Health Q&A: April 3, 2017

Question : Dr. G My wife is on the health start pack and 140lbs.  She has a constant cough.  What would you recommend for her to get the cough to go way.

Question : Dr. G, How does the body make Vitamin D from the sun?  Why does it only produce Vitamin D?  Would this form of Vitamin D be the most "absorbable" form?

Question : Hi Dr G! Thanks for the help with my son's dry scalp! It's nice and smooth now. Today I have a question about my husband: He a pinched sciatic nerve that is so painful all the time unless he's laying down. The pain starts in his glute and shoots down the back of his leg to behind his knee. He has been going to a chiro and was x-rayed. They said two vertebrae were out place and has since been getting adjustments. He only feels better for a few hours after getting a massage&adjustment. What should he take to get around this? He weighs 270. Also, is there a special diet that should be followed when taking the slender fx REV drops, besides avoiding the 12 bad foods? Is REV safe to use when nursing? Thanks so much for all your help!

Question : I have a statement and two questions.  On one of your previous videos you sang, " back in the sadle again by aerosmith.  It sounded good.  Steven Tyler may have to step aside.  Question 1. True of False. Stress and anxiety causes low vagal tone in the vagus nerve which can cause Sjogrens Syndrome.  Question 2. Can a vein that lost its elasticity, regain its original integrity.

Question : Good night doc. I know someone whose joints crack when they walk. Especially when going downstairs. Especially the joints in the heels of their feet. What causes this and what is the remedy?Additionally, what could cause allergy to ginger to pepper. I sometimes get diarrhea after eating pepper and ginger causes problems as well. You advice is much appreciated. Thanks doc Also the joints crack in other areas such as the fingers and other areas of the feet but especially in the heels of the feet.

Question : hey Dr. Glidden, what is the best way to raise your body temperature.? I usually range around 95 average, so hoping you can give me some advice on how to increase my temp back up to 98.7. suffering from what has been diagnosed as vascular dementia. She is forgetful however she can still hold an intelligent conversation. She also has Osteo Arthrites.  She also has lack of cartilage in her ankle, which I assume can be corrected. She Weighs about 125 lbs. Additionally I have type 2 Diabetes. I’m not taking insulin.  I’m easily 70 lbs overweight and obese for my height.  I weigh 240lbs.  My A1C is about 7.5.  Would like to get it below 5.0Would the blood sugar pack also help me loose weight as well. I truly appreciate what you and Dr Wallach are doing.

Question : What would you do for low adrenal function?

Question : Have you ever heard of any one who gets constipated on the Tangy powder? They tried it at two different times and it constipated them both times. Any suggestions?

Question : 75 year old 130 pound female with Alzheimer's.     Do you know of any tricks to get Alzheimer's patients to take the products or have any other recommendations as the disease progresses?

Question : Hi Dr. G.  My new life I need to get on a different budget - What are the best supplements to keep me healthy for under 100 bucks per month or very close?  Thanks

Question : Can you please explain why you don't like HRT with bioidenticals and also the Wiley protocol which creates G-cell,apotosis, on day 13 of the protocol. Addressing prevention as well as anti-aging according to my ND! =)Your opinion please

Question : Dr. Glidden, it has been a pleasure listening to your many online health education presentations. As I have told people time and time again, I have learned more quality, life-changing health information from you and Dr. Wallach over the last 2 to 2.5 years than nearly 5 years of college/nursing school. Your work is highly appreciated.1. You have told me in the past that you like mixed nuts and salami as snacks. I wanted to know what specific type of sweet, on-the-go snacks you like to eat and would recommend? Also, do you get your salami at Whole Foods or another place? I don’t have a Whole Foods where I live and even the nitrate-free salami I have found have ingredients such as dextrose in it which I assume to be from corn). 2. Have you ever heard of resistant starch and if so, do you have any thoughts on it? From the research I have done, it appears this fascinating type of starch is found in foods such as green plantains, rice (once cooled), potatoes (once cooled), and in some other foods. Apparently the resistant starch is “resistant” to digestion and instead feeds the healthy gut flora. By this mechanism, the resistant starchseems to also help with stabilizing blood glucose levels due to some of the carbs in these foods becoming resistant to digestion and which then help slow the release of blood glucose. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, Dr. G!

Question : My friend says that she has hemochromatosis....absorbs too much iron? Can you explain? she also has aa severe reaction when she has citrus or any vit c...we have started eliminating the bad foods but wonder how to get around the vit c issue.

Question : my mom gets eczema, dad made her take the good herbs liver support and it goes away. how long is it safe for her to take that? I think I remember you saying something about not taking it all the time....

Question : Working on making some good testimonies happen Dr. G. Thanks for all you do! Question: Waiting for our order for diabetic f 76yo. She's developed a rash back of neck & has headache for 1 week. Not sure (if its shingles?) but is there anything else I should order?(waiting for Btt, osteo fx,plant mins, efa+, 2 projoba omega, 3 sweeteze 4@ per meal)... Btw, was that 12 projoba omega's w/food 3x's day, or 12 sweeteze w/ food? She's 155#, diabetic retinopathy. Thanks!

Question : I had a car accident in 2010 where I was sideswiped on my drivers side and I suffered whiplash. Now years later I am still experience neck pain that is affectingmy mid back, nerves in arms and legs and top of feet. The Dr only offer physical therapy. What treatment would you suggest? My Chiropractor says I have herniated c1, c2 and the Dr. previous said I have herniated c6,c7 which he says is no longer reflecting herniation.

Question : My chiropractor did a test on me which showed my body does not metabolize carbohydrates therefore all carbohydrates I eat seem to just turn to fat. Doyou have any idea why my body does not metabolize carbohydrates? What should I be taking?Thanks so much!

Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, It was an adventure sit through Dr. Wallach's lecture.  Did you receive my testimony? Does it need any corrections?

Question : Do you have any suggestions for Tinnitus?

Question : Hi Dr. G,  How do you feel about air fryers which use no to little oil (1-2 Tablespoons) depending on the recipe?  My husband found a basic recipe for doughnuts, if you're interested.