Health Q&A: March 8, 2017

Question : Hey Doc...Monday night I asked you about the 83 year old man with the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. What exactly is it and what causes it so that I can explain that to him. Also, anyway of telling what his chances are of getting on the other side of this? 50/50? In the event that they can't afford everything that you recommended, (fixed income) do you have an order of importance or if they don't do everything is he wasting his time? Your recommendation was 2 Good Herbs Respiratory Support, 1 ultimate classic, 2 Plant minerals, 3 Projoba Omega, 4 Selenium and as much Zradical as he can afford. Thanks Doc and have a great vacation

Question : Can you please explain the use of Flexi-Care Plus and usual dose.

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I was wondering if you ever received that experimental bottle for hair loss. If so, how would I go about purchasing one. My hair loss has progressed since I spoke to you early February and It makes me nervous about the future.

Question : Hi Dr. G.  I ordered the new supplement along with the gluco gel, should I take them both or one at a time? I noticed the new supplement has vegetableoil, guess it's so little it doesn't matter right?

Question : Hi Dr. G, did you check on the eggs? Do they have more of the antioxidant components of omega 6? Does it have a balancing omega 3 content outside of the yoke? while I don't eat eggs, my wife does. 

Question : Doc G- I have a barely noticeable goiter, but hoping for it to not enlarge any farther. Also sub-clinically low thyroid. Im on "Glidden Healthy Start pak" with selenium, and oceans gold. Is 2 Oceans gold enough at 115 pounds body weight? How long should I stay on oceans gold to hopefully see improvement.  Also wondering why Sugar isn’t on the bad foods list..Thanks

Question : 9 months ago, two members of my family, (husband and wife,) were diagnosed as HIV+. They rantests and said she had an HIV resistant strain that was different than his, so they'd be on different meds. How is this possible if they've only been with each other (and I believe research says no known partner transmission?? Hewas prescribed Stribild + Smz Tmp Ds, she Tivicay + Descovy. He's been taking his, she won't because she's afraid when she starts on it she will not be able to g. Sorry, didn't know this was going to be about adrenals today…

Question : Hey Doc! I’ll be easy on you tonight lol. Got a testimonial for ya. Few weeks back I asked for advice for my nephew who was having seizures. At the time his Doctor diagnosed him with Epilepsy. I gave them some EFA’s, BTT and Cheri Mins and they got some herbs locally to help with digestion. They went completely off of gluten and he hasn’t had a seizure in 4 weeks. Their Sho-tai practitioner said that he had like a 2% chance of having another seizure. Thanks for all you do!

Question : Howdy Dr.G! Can you share how much of these herbs for adrenals one would need to take & for how long. Thanks! Hope you'll get well rested on you vacation 

Question : Hey Doc, are you going to still put together Homeopathic bugout kit to have on hand at home? We spoke about this after Thanksgiving last yr and you said you would. Thanks!

Question : Hi Dr. G.  A few weeks ago, you made a recommendation for a friend of mine who has oral cysts underneath molars in the back of his mouth.  One of the recommendations was homeopathicsilica for one week.  What is the strength and how many times a day does he need to do this.  Thanks.

Question : Hi doc. Addiction to sugar is a very powerful. How can you break free from it? Also what causes allergic reaction to ginger and pepper? What is causes plantar fascists? What is the remedy.  Thanks doc.

Question : Patiently with chronic pain, diagnosed as neuropathy? What is this disease? How do naturopaths treat the disease and the pain?

Question : Dr. G, what is your take on powder cellulose (wood pulp) in food such as grated cheese to prevent it from clumping in the package?

Question : Just rejoined as an advocate. Do you have any info on the new fitshake from youngevity

Question : Check out Protocel for HIV.  It can be only purchased from the Vitamin depot.  Do the research very interesting.

Question : Hi doc. Gerald Clayton again continuing about congestive heart failure.  I have been prescribed lisinopril, carvedilol,spironolactone,and digoxin and I don't want to take this poison.I have some hawthorn berry liquid extract and I am searching for anacupuncturist at this time. Any other helpful suggestions.

Question : Sorry Doc--follow up question. What is the recommendation for person that is on HIV drug? Stop it gradually , or start taking 90 essential nutrients etc and stop taking drugs immediately? Thanks

Question : I have been on 90 for life 3 weeks and now off BP meds forpass10 days,   thanks to you . I am 64 weigh 170 lbsandi have one kidney due to cancer tumorof otherkidney removed15 years ago . i am very active due to my profession outdoors but   worry about my kidney .  I wake up about twice at night to go to bathroom . What do you advise me to do with add on and amounts to take .

Question : Could you explain again when to take the liquid calcium and when to take the powder?