Health Q&A: April 19, 2017

Question : Dr G, does hydrogenated glucose syrups cause the same problems as hydrogenated fats (trans fat)?

Question : What products would help a 150 lb person with vitiligo?  They've had it for 35 years.  Thank you!

Question : What products would help a 150 lb person with vitiligo?  They've had it for 35 years.  Thank you!

Question : Hey Doc, I see Sanjeev is recommending a Ketogenic 30 day burst, on the Healthy Body Challenge site. Are you familiar with it and if so what is your take?

Question : Hi Dr. G., 24 yr old female, 5' 5 167lbs, all blood work in "normal range"; however last yr total cholesterol 159, just got this yr results down to 134 and it was marked as "LOW".  She is not a lover of eggs, but eats approximately 6 eggs per week, she eats a lot of cheese, some bacon, some red meat, a lot of chicken.  Any suggestions for increasing her cholesterol?

Hi Doc, short question tonight. Whats the difference between prebiotics and probiotics and what are there functions in the gut, thanks.

Question : Hey Doc, I have a person that I know that always has severe Eczema and migraines before a menstrual cycle for 1 – 2 weeks. She believes that she has APD (Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis). She also has bloating and feels like there is a lot of water in her stomach and intestine. Suggestions?

Question : Dr. G I have notice when I added beyond ostex FX and flex care plus to my ninety for life my blood pressure rises.  so I stopped the flex care and switch to the cal toddy and the pressure has started to come down.  Any ideas as to which one cause the blood pressure to rise

Question : What causes trigger finger and is there anything other than surgery that can be done for it?

Question :  Xanthan gum - in lots of our powder and liquid.  I seem ( lots of trial and trial) start & stop - symptoms come and go.   Lots of leaking and tooting - has not been manageable. Any product "gum" free does not bother me I don't think you even need to answer my GUM concern.   I guess just do NOT know HOW to cover the 90 and stay away from GUM.  Thanks for listening

Question : Hello Dr. G!  Here are the facts and questions as I promised.  #1 Does sweet ease need to be taken with meals as stated on the bottle? Current labs.  Chol. 285 tri's. 229 , hdl 57 ,ldl182, fasting glucose 123, A1C 6.1% B/P average 145/75 sometimes higher sometimes lower. age 63, weight 210, 5' 7'.  I take 25 mg atenolol and have a demand pacemaker for past 43 years. What do you think? Also found the book you showed monday night on amazon, and what were you saying about btt 2.0 not using well.

Question : someone who would like to start the 90 For Life regimen.  65 year old male had colon cancer September 2015, colon removed and now has a colostomy bag.  He takes only one prescription medication: Spirilactin:  200 milligrams/day to reduce water retention in the abdomen.   he would like to start with the 90 For LIfe what do you recommend? 180 pounds, Thanks Dr. Glidden!

Question : Hello, A friend is interested in knowing if there's anything she can do for hyper pigmentation.  Thanks. Hi again, I don't have a question.  I am trying very hard to get people to sign up on this site but no one wants to know the truth??  I don't understand.  At any rate, I just watched 7 Episodes of the The Truth About Vaccines (Ty Bollinger) and they've exposed that the government's goal is to mandate vaccinations for all people, with no exceptions.  Looking to create 140 more vaccinations by 2020.  We have to be on top of wholistic living and Homeprophylaxis; spread the word even more so that our rights aren't violated.  Thanks for what you do.  I plan on becoming and ambassador.  Sincerely, Cerise

Question : I am planning on doing both comp. stool analysis and series of colonics.Which  should i do first?

Do you think the powder TT 2.0 can raise blood sugar instead of lowering it?  Maybe the tablets would be better?  Since I've been on the healthy sugar pak, my fasting blood sugar has gone up 10 points.  I've been on it for 30 days.
Dr Glidden my son have a D-Jorge síndrome and this affect hisimmune system he's alwayslow on the platelets . What what can I give to him

Question : My Dad age 79 is on a full variety of Youngevity products. When he eats, he gets a pain in his chest and his heart rate goes up to 125. He has had his heart and lungs completely checked out and all is fine. Any suggestions on what he could try. Thank you soooo much!!! Hi Dr. G.