Health Q&A: March 29, 2017

Question : Dr. G. how much caffeine can one consume daily without having any negative effects? Also, can you explain how the body absorbs plain sugar compared to fruit sugars?  Thank you.

Question : Hi Dr. G!  I want to thank you for your advice awhile back regarding my gut issues.  I’m still on the Maqui+ & Flora FX, and have been steadily improving.  I had another question – when my gut issues were at their worst I was having a lot of heart palpitations, fast heart rate, chest pain & hot flashes; while I still experience these symptoms they are way less frequent and not as severe, but something I thought odd was that they are relieved by flatulence. What could be causing this?  Is it possible the vagus nerve is in play?  Thanks again! You’re awesome!

Question : Hi Dr. G,  Do you know any potential causes of a ganglion cyst on the wrist?  Besides having it surgically removed, are there any recommended remedies that will decrease inflammation, shrink it and/or permanently eliminate it?  Thanks!

Question : If my AST and ALT numbers are well within normal range, what number would my cholesterol have to be, before I should get concerned?

Question : Hi Doc, hope ur back to 100%! Wrote on Monday --u didn't understand "12 no's*" -- aka ur 12 foods to avoid . Clarification please.  The 75 yo male, 8yr prostate cancer diag, 5k to 14 psa, NO 12 no's*, on Lupron shots and Xtandi(enzalutamide ) wants to know, following your advised protocol,  will his body be returned to normal so he can quit all Pharmaceuticals, and how long do you think that will be? He is in the money machine paying $10,000 a month right now and can't keep it up. 

Question : Hi Dr G.  It is good to see that you have recovered quickly from the cold / flue that you had last week.  I was looking for your thoughts on the use of black mica for water treatment.  If you are not up on this, I could send a link so that you can review the information if you like..  Cheers.

Question : some feed back, 2 tabs of glucogenix had a better effect on me than 8 sweeteze i really like it. what are your thoughts on rev i wasnt a fan of asap, didnt really do anything for my father when i tried it on him. my parents are moving to ca soon and i want them to have a ND for a primary care physician, tips for find a good ND and not a green allopath

Question : There are two supplements on the market, Turmeric and Curcumin.  What is the difference or is there a difference between the two supplements since Curcumin comes from Turmeric?  Do they have different or same benefits?

Question : Hi Dr. G, with my liver issue I am on a high alkaline diet, when searching the net I get many different versions, some allow chicken and fish others say just fruit and vegetables, I don't wantset backs with food I eat what is your take on this diet?   Also I'm very interested in the cannabis oil?  I added essiac caps to the protocol you gave me will that mess anything up?  Thanks Nancy

Question : Hi Dr. G!  I have shingles in my mouth. Have been gargling colloidal silver (Youngevity). I am taking a prescription of Acyclovir 400 mg. Sores are still there - it has been two weeks (four days on prescription). Any other suggestions of what I can do? Thank you!

Question : Hello Doctor Glidden, You sound much better today, I'm glad you are keeping your kidneys in your body tonight!  I wanted to ask you last week, Which Good Herbs product did you ran out of that you got that cold? I have a flyer on hand that Dr. Wallach will be in West Palm Beach this weekend at the convention center. He is a speaker for the Natural Health & Enlightenment presentation. I requested the day off to go meet him. Do you think that if I bring my book "The Preppers Survival Bible" would he sign it for me?

Question : Hey DR. Glidden, thanks for what you are doing for healthcare!!  have you heard about PEO's (parent Essential Oils) dr. brian Peskin and Robert Rowen wrote a book about the PEO solution, claiming that any fish oils de-oxygenate the cells, and plant oils do not. What is your wisdom on this? Ever hear of hydrosol silver bonded with oxygen, have used it to fix many issues, flu, bacteria, etc. I hear you recommending colloidal silver, just looking for your viewpoint. Placenta pervia, how to fix?

Question : Hi Doc, With all due respect you sound as bad as me . So what do we do?  Cough, clear sputum, stuffed nose bla,bla bla.  Been taking mighty ninety, killer biotic, pollen burst etc.  Been in Laughlin Nevada and did not do well at the games .  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I know it will run the course but??? Thanks and I hope you are feeling better too!!

Question : Is it possible to tell us what is in your tonic?  Shhh - NSF = Contents tested and certified - in circle. You said Cal Toddy for my Calcium Score - What about Cal- Mag?

Question : Andrew my friend has continuous pain in shin and calf muscles, 56 yrs old.

Question : are there any other homeopathic remedies to try when going thru separation?  thanks

Question : My friend has a conditioncalled: Adenomyosis. Symptoms: HEAVY bleeding, cramping and clots and long periods. What should she take? If a person urinates on their own should they be on dialysis ?

Question : Is Argentine 23 based on a saline solution?