Health Q&A: February 20, 2017

Question : Dr G, how do you know when you really need to undergo a dental procedure?  I feel like every dentist always insists on having a procedure no matter if an issue will resolve on its own or not.  P.S are you ok with palm kernel oil that is in a product that is baked?

Hey Dr Gman...I'm hoping to get a little more understanding so that I may not have to ask as many questions. I've noticed sometimes that you recommend the osteo fx liquid and other times, the powder specifically. I was wondering, do certain situations warrant one or the other? Also, I noticed the same thing with Sovereign Silver and Argentyn 23, as well, sometimes you recommend the Projoba Omega over the Ultimate EFA's. Just trying to understand as much as I can. Thank you for all that you do

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, what causes a back spasm and what can a person do to get rid of it?

Good evening Dr. Glidden!  I am a big fan!   I am a 49 year old female (5' 3"; 125 lbs.) diagnosed with Grave's disease last year; however, I have had the symptoms for three years.  My T4, Free is 4.52. Creatine is 0.24; Alkaline Phosphatase, total is 221; Alanine Aminotranserase is 61 This "disease" has greatly affected my body.  My face has aged about 30 years, in these last three years.  One question is...will these supplements help my facial features to return to normal?Besides what you have suggested in your Thyroid Health and Autoimmunity Webinar anything else you can suggest I take or do?  Also, what amount of Copper should I be consuming daily?

Question : Hi Doctor. I asked my chiro what u told me to ask him. Why is my pain getting worse. He said he doesn't know he's doing the correct treatment. So i tried doing more sessions, and the pain in my right side got better which the right side was initially my problem w the nerve. But now my pain is in my left in my left side of back down arm and also my rib and left breast. So the pain decreased on my right but went on my left. What does this mean when that happens? Also, is cauliflower rice bad for the thyroid? i was watching ur webinar, i saw cm cream helps with pain? will that help my nerve pain?

Question : My friend was diagnose with kidney disease 4/2016 because her potassium was high. At the time and now she urinates on her own. She questions his diagnosis & progmosis. She's on 4 high blood pressure meds and insulin for diabetes. She wants to take ultimate daily but is concerned about the potassium I it. What do you recommend for her? She's 140 lbs, 57 years old

Question : Dr. G, what do you think about having amalgam fillings removed?  Also, what do you think about having root canals removed and if so, what would be a good replacement (implants, bridge, etc)? Thanks

Question : Testimonial:  I have been gluten free since May of last year. I am totally free of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which was wreaking havoc on my travels. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 

Question: Recently had dental work to put a crown on a molar. Since then my ringing in the ears has worsened. Have been on Joint and Body pack for 8 months. In reading Wallach’s book – Let’s play doctor he listed a variety of causes. I have had friends who got rid of tinnitus in a number of different ways. A friend got rid of parasites and the tinnitus cleared up. Another used a rifing machine and got rid of the ringing. Do you have any suggestions on treating this? I did get cranial sacral therapy done and getting another one in 1 month. No improvement from the cranial sacral therapy.

Question : Yo, Dr. G!  I've got a client - female in her late 70's with Polymyalgia rheumatic and colon polyps.  What do you recommend, especially for the polyps?  She's 5'4" 140 lbs.

Question : Hi Dr. G. Have a friend who's on the Healthy Bone & Joint Pack, Zradical and D-Stress. She's been on this protocol for 20 months. She had an arthritic knee, torn ligament and both have repaired but now, she has a debilitating pain that migrates from her ankle and foot to her sholder or her back and back again and right now it's in her lower back. What is happening to her and what can she do? Friend missed her period for 2 months. Not any chance of pregnancy. She's 19 yrs.old. She's on Beyond Tangy but doesn't take it regularly yet. What might be going on?

Question : Hello!  Do broths and veggie drinks, when consumed with a meal have the same impact on the digestive system as water?  In other words, is it advisable to consume these liquids at least one half hour before or after eating a meal?  Also, When veins and/or blood vessels in the hands and arms are extremely noticeable, is this normal? Thanks! If you have time I have another question.  If a black light reveals parasites or fungus (primarily affecting the legs) what would be a recommended treatment?  Thanks again Dr. G!

Question : or at least 3 weeks I woke up at 3-4 am. Thyroid blood test came back as TSH .192 from a previous .567 (they will let me test the free T3 and T4, but won't go by it). So dropped my Armour thyroid med from 75 mg to 60 mg. The day I took the lower dose, that night I woke up at the same time with extreme dizziness. The next two nights even worse to full spinning of room and nausea to the point of vomiting. Help! I take the HBP to weight, plus Gluco-gel, selenium, Immortalium, Synaptive, D-stress

Women's Hormonal Balancer, Flora, Sweet-eze, and Good Herbs Hypothalamus and Adrenal Support. I am strict about gluten free and the 12 bad foods. Dizziness gets better during the day. I am dreading tonight......

r. Glidden you helped my tall beautiful blondedaughter with her PCOS when you talked to her in the Starbuck's coffee line in Anaheim. Completely resolved!!! Boat-cher- I married into it... I was an easily pronounced SMITH

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I have been gluten free for 6 months and avoiding all 12 bad foods! I am on the healthy start pak for 6 months. Plus I take a selenium twice a dayto help with healing. I also take 4 gluco gels twice a day to help with the bone cracking and popping that I have. I am in great health except for that popping. Is there anything else I can do? thanks!

Question : Hi Dr. G. As a person begins to get active again, do you think walking is the best place to start?  Thanks Oh and Dr. G. how long is Homeopathic medicine good for, (does it expire)

Question : Happy President's Day from San Diego! I have two questions for friends who are on the products but wanting more targeted strategy. One is dentist who is being pushed towards hip replacement, has 3 stints placed recently, high cholesterol and asthma/allergies.not sure which. He weighs 185. The other is a woman who has lupus and was undergoing chemo treatment for lupus and now has developed some sort of herpes virus (getting this indirectly)...any suggestions? Thank you for your assistance.

Question : Hi Dr Glidden. Just want to sayi am learnning a lot from your webinars. Learned more in last couple of months then i even knew about health  

Would like to ask about hiatal hernia and ulcer in stomach, how to deal with it?

Also, would like to ask about my mum. She has a numbness feeling in her feet and coming up to her legs for 2 years. She had lots of tests done to find out what cause it but doctors did not find anything.. what could be the cause of it and what would be a recommendation for her?

Question : Have a friend who has regular bladder infections, doctors are concerned about high protein in her urine?  Also the research on Nicotinamide Riboside in combination with pterostilbene is showing amazing results in mitochondria growth and muscle regeneration. That is the Elysium product I mentioned a few weeks back.....would love to hear your thoughts on this, or even just pass it on, maybe it could be helpful   Thanks again for everything, love what you're doing. ps. We can't get that product in Canada yet, but I found other companies that sell them separately.  Last thing, Canada isn't allowing 4 bottles of selenium anymore, they will only allow 3 across border, what gives eh.

Question : Is keto diet ok with chronic kidney disease?