Health Q&A: April 26, 2017

Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden.  What is the difference between, Liquid Gluco-gel, Ultimate Gluco-Gel, and Gluco-gel plus?  What is each good for? and what are the doses.  Which is better for wacky heartbeat?  Thanks husband had an MRI because his extreme leg pain we thought was sciatica, was not improving, and got worse even after following the protocol you gave for him a couple weeks ago. The MRI showed there is "paracentral disc extrusion at the L5-S1 level measuring 1.4cm, resulting in moderate central canal stenosis, and likely impingement of the transiting right S1 nerve root." What else does he need to take to get around this? Thanks for everything you do (: Also I have some gluco-gel on hand but remembered you talking about something that's better now.. would it do him any good to take it?

Question : Male 75 has blood in the urine occasionally.  Someone said it was irritation.  Could it really just be irritation?  What about cancer?  He also has a hernia in the groin.  Has to go to VA in May.  Doesn't want to bring this up.  Have some essential oils to try on hernia.  What do you think?

Question : Hi Dr. G, Inquiring minds want to know...Is there an update on how Jordan Rubin's health is in 2017?  Is he still in remission from cancer, and was he using any Youngevity products after receiving the cancer diagnosis, to facilitate his currenthealth status?

Question : Hi there. I recently was not getting enough sleep and my left eye started to twitch. I think it is the nerve that was twitching. When I get enough sleep it stops. Is this related to lack of sleep? I am also pre-diabetic so I am not sure if it is related to that either. Also how can circulation be improved for a pre diabetic. Circulation especially in feet. Many thanks as usual.

Question : I have someone who is having lower right abdominal sensitivity and mild pain to the touch. Sounding like an appendix situation. If it is not acute yet, is there anything you would recommend to clear out the appendix and restore health? Thanks Dr. G! Gluco Gel PLus: This is primarily a glucosamine and chongroitin supplement and does NOT have the basic gelatin component. I look on Gluco-Gel PLUS as an adjunct to the Ultimate Gluco-Gel. Gluco-Gel plus is for pain mitigation in the joints, but does not have the essential ingredients for rebuilding collagen, etc . . . Just my observation . . .  Gilbert Wardian.

Question : so been taking what you recommended BTT 2, osteo FX, flexi care plus, selenium, EFA's,glucogenix, 1st week slept better, fasting blood sugar coming down from 115 to about 85 to 95. week 2 and 3 I am super hungry, want to eat everything, and think i found a parasite in my stool. so started a natural parasite product from golbal healing to remove parasites. what do you suggest? I have the severe osteoarthritis, hashimotos, chronic fatigue, pre diabetic, and so on for now, weigh 162, 59 years old just for info to help with supplement dosing. If i take more of the products, will that be beneficial to me and heal me faster?

Question : Hi Doc G!  Watched your webinar on YGY proline. Just put a 70 yr old with diabetes, has been on HB Blood Sugar pak + sweeteze + seleniumfor nearly a year, cleaning up her diet alot no more 12 bad foods but still too much fruit...still taking insulin.  Please what is your protocol adding Glucogenix? Thanks Doc, you're the best!

Question : wouldyou please share your current supplement regimen?

Question : What causes a person to have so many really strange dreams at night? My wife takes the 90 and calcium at night right before bed. She dreams at least 4 times a night and not sleeping much at all. Thought you might have some insight to this. thanks

Question : Dr. G, I have the"Truth About Cancer" and I believe Jordan Rubin was in the docu-series and he did have cancer and beat it naturally.  That is my recollection. I meant to say I have the dvd series "The Truth About Cancer."

Question : my name is Qusay Al-Dhahir I'm 35 years old male, my weight is 60 and my length is 175 cm so I am thin, I am vegan because I want to avoid the chronic diseases. I saw your lectures programmes and shows by Dr. peter glidden who said that everybody can eat rich food with cholesterol but he must at first avoid the 10 bad foods and take anti-oxidants what I want to know what is the minerals and vitamins that should I take and how could I calculate precisely the dose of those minerals and vitamins.

Question : Dr G, Have you heard of pop chips?  They are air poped potato chips.  They have Sunflower/Safflower oil as the second ingredient and they say they are never fried, is this healthy? Also, is non hydrogenated palm oil/ canolaoilacceptable in foods?  Thanks

Question : Dr. G I bought the good herbs circulation support for my mother, I forgot her dosage140lbs.  I also bought the good hers heart support for me , also forgot the dosage 180lb

Question : Thank you Dr Glidden . I am glad I discovered you. Over 1 month off 12 bad foods . No youngeviti supplements as off yet but I already see good results. Way more energy and strength .. Everybody that knows me can see the difference.  Thank you very much for your work.

Question : I have had severe dry eyes. Eye specialist has put a polycarbonate ring with Amniotic Membrane. This is done for healing of damage to the eye. Eye dr. said to take Omega 3 and not the 6 and 9 that we have. Appreciate what to do for the dry eye.

Question : How do you treat Fibromyalgia, Blood Pressure and Alzheimer's? Am happy to read answers for the above and appreciate you may have already answered these same questions many times before . Thank you in advance. I live in the U.K. Liverpool if you know it!! Roy

Question : Monday Q&A you gave me a new protocol of Projoba Omega, Ultimate Classic and Biotech.  Is this a cleanse for four weeks?  Then do I go back to my current protocol?