Health Q&A: December 6, 2017

Question : Hi doc. I watched your selenium webinar and I wondered how Dr. Schrauzer got a hip fracture if he was taking the 90 essential nutrients. What are you thoughts?

Question : Hey Dr G!! Lincoln Duncan's brother here, Added the Good herbs Antioxidant Response as you recommendation for my tinnitus. Was already taking Heart Support for a month, kickin the tires, slamming the doors and taking it for a ride. It would be in the budget next month to do bone and tissue support, how many of the good herbs can you take at once. Would like to see a webinar on each good herbs product!! Like 5-10 min on each.

Question : Hello Dr. G, I'm working with parents of a 2-year body with a congenital bladder defect with impaired kidney function. They say he is subjected to catheters until he develops more, to keep him in the pool for a kidney transplant down the road. He has been hospitalized recently for dehydration due to excessive vomiting. We've been looking for triggers. Any advice from you is greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

18:43 Question : Christ-mas Seasons Greetings Dr. G, When you make the recommendation that people add more protein or more cholesterol to their eating regimen, how do you define more? What forms of protein and cholesterol rich foods do you suggest? Also, During Nursing Home visits, I have observed that there are numerous residents who are confined to wheel chairs, many due to diseases affecting their leg usage. What might be the most common causes of their afflictions?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I hear a lot of conflicting opinions on calcium supplements. Andreas Moritz is totally against them - are you familiar with his work ? and if so what are your thoughts....and he also advocates liver and gall bladder flushes- do you think they are effective and beneficial? thank you for all that you are doing... I am new to youngevity and learning a lot!

29:20 Question : Hello Dr. G from the west coast! My question is this. I finally ordered the osteo powder that you recommend and I want to know how you mix it and with what. I have always used the liquid in the past. Inquiring minds want to know!!! God Bless and Happy Holidays! MIke

32:00 Hi Dr. Glidden, Hi, I want to be Youngevity"s poster child. I had another mini stroke and now take a baby aspirin every day. I also take Tangy Tangerine 3 scoops, OsteoFx 2 ounces, Plant Derived Minerals 2 ounces, Vital Nutrients Selenium 3 caps per day, Projoba Omega 8 caps per day, Muscadine Grape 3 caps per day. What else do you think I need?

36:26 Question : Good night. I drank a smoothie made from almond milk, peanut butter and protein powder and i had diarrhea shortly after. This is the second time it happened. Why should this happen? Also my 16 year old son got a cut on his stomach when he was little and the scar has growing flesh. What can i do about this?

39:00 Hi Dr. G Would like to try your hair formula, how would I go about getting it? Merry Christmas and thanks for all the great teaching you are giving to the masses. God bless you richly. Are Vital Nutrients flax oil capsules nitrogen packed?

Question : What could be causing the rushing/pounding in my ears other than high bp because it does it sometimes when bp is below 150