmicort Inhaler – 180 mcg- 1 puff/day
  • Nexium (20 MG) – 1 tablet/day - Acid Reflux
  • Zyrtec- 1 tablet/day - Environmental Allergies
  • Valerian Root (450 MG) – 1 tablet/day - sleep aid

my 59 year old husband has extreme fatigue and is new to Youngevity. Where should he start?

30:15 Question : Hi Dr G I am 75 180 pounds. I had a stroke 4 years ago. I was just diagnosed a couple days ago with Multiple Myloma. I have multiple fractured ribs and a broken vertebrae. I have been on the 90 for a few months. Can you please recommend a protocol for me.

Question : Does Killer Biotic product kill the good and bad bacteria like regular antibiotics? When on it should I be taking probiotics? My son has had to have a lot of vaccines as he's in the Airforce. He is wondering what you would suggest to get rid of the heavy metals and harmful substances taken in via the Vaccines Homeopathic “Thuja occidentalis 30C" 2 pellets 2x every 3 days for 13 days

39:35 Question : Hey G. My optician told me i have astigmatism of the eye. What causes this and what do you recommend? And what is a sonogram? I know it is some type of female breasts scan. Is it safe and how does it compare to an ultrasound of the breast? Is it a more detailed test than an ultrasound?

42:00 Question : hey doc, I have a couple of questions tonight. 1. from your pov what is the best milk to drink? providing allergies are not a factor. 2. I see the fit shake has ingredients like coconut and almonds would it not be advisable to mix the 90 EN with it?

44:00 Question : Got a copy of the book The Great Cholesterol Myth and the Chapter on Sugar names that Fructose is the inflammatory part of the sugar molecule also causing the over consumption of food. But the book makes no mention of the Mineral connection and the sugar door. My question is that do we avoid sugar and or starches to limit the Inflammation. Thanks!

46:00 Question : sister is experiencing muscle aches and sensitivity i see described as fibromyalgia. i have sent here BTT2.0 to begin onboarding the essential foundation, so if she is truly committed to help herself like give up the 10 bad foods what steps would you recommend next besides C&M Cream? i do not know if she has been to her doctor.

Question : how do we treat carpal tunnel syndrome