Health Q&A: March 27, 2017

Question : Dr. G, to what degree can our thinking influence our health? For example, if someone has asthma (which we know is an EFA/Selenium deficiency), could someone change their thinking and cure their asthma without supplementation? In other words, can our thoughts cause or cure disease? P.S I think the perfect time to start a Youngevity business is when Obamacare explodes in the future!"

Question : Dr. Glidden What can I do about food allergies.  180lbs male.  Allergy to maci plus, Tangy.

Question : Hi there doc. I need some clarification. You advised that a deficiency in chromium and vanadium causes diabetes. However I was alsotold that a fatty pancreas also contributes to diabetes. How does a fatty pancreas relates to diabetes and what suggestions do you have in treating a fatty pancreas? Also what role does collagen protein play in the diet. Is it necessary for a healthy body?

Question : Thank you so much Dr. G for all you do!!  It is life changing having access to you during the Q&As and through your webinars!!!  Rotator cuff tear support?  Not fully torn and no surgery.  Any chance you will do a webinar on connective tissue support separate from the Bone/Joint one?  Do you recommend the BoneBroth product for the added collagen/fermented VIT D in addition to the 90? is chelation good idea after Breast MRI for mass in breast?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, My name is Drew. I am a 55 year old man. I recently had some blood work done and I am comparing my numbers from this year to last years. I wanted to know your opinion on if my numbers are where they should be or if they are outside what they should be. I know that the “medical doctors” have an opinion on what cholesterol and blood pressure numbers “should be and I also know that they really don’t know what they are talking about so I am trying to gauge if I am where I should be with my cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

  • This year:
  • Total Cholesterol: 274
  • LDL: 187
  • Cholesterol / HDL: 5.3
  • HDL: 52
  • Triglycerides: 176
  • Blood Pressure 118/87, 116/89, 118/87
  • Last Year
  • LDL: 185
  • Cholesterol / HDL: 5.7
  • HDL: 45
  • Triglycerides: 139
  • Blood Pressure: 113/84, 113/84, 113/84

 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I asked a question in the chatroom recently about how I can reduce the two insulins for diabetes that I have been having to take. I’m taking what you recommended: ultimate classics, sweet eze, osteo fx, plant derived minerals, projoba omega. Tonight I am hoping you can help with an issue I am having. I cut my foot removing a callus and it is not healing and has become 2 wounds instead of one. I was wondering what I can do to help it heal. Is the homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana something that would be helpful in this situation?

Question : pregnant sister concerned with ginseng in sweeteze, why is obgyn wrong? myself for dupuytrens retracture, cm cream trauma eo, 16 gluco gel caps, 8 projoba omega, btt osteo fx 150lbs, plateu after a year. want to add on either good herbs or biometics flex which do you recommend? can you recommend a ND in CA north sf bay?anything unsafe in the glucogenix for a pregnant woman?

Question : Hi Dr. G.  hope youare feelingbetter.  How long do Ihave to wait until I can start taking good herbs bone and joint again,  after 6 months of taking it?  Also what is your thoughts about Protandim?  Sorry I have to get up early for work tomorrow.  I will watch this tomorrow when I get home. 

Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, Hopefully you use homeopathy therapies to get rid of last weeks bug! I just learned that the doctor attending my wife is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, not an Ayurveda. After the Barium Enema the results read as follow: Highly redundant with no obstructing mass is identified. A few small diverticula were identified in the sigmoid colon and left sided descending colon. She is 50 y/o 180 lbs, 5'4". My wife is actually listening for your suggestion tonight!

Question : YOYO Dr G. what would you suggest for a gluten intolerant induces hives/rash in a 5 year old for homeopathic treatment?

For Mireya, Hi Dr Glidden.I found you on Youtube and love your information. My 34 year old daughter deals withwith depression and low energy. She is over weight and shortly after she eats a meal she gets very tired, and gets hungry again. She has a very hard time concentrating at work and focusing at tasks on hand. Please let me know what she needs to do and what products to take to get better.

For Nicole, Hi Dr. G I have been getting a rash around my mouth and chin for years. It’s itchy, red and sore. I am gluten free and take the 90.I have also taken the Lachesis Mutus30 ch. That did not seem to help. Is there another homeopathic remedy I could try. Thanks

Question : Should I download the pictures you requested me to download last June? They were from my colonic. You wanted me to download them the next time I was on a computer that could handle the live Q&A. This is indeed my first chance since then and for that I apologize. We can thank the Portland Road Show for facilitating this opportunity.

Question : Hi Dr G, 2 protocols needed. Both committed, No 12's. 1. 76yo female, 154lbs, diabetes diag w/ diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. Swelling hands/ wrist & right knee, left, swelling hand/wrist, periodic fingertip pain. Protocol? (not great w lots of tablets to swallow, can they be ground & mixed?)  2. 75yo male, 208lbs., exerc daily, 8 yrs prostate cancer diag (psa from a high of almost 5k (7 yrs ago) to 14 currently.) Lupron shots + Xtandi (enzalutamide) 3 years wants OFF pharma. Protocol? Thx Btw, hope you're feeling much better!

Question : Here's an awesome discovery I just made!  The Osteo powder blends beautifully with yogurt!  I used full fat plain yogurt with a touch of oj for absorption and it tastes better than you'd think.  No clumps whatsoever & it actually tastes like a desert(-:  Also, I'm almost finished my testimonial & you'll get it by tomorrow.  I wanted to it to be as good as my recovery(-:  Thank YOU so much!!!!!!!!! If you don't need as much of the Flexicare plus as the gluco gel, what's the dosage for weight?  I'm going to try it. If you redo your webinars with shorter one's, that's awesome but please keep the original ones too.  

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, My GP is getting ready to remove my gallbladder in a couple of months. I am taking Beyond Healthy Tangerine, Liver and Gallbladder Health, Selenium, Enzymes, EFA and beyond Osteo - FX. I want to know if anything can dissolve the stones. I guess I have a quite large one and the concern is that I could get sepsis. I don't know wheather to go ahead with surgery or not.

Question : Wonder why there is soy in the projoba omega.  Is this a problem?

Question : I have taken all the goodies you told me but my legs still feel so weak. I am still forgetful but we notice at times things are getting better very slowly. How slow does "IT" have to be ?God willing and the Creek Indians don't rise.

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, was on last Monday for the first time, and asked about many of my health issues. i am going to be 60 this year, weight 155, and i had mentioned about having severe osteoarthritis. iI am bone on bone on the R knee, it has reshaped itself so I have the upper part of my leg going inwards, while the lower part of my leg goes outward, looks quite deformed on the xrays. Will I be able to regrow cartilage if I have none there at all by taking these youngevity products? Also, can you tell me the difference between absorption of ionic minerals verses collodial minerals. Ionic claims to pass into the cell walls because they are so smaller than collodial. what is your expertise on this? another question, hot flashes, post menopause, still have thenhow do I get rid off them without bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? Wheat grass, barley grass, can you explain why these and other like these are not gluten free.

Question : is krill oil ok to take instead of EFA. Thank's your advice on pre and post operation reg, worked great, nurses and Doc said never saw anyone recover like I have.

Question : Hi Dr. G. – Hope you are feeling better.  My irregular HB is everyday all day and only sometimes it gets in the 80’s so I am just sort of going with it.  I use the CM cream all day (to keep moving) and apply ice at night.  Should I get a different Clavatum? (133/90 73 irregular hb testing at noon) Thanks

Question : Good Herbs - Olive leafis great for the throat. My Calcium Score is above 1500.  Heart Dr wanted me on Statin - I said NO - Dr said do not come back.   Told it can not be treated.  Will NEVER go down.   Caution?  Dangers? Treatment?   Ideas please.  On 90 since 11/ 15

Question : I am going to be taking care of my brother who yesterday had a triple by pass - open heart surgery, I ordered Tangy Tangerine, Beyone Osteo Fx, Selenium, ZRadical to arrive when I get there to take care of him for the first 14 day 24/7 care. Anything else you can recommend for this big process I will be in to help him. he is 64, did a stress test after feeling a little short of breath. then found out he was 80 - 90 % blocked in 3 arteries