Heath Q&A: April 24, 2017

Question : Hey Dr. G, I've been doing your 2.5 hour procedure for almost 8 weeks, after I stop is there something more I do or is that it?  I'm still not clear on the whole alkaline diet it's not just eat all veggies, fruit, chicken and fishapparently no salt, tomatoes or anything with flavor not sure about the seasoning's the net is so confusing about all this can you suggest anything?  Also the BTT liquid makes me feel sick, I switched to the tabs is that OK?  Am I OK not to eat much3 or 4 hundred c hundred calories a day?  I'm much weaker a bit worried about the nutrition part of healing my body?    I've moved, in a much better environment, not much stress.   I feel like I might have a chance to survive this disease if I make sure I'm doing everything right. Thank you Nancy Garn

Question : I don’t know if you have tried it yet, but I am telling you that if you haven’t had the Against the Grain Gourmet Original Baguette that I would greatly encourage you to do so. The ingredients include tapioca starch, eggs, mozzarella cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, vegetable rennet), non-GMO canola oil, salt. They truly are delicious, and I figured you would enjoy them. They should be available at Whole Foods and some other health food stores. You can check out their website at a againstthegraingourmet.com. Thanks for your great work! By the way, Dr. Glidden, I have said it before, and I wanted to say it again. Thanks for your great service to mankind. The exciting information you bring to the table truly motivates me to play my part in this grassroots, coalition of the informed. God Bless!

Question : hi, I'm one 2 - tangy's and 3 - pdm's a month, can I put them all in one smoothy over several hours

Question : HI Dr. G.  As I am packing up my life, I am really working my body.  The flexi care is really good stuff, had terrible back pain, just chug a tablespoon in am and no pain for the most part, but wondering if the glucco gel was helping with other things as I don’t have any trouble swallowing like I used to, so can you take both the glucco gel and the flexi care?   With all this work my neck and body is really getting a workout and I am doing these neck exercises (where you lean head left then right, standing like a penguin) to keep my shoulders and neck in place but today when I did them I feel something in the left ear moving around.  Haven’t gone swimming yet this year, just wondered what that could be and how to fix it.  I do have waxy ears!  Thanks! Oh I have been meaning to ask you where the webinar is “how to party like a rock star and ace exams”?

Question : What would help an addiction.  Any but especially alcohol and cigarettes.

Question : Dr G- Edgar Cayce suggested 3 week breaks from vitamins so that your body doesn't become dependent on them and stop making it's own vitamins... do you think thats necessary?  Also if you are on the 90, do you need to worry about eating all your vegetables? or could you go without much food since you are getting all your supplements? Thanks

Question : Hi Dr. G.  I understand that excessive vitamin B can cause flushes.  Are there any potential side effects from consuming too much Plant Derived Minerals or vitamins such as D3, A and C?   If you have time for another question, what are your personal targets for glucose reading and/ or A1C level, when using the Sweet Eze to regulate your blood sugar levels?

Question : if one is already scared with arterial plaques     will they become occluded if they ibncrease their fat and calcium intake while avoiding the 12 bad foods ?

Hi Dr. G.  The protocol of Argentyn 23, homeopathic silica and killer biotic that you laid out for a friend that had cysts under his molars has already had a dramatic effect on him after 9 days.  He told me that the pain he was feeling on the left side of his head is gone.  He also noted an improvement in the hearing on his left side.  I had no idea that the infection had migrated into his skull.  He no longer has extreme bad breath.  He wanted me to extend his thanks to you.  When I consulted with you the Ultimate Daily no longer had the ingredients which made it effective for cleaning the arteries.  It now is one of the proline products.  I watched your Youtube video on the Proline products.  I gather that the Ultimate Daily once again has the necessary ingredients to clean the arteries.  Am I right on this? P.S.  I am looking forward to seeing you and Brenda in Toronto on Saturday!

Question : Thank you for 'keep'n on' even when it seems like an extreme uphill battle.  You are changing lives.

Question : Hello Doc, Can you tell us what nutrients maybe lacking in resting hand tremors? Can anything be done for reseeding gums?

Question : Hey Doc. Questions from a girl in Thailand. 2016 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer EGFR mutation with plural effusion. The MD said she would live only 6 months. The MD. suggested chemotherapy but we refused it. We got back and changed her diet immediately and are off the bad foods. My mother is taking lots of natural remedies like a high dosage of liposphereic Vitamin C, coral calcium, real organic sulfur, high dose of veg and carrot juice. From the chest x-rays, the fluid was getting less. Mother has more energy. So now I have bought the Brain and heart pak + plant derived minerals + immortalium + cell-shield for my mother. Is this ok? Is there anything else that you would suggest? One more question: is eating eggs ok for a cancer patient? I have heard that some amino acids are the fuel of Cancer cells such as methionine and glutamine.

Question : Dr. G I understand from listening to you that allergies are reactions to proteins.  The Cal tody and Beyond Ostre fx are minerals NO proteins.  Is this correct?

Question : Hi Dr G! Long-time no-see.  Thanks for having a late Q&A.  First one I've been able to attend. Guess what Dr G?  The chemical name of "niacin" is really "nicotinic acid"!  Closely related to nicotine.

Question : Hi doc. What do you recommend to fade a dark scar resulting from a cut. I have heard about cocoa butter. What else do you recommend? Also how would you treat minor burns? Many thanks.  I love your show very much.

Question : I sent a Wellness Tracker and my product regimen to Brenda.  Should I send it to you here too? I'm still not seeing any positive results after 13 weeks..

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, one of my co-workers, a young man injured his lower back playing volleyball, a floro scope revealed no pathology but he was diagnosed with Jason Labor degeneration! Can you translate please! I need to go back to school to learn all this Latin lingo!!! He is 23, 5'8" 160lbs. I resent you my edited testimony, did you receive it?

Question : Hey Dr. GLIDDEN, just hopping on. I can't remember if the BTT tabs are by body weight. I'm wanting to switch to the tabs as I'm trying to go low carb. I'm 300 lbs and have taken the 90 for over a year and have my calories down to 1200/day. 

Question : I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which my doctors say caused my Dilated Cardiomyopathy and also contributes to my poor blood circulation which causes my moderate leg swelling. My echo report shows that my left ventricular ejection fraction is 45% which is normal in Duchenne patients. I also have Ventricular Tachycardia. I'm in a stable place with Ace Inhibitors and Beta Blockers, but would like to prevent a further decline in health. What all Youngevity products would you recommend?

Question : Good evening Dr. G.!! Since we have been discussing our mighty 90 I have a question on proper mixing.  I have been with Dr. Wallach since 1997 and love all the products.  I do use BTT 2.0 and I notice that it states that adults mix 2 scoops with whatever and no mentionof body weight.  I mix 4 scoops in 32 oz. and drink 16 oz. per day.  Am I under dosing? I also drink pollenburst daily.

Question : hey Dr. g, 7 year old boy, 41 inches tall, 44 pounds, is gluten free, and has a body covered in a rash, looks like DH, or duh rings disease, doctors only want to put him on steroids of course, and won't test for the DH. help