Health Q&A: April 17, 2017

Question:  2 - Plant Derived Minerals , 3 -  UltimateEFA Plus , 3 - Slender FXSweet EZE , 1 - Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 Liquid.      In the DVD’s you suggest this amount per 100# body weight, does that mean I should triple this order? Taking 36 sweet-eze per day, etc.

Question : My mother is 61 years old and in 2012 she had colon cancer metastatic to liver (well differentiated). She had total colectomy surgery, but unfortunately, they didn't see another one other small lesion in the liver, they made a mistake with vein. She had one chemotherapy in 2013 back home in Iran and she was fine until 2015 when a growing tumor showed up in liver and one in right pelvic. She came to Vancouver and she did chemotherapy twice and the tumor was controlled in 50% shrinkage... Doctor gave her 3 months’ break, but again tumor growing and pain on right leg because of pressure of tumor. Just found about you and would like to know what you recommend for her. Thank you!

Question : happy easter doc .Havea long question tonight its for my friend across the pond in the UK. He is doing dialysis and is using ultimate daily classic,selenium,niacin plus,heart support and healthy start pack 2.0. His BP is almost normal now but the doctors says his kidneys are not getting better, he have not seen his kidney function results for some time now (I keep asking him for them). they want to do EPO injections and also a drug by the name frusemide. I know its a lot to deal with from a distance but wants your opinion.

Question : Kia Ora Docgreetings from New Zealand! I'm asking for my grandpa, 76, living in Berlin. He has glaucoma surgery scheduled to take place in 3 weeks. He has no idea about YGY & 12 bad foods - yet. I watched your eye health webinar and Q&As, I understand which YGY&Good Herbs products to get, will also watch 'Seeing is Beliving'. What do they actually do for glaucoma surgery and what information about implications can I provide my grandpa with in order to gaintime?thank you so much!! My grandpa does not speak English, but I'll translate.

Question : Three things Doc. Three things Doc. First: I had the same cough infection as you 3 weeks ago, and despite taking Killer Biotics and Super Olive Health for 2 weeks, I couldn't get completely rid of the coughing. Mainly at bedtime, it increased. Then my wife followed a suggestion which came with the essential oil Myrrh, to mix with 1 Tablespoons carrier oil, 2-3 drops of Myrrh oil and 3 drops of the essential Lavender oil for a chest rub.

It worked wonder. Within minutes the coughing stopped and I could sleep through the night. After 3 time application, the cough is completely gone. Second: My wifewas Gluten free since we started Youngevity 2+ years ago, till she tried the Good Herbs (Hypothalamus Support, Adrenal Health etc.) Her question, it says in Supplement Facts: other Ingredients Ethyl Alcohol. Is this Ethyl Alcohol Gluten free? Because she has bad reactions as if I'd eat food that contains gluten. Third: How can a chiropractor diagnose the situation of the spine without X-Ray? Since Ultrasound doesn't show the bone structure would only MRI remain which they usually don't have? Thanks for your great teachings Harald & Christiane

Question : Good night doc I am pre diabetic and sometimes my feet and hands tingle. But something really strange happened. I ran a race with some friends and after running about 50 meters my feet buckled under me and I fell. it seemed like the blood was not flowing to my feet and I couldn't run anymore and my legs gave way. It was pretty scary. But I was able to get up and walk around afterwards.  I tried to run another race but my feet became very tired and sluggish. Seemed like I could not run too far. I need your help doc. I try to watch my diet but I am not very disciplined with that but I am. takingthe sweet eze. Also I have a teenaged son who is 26 and he is typically displaying all the signs ofhormonal changes. He can get moody at tomes and he also has slight acne. Is there anything that can be done about these changes? Or is normal for a teenager his age to have these changes. Thanks Sorry he is 16 years old.

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I'm heading on a big trip soon with my family and was wondering what you think would be good essentials to take...for jet lag, and breathing the same air of 500 other people for 14 hours? Haha.  Thanks!

Question : Ruby mom & Ben 20ish were diagnosed with Lymes 6 months ago. being treated Homiopathically - but still not out of the woods.  We have not introduced them to YGY.   BUT feel they are open to some additions. What start pak?  What Good Herbs?

Question : Hi Doc,  a friend was just diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.  I have my ideas, but wanted to confirm with you what the recommendation would be.

Question : Hi Dr Glidden. I constantly get this small red dots on my face and not sure if thatis acne..  Also my hands are always extremely dry and do get cracked and sore so I have to use moisturizes after every contact with water or if I don’t then my hands look like old woman’s hands ( I am 29 )  Appreciate your advice. i am off the 12 bad foods for 4 months.

Question : I met a lady, 50 y/o 5' 150 lbs. who was rear ended on a motor vehicle accident 3 years ago. She is on intermittent chronic pain, has visited chiropractors, MD's and Neurosurgeons. She already has gotten 3 epidermal injections and a blockage and is being evaluated for a cuaterization of a nerve. I need your translation to plain english but she was diagnosed with multilevel spondylosis pathology, calcific tendinopathy C-3-4, foraminal stenosis osteophyte C-5, continues bulging disc with protrusion C7-T1. Doctors want to do a spinal fusion! Can nutrition help her or would the surgery be necessary? Sorry for the long history! Your translation will help my medical lingo education!

Question : Hey Doc! Happy Easter. I have learned about rice converting to sugar and I was wondering if this could be a cause of the high rate of diabetes in places like Thailand? Thanks! I was talking to someone from Thailand and most families have at least one person with diabetes. Sorry wanted to clarify the no liquid Osteo for cancer? Same with the powder? Reason for this?

Question : Dr G- Is it ok to mix liquid gluco-gel, plant minerals, the Tangy, and osteo FX and take all together or better to take the liquid gluco gel later?   Thanks I do drink that twice a day and take selenium and projoba omega with it as well. Thinking about adding in imortalium as well.

Question : Is there anyway to get rid of bone growth in the joints of my hands from arthritis?

Question : Kids with excema on face.  Dr. says it will go away as they get bigger.  Older one is clear.  Younger still has it.  Shouldn't they be gluten free?

Question : Hey Doc!. Glad to see you are better.  So am I thanks to your good herb respiratory and olive leaf.  I will start them alot sooner next time.  Just dealing with the cough triggered from my throat.  had a visit to Kaiser today and they tell me I have blood pressure and sugar issues.  I will send results and chat on wednesday night.  thanks, Mike

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I watched your Youtube regarding helping someone with Bipolar Disorder and I followed the advice, purchased the 90 essential nutrients, and started it a few days ago.  I take Seroquel as monotherapy and it does feel like it's working stronger.  However, I feel a little tension or sensation in my head, which might be anxiety caused by the 90 essential nutrients. Is this possible? Maybe I'm wrong, but should I continue to take the 90 essential nutrients and is there any other advice you have? I am hoping what you're saying works and I can take less Seroquel. Also, why is dairy healthy and high cholesterol OK? I thought casein is bad. Have you read "The China Study"?

Question : Friend 73 was told by his Dr. that he has Drop Foot. Can anything help him?

Question : Hi, I got stung by a yellow jacket last night while sleeping!  I did it get in my house?  Anyway, I made baking soda paste, put it on the site, let it dry then took a credit card and scraped out the least I think i did.  It still hurts.  Never been stung before.  Is there anything else I should do?  Thanks.

Question : Hey Dr. G. – So blessed to know you, my irregular heartbeat is only SOMETIMES, did the lycopodium 2 times then the day before the 3rd dose I had a real bad session of irregular and high heart beat – did all the stuff and within 2 hours got it under control, still irregular but didn’t hurt so much. I didn’t do the 3rd dose was that the right choice? So Dr. G.  This journey of healing has been something special, one thing very important to say out loud “once you get all clean” the entire outside world seems REALLY dirty.  Almost wonder if it’s a good idea to stay just a tad dirty so smells and food isn’t such a big deal?   Thanks for all you do.

Question : hey dr. glidden, so have a 65 year old woman about 125 pounds 5ft 4inches tall, and has reflex sympathetic dystrophy, or complex regional pain syndrome, what will help her? she can olny stay awake about 6 hoursper day.

Question : Ive been having vertigo like i told you from our appointment. It been getting worse i feel. When i lay down and close my eyes i feel my body moving like a see-saw in cirucler motions. When my eyes are open i things move like a boat left to right andi get unbalance. Do you recommend me checking my eyes and ears? Also, i am waiting on my supplemts u asked me to get, but i didnt see blood sugar support. I am taking sweet eze 3 capsules 2 times day but i dont see it helping im 185. The unbalancess and vertigo gets worse as i am hungry. My left ears have been itching, and sometimes i get a high ring in it.