Health Q&A: December 11, 2017

1st Question

04:00 Question : Dr. G I heard Dr. Wallach say that a few years ago, the FDA came out with an urgent stop email sent to all doctors telling them prescribing statin drugs will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease and to stop writing prescriptions for them. I was wondering how can they still be allowed to prescribe them?  Also, I heard you say that swelling in the legs is a protein deficiency, where did the idea come from that salt caused swelling in the legs? Thanks

09:00 Question : Hi Dr. G. I want to say first Happy Birthday belated. Our birthdays are 20 days apart – how cool! So question for tonight, my sister was on program with me for about a year then slowly she started to go back to eating gluten and because I am not real thin she says it’s okay to have once in a while, plus she takes vitamins like twice a week if that – what else can I tell her? She says she isn’t having problems like me so why do so much to be healthy (family thinks I should have nerves to hear (family thinks I should have nerves to heart cut but and wear pacemaker, so I can always be active)……….ugh!  I had another long bout of afib – fell asleep on left side for a few hours and woke with heart going nuts – took over 6 hours to calm it down and was up all night – I wish I knew something to speed the recovery along – it’s really difficult. Don’t sleep while it happens like that, had a big day planned and had to cancel – Hence the family’s decision I need pacemaker OMG. Thanks for all your help Dr. G.

14:30 Question : What can cause itching of the genital area with the absence of rash or bumps? I know some females use douche products. Is this healthy and what do you recommend instead? Also some female sanitary napkins may cause a rash and irritate the area? What do you suggest? Thanks for all your help and good advice. You are the best

16:40 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden all the way from Melbourne Australia! I was wondering if you knew an alternative digestive enzyme to one youngevity has as I am sensitive to the milk it says it contain on the bottle. Also dealing with leaky gut and have been on Youngevity's 9- for life for a while. I was just wondering if Great Lakes Gelatin was great for sealing up the gut. Also taking Dr. Ohhira's probiotics and Fred's Quanta Water

20:05 Question : Hi doc.For blood sugar regulation, on a first, second, and third rating, how would you rate sweet eze, glucogenix, and vital nutrients blood sugar support?

21:00 Question : My face is extremely dry & flaky with dry patches. Just had a baby about a month ago. Am gluten free please help, thanks.

25:05 Question : What would be the first few things you do when a child gets fever/headache and no other symptoms? Thanks Dr. G!

29:29 Question : Hi Doc, I picked up a part time delivering for the holidays and I twisted my left ankle, I have it on Epson salt and hot water, do you suggest anything else to heal it faster?