Health Q&A: March 6, 2017

Question : Hey Doc...what can be done for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The man is 83 years old and has lost a third of his lung capacity. His doctor told him they don't know the cause and there is no cure. He gave him 3-5 years with the use of some drug which he had a limited window of time within which he had to start using it. He missed that window and now has much less time. I hoping you can prove the md's wrong as usual. Thanks Dr. G

Question : Dr G, why is it that if you cut your hair off its grows back but if you cut your finger off it doesn't? Are there certain biochemicals that are missing in the human body that makes it unable to regenerate limbs or certain organs?

Question : Hi Dr. G.  I got your email today, thank you.  Should I just take 2 pellets – as the HB is now back to normal?  I went for a chiro treatment and was sore as ever for about the whole week, but then the

irregular HB that I had for two weeks just stopped - yesterday.  I would like to know if this happens again should I just continue with my plans and soldier thru or sit back and relax until it’s over?  Thanks for all you do!!!

Question : Hey Doc, There is a lady I know who is 65, 104lbs. Her problems are digestion, bloating and gas, 2 arthritic fingers, sore knees and Osteoporosis. She still has hot flashes and has recently developed an eye floater for the first time.


Question : Aloha Dr. G, When you are ready for sunshine come on over.   My husband is 70 yrs, old and been on HBSP and products for bones & joints and heart health for almost 2 years.  He has been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue -- looking forward to the Wednesday webinar.  But how does this condition even develop?  ND is doing hydrogen peroxide and ozone IV therapy that is supposed to boost recovery.  What's your take on these therapies. ND is also suggesting stronger herbal supplementation that what is in Good Herbs.

Question : Question to follow: Hello Dr. Glidden, I just had my daughter diagnosed by an ND with stones in her tonsules or tonsilloliths which she said was a formation of calcium.  That automatically leads me to believe she’s calcium deficient at 11 years of age?  Funny enough, when I picked her up she was complaining that her left eye was twitching all day long & she couldn’t concentrate.  I could actually see it for myself.  Both symptoms became evident over the past few days.  Is this a calcium deficiency?  I actually saw the stones myself.  

To start, she gave her a homeopathic formulation with the following: Baptisia Dil. D1- 1g, Mercurius cyanatus Dil. D8- 4g, Ammonium bromatum Dil. D4- 1 g, Potassium bichromicum Dil. D4-1 g, Potassium chloratum Dil. D2-1 g, Apisinum Dil. D6-2 g.  Thoughts?  Thank YOU!!! She also looked at Youngevity supplements favorably.

Question : 67 y.o. fe w/Crohns. Pain at navel area lasting 12 hrs then bloated for 2-3 days. Chronic diarrhea. h/o hysterectomy, GB removed, 70% large intestine removed 1983. Meds: Imuran, Celebrex, Imodium, hormone patch, Vit D Rx once/week. Omeprazole, Remecade infusion every 6 weeks. Recently met w/dietician, was told can have green beans, chicken, rice, wheat toast, p. butter, bananas, canned fruit, yogurt. Lost 8 pounds + is miserable.  She can join us next week for live chat.  Best protocol?

Question : Hey Dr.PG! wondering if you looked into Nicotinamide Riboside yet? Added that to dads supplement diet, he goes for another MUGA test for his heart soon, we'll give a testimonial when the results are in. He's now been a year drug free (other than the blood thinner plavex) feels like he's in his 20's again . Thanks to you and Youngevity. Be well. lol Elysium basis was the brand nicotinamide riboside is whats in the product

Question : Hey Doc, If I remember correctly, the way to get rid of moles is a combo of collodoial silver and selenium, is that right? I have one on my neck I want to get rid of.  Thanks! Also, are there any guidelines for the My Remarkable Cure story or just write as much as you want?

Question : Hello Doc what can be done to help a patient with a stroke from 6 years ago. Left side deficit.

Question : What regiment for hat for the person tat is not taking HIV drugs at all. Is our body capable to eradicate this despise with the right support? What is the regiment for someone on HIV med Strybild? Can this virus be eradicated with the right support?

Question : Did you hear about the Amish man in jail for selling a salve that he has been making for years. He could spend up to 65 years in prison. THe FDA is going hard and heavy on him. Very sad. Either in Kentucky or Tenn. Last name of Girod. Update, Sam Girod,  found guilty of conspiracy to impede and officer, obstruction of a proceeding before an agency, failing to register with the FDA, 8 counts of causing misbranded drugs. He was selling Chickweed Healing Salve.  Sentencing will be in June 

Question : Good Evening Dr. Glidden, hope all is well.  How would you deal with Silent Acid Reflux? What about AK/muscle testing for identifying adrenal issues or any issues?

Question : Does coffee inhibit nutrient absorption or weight loss? Are there any breads that are safe to eat? Is beef that's cooked in soup save to eat?

Question : Dr. G- A couple years ago I stopped birth control b/c I was concerned about the long-term implications it may be having on my system.  My past couple menstrual cycles have been pretty painful the first day. I woke up last night w/ bad cramps and then could barely function today (weakness).  I had diarrhea and can't keep food down. What are your thoughts about going back on BC to help regulate the cramping?   I am eating GF tomato soup and peppermint tea no. Do you have any other recommendations? BTW I'm 28 with no kids.

Question : Leon cancelled his show btw but still has other TV shows. I will let him know you would like to come back. So you would recommend gluco gel for Osteoporosis instead of the new Flexicare?

Question : Will sugar become the 13th bad food?

Question : Hello Dr Glidden, I am brand new to this program. I’m a 69 yo male, obese, insulin dependent diabetic. I’m on several DR prescribed meds, including Metformin, Lipitor, irbesartan, Lasix 40mg, lantus 60units, novolog 100u, senna-s, plus several supplements including: vital reds, active-pk, various essential oils, one qt beverage with apple cider vinegar, raw honey and water, plus 1 – 2 qts fresh water per day.  I recently ordered 1. Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak 2.0 and 1. Sweet EZE.  Is this OK

Question : What causes endometriosis. Also I know a young lady whose facial structure changed several times during her later teenage years. It was quite noticeable.  Could this be linked to a joint or bone structure problem?