Health Q&A: February 13, 2017

Question : Dr G,  I've heard you talk about S.O.D and Astaxanthin and how they are very powerful and I was wondering how they compare to Selenium.  Is Selenium still king?  Also, any update on when BTT 3.0 will be available?   Thank you.

Question : Dr. G.  Is the  an email not a webpage where we send testimonials in?  Also I wanted to share - I am nicotine FREE (couples weeks now) and feeling GREAT! UNBELIEVABLY COOL!   You always said I would be turning a corner and I have!!  Thanks for all you have done for me – you truly ROCK!

Question : Hello, Dr. Glidden! Just wanted to compare your perspective with info I heard from Dr. Wallach. He seemed to state that cruciferous vegetables are harmful to the thyroid even for people on the 90 and bad foods free. He recommends consuming, if at all, very small amounts around only 1 or 2 servings a week.  I reviewed your thyroid webinar and perhaps I need a Free T3-T4 test, but I feel good and don’t suspect I have a thyroid issue. I eat large amounts often and am hoping to keep chowing down on lots of these veggies. Thanks Much!

Question : Hey Dr. Glidden, I am proud to know you and appreciate the quality, life-changing information that you have shared with people including myself and for my loved ones. I have a question concerning tangy-tangerine. I have a friend who insists on not taking the BTT powder but the tablets instead. As long as they are taking the HGH and plant minerals in addition to the tabs, can it honestly be said that this is a truly adequate substitute for the BTT powder?

In addition, for those that are eating the adequate daily amounts of quality protein often encouraged (some eggs, fish, chicken, etc), is it even necessary to use the HGH (especially if finances are a concern)and rather just the BTT tabs and minerals? I’m interested in your thoughts on this. Thanks for your time Dr. G

Question : I got MRI on neck that came out normal.Imhaving nerve pain coming from my back that goes up my arms and down my legs left and rightI went to see an applied kinicioligist Board Certfied like you advised me.Hedid X-ray on back and he claims i have 7 bulging discs.hesputting disc back in place with an adjustment gun tool and i am experiencing more pain now.  the bulging disc is coming from t-8.  i am having a lot of nerve pain and muscle pain everywhere. should i continue to see this guy? Im taking the supplements you told me to take. Should i keep seeing this guy? Im so stressed please help! I'm considering doing a stand up mri on back. should i take more calcium? or started on selenium?

Question : Hi Dr.G,  To promote the structure and function of the skin (ideally to repair it), is it better to add to 90 for Life protocols the Cell Shield, Imortalium, or both?  Also, are there advantages to using Glucogenix instead of Sweet Eze to support and promote healthy blood sugar levels?

Question : Hi Dr. G..  I have 2 questions, I've been taking Sweet-Eze for 3 months now, how long should one take them? Also, when I do a round of pro-biotics, how long should I take those, 30 days?  Thank you As far as smoking goes, I was off cigs for 11 months. Thanksgiving I was hanging out with people who were drinking and smoking. Well I started smoking again. Thought I would have a few and here you go.... I am smoking more now, than before.

Question : Are the ProLine products to be taken according to body weight like the other Youngevity products? You did a great webinar on those Dr. G. Thanks. Would it be advisable to take Ocutiv and also Vision fx at the same time or is that a waste of our hard earned money? I do Colonics once a month and then 3 in a row while on my Therapeutic fast once a year. Can doing them this often cause any imbalance in my gut flora? I take Flora always. 

Question : What would you recommend for low estrodial levels in the blood. Testosterone levels are normal. Could this produce irregular heart beat such as afib like symptoms? Could it lead to prostate issues? Besides my family you are the only one that can call me Bobby - ok!

Question : Aloha Dr. G.  My husband is 70 years old and experiencing periodic episodes of low blood pressure.  Has been on the 90 essentials plus bone & joint support for almost 2 years.  Dr. Wallach had hm add Cell Shield RTQ and Imortalium last month.  He gets lightheaded and fatigued about every 7-8 days but perks up after a lengthy nap.  We are off all the bad foods.  Any ideas about what's going on? Question 2.  I have a new associate who watched the lupus webinar and got on all the recommended products.  After just a few days her lupus symptoms flared up.  Is this a normal part of the process?

Question : 27 year old female getting minor surgery on toe (Bone spur removed from big toe) Requires small incision and shaving down of bone. Surgeon recommended not taking vitamins leading up to procedure to reduce risk of excessive bleeding. What would you recommend she takes or doesn't take before and after the surgery? she been on youngevity and off the 12 bads. thanks doc. you the man

Question : sis in law, 130 lbs 6 weeks pregnant. brother got a hold of me right away when she noticed a change. have her on 2 btt2.0 2 osteofx 8 caps of projoba omega, 6 caps selenium, 1 bottle pdm. anything i am missing? she was concerned about high thyroid number, told her to eat more cruciferous veg to lower number, she has concerns over blood sugar too, i know killer biotics are a no no during pregnancy, anything else she needs to avoid or could i add on glucogenix or sweeteze? safe options for nausea too please.

Question : Hi there, Did you get my question? If you already recieved this, pls disregard.  What do you suggest for really bad nausea, diarrhea, shaking, extreme chills and feels like I'm sitting in an ice box.  Pretty sure this is a bug my daughter brought home from school.  I have some nux vomica 200ch on hand.  Would that be good?

Question : Howdy Doc! I'm having Liver pain this past 3 wks, started taking the Ginseng as you recommended and my stomach started hurting as if someone punched me and feeling sick also. I stopped eating and just drank BBT 2.0 Eating rice last night and a little food today and feel sick in the Liver area again. The pain seems to pulseates. Whats your thoughts? OH YES! Off all 12 bad foods! Just thinking, I'm still coughing up phelm and it's been 6 wks now. Would my Liver have anything to do with this? Just trying to figure all this out.

Question : Hey Doc G- I been taking youngevity products for a month now. Trying to improve osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and low thyroid. Im on bone and joint pak, selenium, and oceans gold. With all that get almost 2500mg calcium but only 490mg magnesium, Is that ratio enough? Is there anything else I should take? 5'4, 115lbs, 53 female. (and yes I went gluten free) Thanks

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. What are your thoughts on Guggul. It is a herb that has been used for centruries in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is supposed to help the thyroid pick up more iodine. Your thoughts are always appreciated. Your insight is always appreciated. Thank You.

Question : Hi Dr G! Can you explain what causes syringomas to grow under the eyes?  Thx!