Health Q&A: December 4, 2017

03:10 Question : HI Dr. Glidden! Happy December! I need your help with a 71 year old lady, 172 lbs. She’s been diagnosed (over the years) with:

  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (taking Synthroid 150mcg)
  • Depression ( taking Zoloft & Wellbutrin)
  • High Blood Pressure (taking Avapro 150mcg)
  • High Cholesterol ( Crestor40mg)
  • Sulerventricular Tachycardia (Dilacor 240mg) 

Whew! I shared the 12 bad foods video. What does she need specifically to recover her health?

07:00 Question : Dr. G, Does calcium/magnesium lower your blood pressure or does it regulate it? Also, are there any medications that interact with nutrients? I know some herbs and medications shouldn't be mixed. Thank you, and you are the best!

10:45 Question : Hey Dr. G!! Started to do the beet juice two weeks ago and was up to the 4 ounces and began to feel a slight ache on my right side below my rib cage. So i decided to stop friday, and the symptom subsided. Was this a normal reaction to the beet juice and would it be ok to restart? Q2 Saw you recommended vital nutrients selenium on another Q&A whats the difference between VN and Youngevity Selenium??

Question : Okay Dr. G. so I do the sta-restored and bingo! No more irregular heartbeat or it’s very minimal; could it be possible this supplement made that much of a difference in one week (actually in one day)? I am still going to chiro this week but wanted you to know it really made a difference. How long do I take this supplement AND I noticed that when I do herbal stuff I have very vivid dreams some good some not so good.

I did notice when I shake my cat’s towel in morning, outside- if I use my right arm more vigorously - my heart goes irregular, so it’s like a loose nerve in there (or feels like that)….. Thanks!!

I am working on great testimonial that will be given to you when all the legal stuff in my life is settled LOL – maybe for your next book.

14:40 Question : Hi, i am back and taking Beyond Tangy Tangerine Basic 90 pack, cant afford the start pack. what can i do to fight this cold or flu i fighting now, and how to not be contageious? i want to return to my public worship activities(church)? ty o by the way i cant make it wed i got religious obligations then i got have a good wholistic dr to go to here ty for keeping it $20 for me what does Projoba Omega do? What does Muscadine Grape Caps do? ty cant read what that little book is.

17:00 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, have you ever had anyone allergic to the Youngevity products? I started with the body start pak then added adrenal health and muscadine grape seed a couple weeks later. I have developed itchy throat and ears and itchy patches on my face and arms. Also, although I am feeling a little better each day I am still being startled by everyday sounds that I have been living with for years like the A/C making a click before it comes on. Something shoots through my body.

19:35 Question : Recent test showed my homocysteine levels high at 12. Are there YGY supplements I need to avoid or just add methylated folates? Anything else I should do? Mahalo~!

21:15 Question : I have a patch of what I think is ringworm on my face and cant seem to get it to go away. I eat clean - no flour or sugar use heathy start pack and have tried argenten 23 and Betadine - nothing working so far. Suggestion?

24:10 Question : For Dianne Hi Dr. G ,Ihave two people in trouble. My neice's father had aheart attack n surgery to open up vavles My freind Karen's mother has very little kidney function because she has pollups growing onthe outside of her liver that are so large they are pushing on her kidneys. Suggestions please .Thanks Dianne

For Taylor, Hi Dr. G, My friend is getting sharp pains in the lower left of her abdomen, a lot of pressure and gas when urinating or having a bowel movement Sometimes extreme bloating, looking four months pregnant Sometimes nausea and fatigue. She had an UT test and they found an ovarian cyst she is 22 140 pounds  She is now gluten free, taking BTT tablets, Probiotics, Mineral caps and cheri mins. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks How did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for Christmas? He felt his presents!

29:15 Question : Good night. How do you get rid of an ingrown hair on the toe? As you age and get older does your body lose the ability to efficiently absorb minerals.

31:00 Question : Hi, Dr. G. I know that tumors are not the disease but the result of the disease.Can  you explain what causes tumors to form? Are they a sign or are they like a fever(a good necessary thing) Seem to be hearing more and more people with tumors these days. Thanks for all you do. Inquiring Minds want to know

39:00 Question : Friend gets on and off heart palpitations and said it seams to come with indigestion and or stress.  She has tests done and they dont find anything.  So anything other than maybe increasing Osteo? Not heart palpitations as in a fast heart rate, but says she feels heart skips beats and will last a couple hours at a time.... ...and yes she has a gluten sensitivity but still has gluten at times currently on Healthy start pack

Hi Dr. Glidden.  I have completed the hair product that you graciously sent to me.  I remember that you cautioned about the product possibly burning a whole in my skull.  No danger there.  I must have a pretty thick skull.  There is some minor improvements that can be seen by very close inspection.  I think, that in my case I will need the extra strength version.  I don't mind paying.  I will call Bob tomorrow.  I can send pictures from the start and the latest pictures from the top of my head.  Cheers.

I was very impressed with your webinar on Lyme's disease part 1.  Who said that naturopathic medicine wasn't scientific.  Certainly not me.  Keep up the good work.

41:55  Question : Hey Doc...21 year girl with no known health issues. She just wanted to try the Rebound. She likes the flavor but always experiences cramps within about 45 mins. Your thoughts please...thanks

Just wondering, I  have not heard mention of the BTT 2.0 Tablets. 160,000 ORAC! That just seems incredible to me. How do they get all of that in four caps. I feel bulletproof since I have been taking them. People I work with and ride to work with sicker than dogs and I am don't catch whatever they have.

46:56  Question : My daughter was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease with narrowing of heel. The pain is in the large toe joint, injured over many years of stubbing the toe learning to walk again after near-fatal accident. She'll be taking all your recommendations from your arthritis webinar. Any other suggestions? Thanks!