Health Q&A: March 1, 2017

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I’ve struggled with kidney issues for years or so I thought.  I tried to take the ultimate daily classic, yet even just a third of a tablet made me jittery & nervous with flushing.  I just couldn’t take it & had to stop.  Anyhow, the long story short is 5 weeks ago I started to take 6 Oceans Gold/day for hypothyroidism.  Strangely enough I retried taking the ultimate daily classic & I’m now able to take 3 tablets a day with NO symptoms whatsoever!!!  I’m happy but also curious as to connection the Oceans Gold might be playing with the ultimate daily classic?  I can assure you that I could in no way handle 3 tablets a day let alone a 3rd of one prior to switching my thyroid support.   Also, how long should one normally take the ultimate daily classic as it’s my understanding that it’s ideal for cleaning out the renal valves.  Thank YOU!!!!!!! 

Question : A few of my friends have offered to give me their written health testimonials after using YGY products.  What do I need to know about the ‘legal’ part of their written testimonials - can I include a page of written testimonials in the information that I give to others?

Question : I have a type 2 diabetic patient who has been on the nutrients for 90 days now and he is taking his dosage perfectly as I prescribed... he weighs 200lbs and I have him on:  1 Liquid Minerals dose per day, 1 Tangy Tangerine Tablets dose per day, 2 doses of sweeteze 15 minutes before a meal and 6 EFA's per day... he reduced his own medication from the MD and we got his blood sugar down from 200+ to about 130 for a while, but it has since spiked back up and remained around 170 for the past month...

Question : Hello Dr. G,   Previously you informed us that you expect to be on Sweet Eze for life.  How do you determine how many capsules to use on a given day?  If one occasionally eats a meal with foods that will definitely spike the blood sugar level, is it prudent to temporarily take more; likewise should less be taken when meals are consumed with low carbohydrates/sugar content?  If so, for how many days does one increase or decrease dosage? Thanks

Question : I have mitral valve prolapse and MTHFR. What should I be doing/taking for these specific issues? Thank you

Question : Hi there doc. Which product is best for circulation: the good herbs circulation support or the proline ultimate daily capsule? Likewise which is better for blood sugar problems or diabetes type 2: sweet Eze or glycogenix by Proline? Is Proline a product by Youngevity? Also what is Frank type 2? Is it type 2 diabetes?

Question : Hello Doc.  Thank you for your commitmentineducating all of us in how to handle our every day health practice.  My friend and myself cant thank you enough. One of my friend have a question.27 year old female in good health, she has a ganglion cyst on her index finger. She had it surgically removed. Now it's back again in the same spot (where the finger meets the hand)She takes all the basic youngevity supplements and doesn't eat the 12 bad foods. Do you know what causes it and any suggestions

Question : Hey Doc, i got 2 questions. 1.whatsupplements are good for a somebody who has walking pneumonia? 2. what is your take on the health info products sold on the clickbank platform?

Question : Possible hernia. Currently taking Healthy Start Pak, plus Gluco_Gel. Can push in the am assuming that is what the problem is. Nice to be back. did not know that Gluco Gel was recommended at one capsule per 10 pounds. Thanks No relation.

Question : I heard you say that someone who is fasting should take their selenium between the "meals" (you were joking) but that made me wonder if there's a problem with me taking my selenium (and everything else) WITH meals. Is there anything that I should NOT take with food? I use the food to get it down because I have a strong gag reflex. Thanks.

Question : instruction for possible prepared detox regimen. PART 1 of 2: 12yr old daughter, 170 lbs. Off 12 bad foods 2yrs. On Young. supplements 1yr. Diagn.Type1 Diab. 9/16/16. Adjusted Suppl. after diagnosis per your direction. On BTT 2.0, 2btl Projoba, 2btl SwtEze, 2btl PDMinerals, 1btl Selen. 1btl OsteoFx all per/mo. On Levemir&Humalog. No bad food cheating. Cont’d > PART 2: Last 2wks blood glucose rises into 300’s whether she consumes carbs or not. 1yr ago 250lbs, hungry often. Put on diet & lost 100lbs in 8/mons then diagn. diabetic. We now know diabetes contributed to wt loss. Gained back to 170lbs since diagn. Still hungry often. Suspect she has not recovered from digestive system damage (gluten) caused prior to getting off bad foods. Suggestion?

Question : My wife age 53 weight 130 LB have high blood pressure 159 / 97 on the average, she also have thyroid nodules, low energy/ tiredness all day even after good night sleep. Been taking the following YG products for the last 2 yrs or so: Beyond Osteo fx Liquid 3 oz / day, Ultimate Ocean’s Gold 2 / day, Ultimate EFA Plus 3 /day, Ultimate D-Stress 2 / day, BBT 2.0 daily and Selenium 3/day with no changes. She's not 100% on the GF/BF list yet. If on budget what's the best to go with?

Question : HOWDY DR.G! Your thoughts on the trainer Bob Harper on the show"Biggest Loser" having a heart attack? Bob is super fit and by the book kind a guy. Are you OK with me telling him to get in contact you?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, Can you give us detail about the conscience conference happening in Orlando FL?