Health Q&A: May 1, 2017

Question : Hello Dr. Gildden, 5 years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (at 24 years). My stomach swells after eating. I think I have problems with the kidneys because I have a sensation that disturbs me and my urine is dark half the time. I have a baby of 7 months and I am breastfeeding and I would like to continue until the age of 3 years. What should I start with while continuing to breastfeed? Right now, I'm taking digestive enzymes, zinc, and powerful probiotics from another company. Thanx

Question : 140 pounds - I’ve tried many ways of taking it, but I really can’t take the Youngevity products in liquid form at all as I get very nauseous, so I need to take it in pill form. I’ve got bone on bone in my hip (VERY painful) & on the 18th my doctor wants to give me a 40ml cortisone injection to ease the pain until they can give me a hip replacement in 12+ months… Should I do the cortisone and still try my best with nutrition for the next 12 months so maybe I don’t have to have my hip replaced?...

Here’s what I’m taking each day: (4) Gluco-gel capsules; (2) FucoidZ; (5) Bone Building capsules; (2) BTT 2.0 Tablets; (2) Mineral Caps; (2) Selenium; (2) Projoba Omega; (1) EFA Plus; (1) Ultimate EFA; (1) Imortalium; and (1) Ultimate Daily. What changes do you recommend in pill form only please. Thank you Dr. Glidden!

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden I've been on the mighty 90 for a month, selenium and sweet eze (11 a day)  But my fasting BS is still around 130 in the morning, then it goes down during the day.  Got any ideas how I can get that morning BS down?  Thanks (150#, 5'6")

Question : Dr. G. I am doing the 90 for 3 years now; why by adding the Vital Nutrient B complex do I feel so much better?  Went to local ND she looked in ears and said the left had 2 small hairs like an eye lash.  Her asst. flushed out the ear and I got real dizzy (that never happened before) and they said no wax.  The ND then say “do you want me to test progesterone?  OMG I said no!  Crazy medical people. Still feels like there may be water in it from time to time – my schedule is amped up from 0 to 100 so I am on the move – should I just wait and see someone in Tucson? Oh and the flexi care plus is a miracle with all the lifting I have been doing – I wake up with lower back pain take it and am good for the day.  Can I take more than one tablespoon (3 teaspoons) in a day? Thank you!! like tablespoon am and tablespoon at bed is that okay? why are you recommending calcium powder instead of liquid thanks.

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, my wife has been suffering from nausea and diarrhea for months. She has been diagnosed with a large gallstone and is soon to have it removed. she has been nutrified for the past 5 months and has been taking Liver and gallbladder Herbs for the past 2 months Destress, Enzymes andBone and tissue support. She is not feeling any better. She also has Degenerative Disc Disease in her back. Is there any chance that thegallstone will dissolve in the near future. How do I know if the surgery is necessary?

Question : Hi doc. What is the nerve dysfunction called dysesthesia and what causes it? Is it related to diabetes type 2? What would cause an upset stomach after drinking fruit smoothie

Question : Hey Dr. G. so curious if you would know what causes shoulder pain that feels like you have 5 to 10 pounds of weight bearing down on the shoulders? Any thoughts on what would cause this. had it about 3 years ago for about an 8 month period, went away, and now back again. had a customer come into my store today for her cat food.  about 200lbs, 58 yrs old. has rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, has no computer to get on to listen to you. so I am going to pass along what you suggest.

Question : Are the Projoba Omega 3 capsules made in nitrogen chamber and meet your standard, like YGY EFA Plus? Also, if someone eats GF most of the time, but sometimes has a little gluten, does it undo what they have done by eating GF? Bone Building capsules is another YGY calcium supplement. The Bone Building capsules also has glucosomine, Biotin, PDM and a few more things.  In addition to the Calcium and Magnesium.

Question : Hi Dr G!  Guest Louann Heilman from Freeport, Illinois in the room with us. 62 yr old woman, 260 lbs, is just starting the core products. On high blood pressure meds, Metformin, levothyroxin. (Has dropped her statin meds like a hot potato last year and MD says her cholesterol is She has had blue under the cuticle of all of her nails.  No pain. Doesn't wear polish. Any clue what is going on, underlying issue, ready to pounce?  Thanks! This condition regarding the nails for last 4 years at least.

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I had the flu for over 2 weeks, now much better, but I still feel physically very weak. Thank you for your suggestion on restoring my strength.

Question : I have lupus and starting taking the 90 for life for the past 3 months.  I'm also supplementing it with selenium, cell shield, plan derived minerals, gluco-gel and immodium.  However my lupus is still active.  My protein levels continue to be high and I've been having the butterfly rash and cold sores in my mouth for the past month.  What else should I be doing? Protein level high in kidneys.  I also continue to take my prescribed lupus medicines; hydroxychloroquine, mycophenolate, prednisone.

Question : hi Doc, we're asking for a good friend of ours today - 34yrs, male, 150 lbs, 5'6" - who has been diagnosed with periodontal gum degeneration. Dentist advised that 75% of his gums have receded. Some of his teeth are loose, he feels pain all the time - when he talks, chews food and even when breathing. His diet has been poor for many years, going to the gym regularly, smoker since he was 15, living primarily on energy drinks, carbonated drinks and take away food. He is lactose intolerant. Since diagnosed with the above he reduced the cigarettes and he is currently in the second month of taking 1 HSP Liquid, 1 extra Osteo FX Liquid, 1 Rebound, 2xPlant Derived Minerals, 2x Gluco gel capsules (240caps). We believe he is having difficulties getting off the 12 bad foods hence why he says the supplements are not making a difference. We're very worried about him and he is considering going on the full face surgery, ie. getting dentures. We have asked him to contact your office to schedule a skype/phone appointment before he commits to the surgery. What would be your recommendation? what else can we suggest to him? thank you very much