Health Q&A: December 18, 2017

2:56 Question : Hi doc. The label on projoba omega says it contains soy. Is that a problem? I asked vital nutrients if their flax oil capsules were nitrogen packed and they said they were not. Is that a problem?

Question : Hi Dr. G.  No go on the remedy, felt same.  Chiropractor tomorrow, did absolutely nothing entire weekend – I am wondering am I getting enough potassium or too much?? Elephant in the room right? Just a thought – thanks!

 I didn’t see any potassium in the Plant derived minerals, very little in the tangy, but I don’t know.  I don’t get recommended potassium per day, even while eating spinach and a lot of almonds. Now my right sciatic from neck around shoulder, thru butt and down to ankle plus foot foot goes numb if sitting too long…  Chiro should help tomorrow! Can you recommend a better cream than CM cream, last year it’s all runny and too hard to get on me using the spatula I used to when they made it with the paraben.  Thanks Dr. G.

6:25 Question : Hi Doc, what would you recommend for someone in early stage  cataracts and with floaters.

9:00 Question : person has been on 90 for awhile and swears the Btt 2.0 gives her headaches.  Not faithful with the calcium and the EFAs but could the BTT be the culprit?    She said she has stopped it and then added it back in and it is for sure that.  Would the tabs be good for her in this instance?

I am 17 weeks pregnant with twins!! and have been on the 90 for 5 years.  Have terrible heartburn and have had a cough and ‘pregnancy rhinitis’ for 10 weeks.  cough is acid reflux cough I imagine as I cough so violently I sometimes vomit. Have upped my calcium to the Liquid only and taking the Btt tabs bc cannot stomach the Powder right now.  What can I do for this? what is best add on for someone on the 90 and selenium and Dstress who wants to help balance her hormones?

13:40 Question : hey Doc, if a person with an underactive thyroid is struggling to lose weight. what would be the more primary focus? The thyroid problem or the weight condition? Would like to hear your thoughts on this

Question : Christmas Seasons Greetings Dr. G,  Do you know a remedy for extremely dry palms, especially during cold seasons?  Water-based lotions are not effective and Vaseline is too greasy.  I do wash my hands frequently. Thanks!

15:05 Question : Happy Holidays, Dr. Glidden. I recall on previous livestream webinars you have mentioned that a new copper product would be released about this time.  Either Meso or Colloidial copper, I believe.  Has the product been released?  If so what is the name and/or where can I purchase?  Thanks.

I have a question about the Galenia Aloe Arborescens that is available at  The total carbs are listed as 7g and the sugars as 4g.  Usually the carbs from fiber are also listed, but that information is not on the label.  Is there any way to know how many carbs are from soluble and insoluble carbohydrates?  Thanks.

17:25 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden! Question… What’s the best product for anti-aging, specifically tightening the skin? I can only afford one with the regimen I’m on. Would you recommend cell shield RT queue or immortalium ? Would you add bone broth, etc.?

20:05 Question : I'm trying to sell Youngevity supplements to my DC chiropractor who recommends other supplements sold to doctors only. He says the other supplements being in liquid form are 90 % absorbable by the body while supplements in tablet or capsule form are only 10% absorbable. What do I tell him?

25:30 Question : Doc: Daughter expecting 3rd child (14 wks). Ret’d today from 1st appt w/midwife at drs office--has high blood pressure-175/80 (&no symptoms on her part or blood work). Her past 2 pregs: Had 2 healthy children (4&6 yrs) & ALSO had HB pressr with both pregs-but Dr then just monitored. Now, Dr wants her on Methyldopa but she doesn’t want meds. Has been on Healthy Start Pak 2.0Liquid & Selenium. Then--After BOTH pregs, blood pressure Returned to Normal range. Please! Please help!! Thank you so much!

28:28 Question : “Hi, we’re from Canada and our 9 year old son is experiencing swollen and painful elbows, wrist and ankle at varying times. He’s had these symptoms for about a year.  We’ve been to the doctors and even though they are running more tests, it appears he is dealing with juvenile arthritis. The doctors are recommending that we do steroid injections in the elbows and an immunosuppressive drug. 

We've taken him off sugar, grains and most dairy.  Is there anything we can do in the meantime that would help him deal with the diagnosis? Thanks for your time.

Dr G, I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 5 weeks ago and I deal with IBS- diarrhea. When I was taking the Healthy Blood Sugar pack 2.0, Glimepride 2 mg and Metformin 500 mg (twice a day) my blood sugar numbers were in the 70's and below but since my doctor took me off of Glimepride my numbers jumped up between 92 to 105. How can I get my blood sugar numbers down to the 70's and 80's? I also take Ultimate Enzyme and Flora Fx with the Healthy blood sugar pack 2.0 and Metformin.

39: 25 Question : Hey doc. I have a testimony. Eversince following your protocol with regards to your treatment for blood sugar issue I received good news from the optician today. She said my eyesight is about 2 stages better! She was surprised but I wasnt. Thanks doc.  Thanks for all your help

Question: what causes receding gums? Thanks again for all your wonderful advice. Keep up the good work. And remember i told you last week that my son has a scar that has grown scar tissue eversince he was a child.

43:05 Question : Hello Dr. G...Good evening to you: I have a family member who is 81 years young. She is about 5'4 (she believes shrunk about 1 or 2 inches over the years) and is 140 pounds.  Here is some info she sent to me. 1 325  aspirin  a day  1  levithroxin  25   a day  metoprolol tatrate  5o  mg  one  half tab  2  times  aday  before or  with  meals ,lisinopril 5mg tab l  a  day in  evening' biotin  1000  occasionally  for   hair   and  nails  calcium 600  with  vitamin D3   oxybutynln  5 mg for  bladder  problem  every  other  day. centrum silver adults  50+ Qunol  COQ10 some  also  take  probiotic   acidophilus  Aleve  only  for  bad  knee  pain have  taken  l half  xanax 0.25 for anxiety  only  once  or  twice  a week  just  for  stress  have  taken   zoloft   50  mg   in  the   past  but  stopped  it she is afraid  of  that  med  made her stop crying  completely. She  has   tried  several  vtamins  in  past  but   also stopped  them.  S  doesn't like  taking  meds...also  take  probiotic   acidophilus. She also has some atrial fibrillation with some palpations on a rather infrequent basis. Doctor prescribed Aricept because of memory not taking.

Thanks for your time Dr. G! Merry Christmas to you if I don't talk to you before that time (also...has had open heart surgery in the past). Merry Christmas!

Question : merry christmas to you dr.G  is it ok to drink collidal silver  say 1 dropper full  mixed with a glass of  water as a bactericide  against strep infections ? how often can it be used without toxic effects?

Question : I have always had a lot of electricity in my body, is that a good thing or bad? Could that be causing my anxiety? I think my body is producing too much cortisol or something which makes BP shoot up at times. My reasoning is if it would be clogged arteries in lungs or kidneys BP would not ever be in 130s which it is sometimes. BTW I was allergic to adrenal health & muscadine grape seed

53:23 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden!  I've been taking my Osteo FX in a glass of water and with a few squirts of lemon juice from a bottle (organic).  Would that be sufficient or do you feel I really need to do orange juice? By the way, I spent Sunday cleaning my entire house, laundry, Christmas shopping, buying groceries and did some gluten free baking!!!  I honestly never thought I'd have the energy to do all that not too long ago as I was very sick. It's amazing how I keep getting better I'm just over the moon happy!!!  Thank you Dr. G and Youngevity!!!  Question : My dad, age 80 has a bone spur on his knee. He is taking 16 Gluco gel per day. Should he add the liquid Gluco gel as well? Also, he wants to add the Good Herbs Respiratory support but he is on some prescriptions such as clopidogrel, levothroxine, breo, xopenex, and atenolol. Can he take herbs when on all these other things?  Thank you much!

Question : what might be best plan for stroke victim during therapy recovery and a clot issue of not re-occuring ?