Health Q&A: February 27, 2017

Question : Dr G, I've been using spearmint oil and stevia to flavor my water and was wondering if a few drops of this oil is safe to use even though it says its oil.  Also, is it safe to consume food and drink with propylene glycol in it?

Question : Hi Dr. G! I asked you about my son with the very dry scalp and salmon patch birthmark a couple weeks ago. I think there was a misunderstanding, you gave the recommendation for a 13 yr old but he's only 3 months old. Do I still give 1 Tbsp mesocopper & 1 Projoba omega each 3X a day or does this need to be adjusted? just wanted to double check before I gave him anything. Thanks so much!

Question : Need parasite test from Doctor's Data for friends.  How do we get if need you to order?  Family of 6 people want kits run.

Best protocol for Psoriatic Arthritis female 29yo on Methyltrexate and Embrel:(  what to do for adult hockey player with multiple concussions resulting in debilitating headaches. My question about nosebleeds and avocado allergy did not get recorded 2 weeks ago so asking again bc I did not listen live...Nosebleeds for late 60s female.  Been taking btt 2.0 and osteo fx but n Notgetting full dose per body weight.  Said she doesn't have a gluten issue and I explained she has an absorption issue if she consumes gluten.  Told to double up on osteo and she said has helped nose bleeds.  Just wanted your thoughts.  Also, male 33 yrs, developed avocado allergy last year and tongue swells.  I know you have said can reverse food allergies but wanted your thoughts.  Does not take the products at this time and is not gluten free. Rotator cuff tear?

Question : Dr. G, 12yr old daughter, 170 lbs. off 12 bad foods 2yrs. Diagn.Type1 Diab. 9/16/16. Adjusted Youngevity after diagnosis per your direction. Currently on BTT 2.0, 2btl Projoba, 2btl SwtEze, 2btl PDMinerals, 1btl Selen. 1btl OsteoFx all per/mo. On Levemir (Long acting) & Humalog. Last 2wks blood glucose rises into 300’s whether she consumes carbs or not. Assuming liver producing excessive sugar. Endocrinologist says hormones a factor (puberty). Suggestion? (XeraFem, Glucogenix?) Not on metformin.

Question : Hi Dr. G. Spent 8 days with my sister in Tucson, did some walking, shopping, lifted 5# weights and other activities I normally don’t do and after day 3 began having irregular HB again.  Bummer….lastedthe rest of the trip and it’s really uncomfortable trying to have fun when that’s going on – suggestions besides get a chiro fix?  Used CM cream and ice but just didn’t much unless I sat completely still.  Thanks Dr. G.

Question : Dr Glidden I have two questions.  I am taking sweet eze, 3 at each meal, for my type 2 diabetes. (Insulin dependent), 30 units per day.   Should I switch to the proline glucgenix?  What is the recommendation   2. What is the difference between Gluco gel tables and gluco gel liquid.   What problems should a person select the liquid and tables?  180lbs male

Question : Fed Ex has been delivering to Canada for almost a year now and the service is way faster than UPS, but someone mentioned to me today that Fed-ex uses “Mail Irradiation” process (which UPS doesn’t apparently) in which it passes mail through a high-energy beam of electrons or x-rays. It delivers a radiation dose that is approximately 2 million times stronger than a chest x-ray. Some other doctor that sells nutrition says this process damages the nutrition in the products and is why he only uses... UPS. Does this make any sense to you and would it harm our Youngevity products? Thank you!

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. I posed this question on 2/15, but I think there were technical difficulties and I never heard your answer. Don't see the recording on your site, either.  Question: Mom and adult daughter with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - fainting and seizures from neurocardiogenic syncope, myopia, hypermobility,  low BP, blood pools in legs and hard to get it to heart, dehydrate easily, kidney stones. I'd like to help my friends overcome this issue. As always, thanks for your help!!

Hey Dr. G...I've heard you talk about this but I can't seem to find it. What is the cause of frequent urination at night. He says he has the urge to go like crazy but then there isn't much there. Not a flow issue but just not much quantity. What is the cause of migraine headaches? 

I have an another guy who is type two diabetic. He's been on the following the Youngevity protocol for about three weeks. He is off his medication and he says his blood sugar is lower than it has been in 15 years. This stuff is awesome! This is not the only success that I have seen either. Actually, thus far I have had no one that hasn't had dramatic improvement. My question is, once he has his blood sugar under control, will he just be able to take the 90 for life? I remember you saying that you need chromium and vanadium to maintain your blood sugar but the 90 only has chromium. Is that enough? Is there vanadium in the plant minerals? Thanks so much Doc...your the best!

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, what is the difference between a thyroid and a para-thyroid? The function! By the way, I saw your recent video about the conference in Orlando. I requested the days off at work to go, pending approval.

Question : 12 year old with digestion issues. From Barbie.

Question : My friend Lydia is here listening in tonight. Has h-pylori, acid reflux, gluten and lactose intolerance,colitis. Wants to know if there's any benefit in taking potassium iodide and fennel tea in addition to the H.Dig. Pack & 4 killer biotic cap's per day? Could you explain h-pylori and why your protocols are better than prescribed med's and drugs from the Allopathic M.D.'s.

Question : My friend Jennifer has sinus polyps.  She had surgery a couple of years ago to remove the polyps in her nose but they came right back.Surgeon  said she was willing to remove them again. What can she do other than surgery. Is taking H.Digestive  Pack and Bone Building as she doesn't like the taste of Also, have 31 year old male with very high iron levels. What causes high iron and what should he do for it? Thanks so much. Love the way you explain things for our guests.

Question : My son in law has been gluten free for 5 weeks, has lost weight, but is experiencing high BP, tinnitus, racing heart, lots of anxiety and panic. He may have Aspergers, but that's a long standing issue. My husband has a St Judes heart valve and takes Warfarin, his INR was 1.4 last week and he is afraid the vitamins and minerals are counteracting the Warfarin. What can we do? I forgot to mention about my son in law, his stomach feels "raw" and pain radiating to his back

Question : Hi doctor! what do you think of CBD oil? Also, any natural pain killers like advil? Im taking advil for my nerve pain but messing up my stomach. Also, i have an uncle 67 1 kidney, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, history of prostate and pancreas cancer. Cancer is gone. Doctors day his pancreas is inflammed. high lipase. he takes alot of medication. recently went to hospital for high blood pressure. What do u recommend? THANk YOU!! is thyroid hereditary?

Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, I am learning so much from your site and appreciate all the great information form you life's work!  My daughter who is 39 and I both see an N.D. locally here in San Diego. Recently her blood marker Interleuken 17a was moving up to 2.8 and now three months late is is 3.5 .. Guess there is some concern about various issues this maker measures but no suggestions on what to do or what it all means. Any suggestions as they want to bring her in for an RA test..guessing that. Are we only permitted one question per Q&A? I'm wanting to know how to make sure people get our link when we share and is there some way to send it from our email address instead f World Press so that it doesn't go into spam, etc? :ove Jib Jab !!

Question : Is eating organic gluten free oats ok or does it damage the gut? Have you had any experience with the homeopathic remedy of hypericum for nerve damage. I may opt for this approach as I have had trauma to a tooth and want to repair damage done. Just a note - when I get afib symptoms I do deep breathing exercises and they symptoms go away.

Question : 90 y.o. fe on YGY for 2 yrs. Weaned self off 6 meds – and 12 physical complaints resolved incl. hi BP, restless legs, heartburn. But now has ‘falling bladder’ Had cystocele repair in past. Has pelvic pressure +stabbing pain at times w/lying+ sitting. No pain when stands. Add gluco-gel+ bone broth protein? Is a pelvic exam advisable?

Question : Hey Dr. G, it's Trevor from Winnipeg. I have a friend who had her Gall Bladder taken out a couple of weeks ago. She had been having back pains for awhile and when she got checked out her Dr. said that her Gall Bladder was full of stones. Since the surgery she got checked again and they had to do another surgery to repair a leaking Bile and bleeding liver. What would you suggest? Know another lady who had her Gall Bladder taken out because of constant Acid reflux. She also said her liver keeps acting up from time to time. She also has bone on bone arthritis. This same lady has a daughter who drowned back in 1996 and was without oxygen for about 8 minutes. This caused a lot of damage to organs and brain. She is 34 years old now and is like an infant. She only eats pureed food. Anything that could help her improve? Another man I know has type 2 diabetes. Over a year ago he has not driven his car or worked outside his home. His symptons are dissyness and stomach sickness. The stomach sickness has subsided lately. The worst is when he lays down and goes to get up he gets really dizzy and the same when he turns his head really quickly. It has lasted as long as 5 mins and as short as 5 seconds. The girl that drowned has cramps in her legs and is on seizure disorder medication - Carbamazepine Keep up the good work!!

Question : 90 y.o. fe on YGY for 2 yrs. Weaned self off 6 meds – and 12 physical complaints resolved incl. hi BP, restless legs, heartburn. But now has ‘falling bladder’ Had cystocele repair in past. Has pelvic pressure +stabbing pain at times w/lying+ sitting. No pain when stands. Add gluco-gel+ bone broth protein? Is a pelvic exam advisable?

hi dr. Gdo you recommendkiller biotic for rhumatoid arthritusor mino0cycline?  how do you know if it works   thanks

Question : Hello ,fearless leader,I am Clayton from Bennie Simmons group. I had surgery (prostate) about a year ago and right after the surgery I had difficulty withdiscomfort in left lungs. Approx. a year later I was diagnosed with Congested heart failure and fluid in the lungs. I didn't have this problem before surgery. I am takingAnti-ageing Healthy Start ,Daily,Selenium ,HGH, Sweet Eze, Enzymes, ,Prost Fx, extra Calcium and minerals and D-stress. i am currently 205pds, 6ftAnything else?