Health Q&A: May 10, 2017

Question : For the past four weeks or so I have had a constant salty taste in my mouth.  No matter how much I brush, floss, and rinse, it is still there.  I asked my dentist about it – she was stumped. And I had my teeth cleaned, but that didn’t change anything.  I asked my ND and she was stumped too. I started chewing peppermint gum to help mask it, but it is still there.  Any ideas to what might be causing this salty taste?

Question : Dr. G, any idea of why I crave food and water late at night a few hours before bed even if I wasn't thirsty or hungry just a few hours earlier? Also, is there any merit with food cravings and your body telling you it needs something in that particular food? I crave cheese a lot, is it because I'm deficient in something in the cheese or because I'm Italian haha.  Thank you.

Question : Asking for my daughter who is 40. Pain in left shoulder, neck, center of chest, and above left breast into armpit. IL-17a went from 2.8 to 3.5 to 6.8 in 6 months (tested every 3 months). Extensive Singulex and Boston Heart testing and all autoimmune markers were good. Breast ultrasound good. On extensive Wallach program for spondylolisthesis for 3 months. Her Lp(a) was 72 in 10/11 but not taken this time. No EKG, heart monitoring , etc only markers I see on the heart that are out of line are Lp(a) is 63. was tested, I missed it and the Absorption Markers HIGH specifically Beta-sitosterol. thanks for your input

Question : i Dr. G,  How effective is vibrational testing in identifying/diagnosing health maladies and diseases, and also are you familiar with the effectiveness of vibrational remedies?  What are the benefits of saliva testing?  Is it as reliable as blood testing?  Thanks!

Question : How was dinner? XO

Question : Good evening, Doc.  Can you offer any commentary on Black Seed Oil [Black Cumin Seed Oil]?

Question : hey doc, I was rewatching the thyroid health webinar,  you listed symptoms for an underactive thyroid, For the underactivecondition do you have to have all the symptoms listed or just one or more?

Question : Dr. G, I am trying to get someone to change from their multi-vitamin.  Which Proline product is best, Ultimate Daily Classic or BTT 2.0 Tablets and how would I convince them their multi-vitamin is inferior? Thanks

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden.  Could you elude to what the advantages are for Nature's Pearl muscadine grape extract above and beyond what Youngevity already offers.  Thx.

Good night doc. What causes sweat that has a strong odour and what do you reccommend? And is a rash one of the symptoms of cancer? That may be a crazy question. Many thanks.

Question : Hi Dr. G. I had an injury and have a partial tear. in my shoulder it’salsofrozen. I don’t have full range of motion. The surgeon wants to put me under to manipulate the shoulder and give me a Cortisone shot. What advice can you give me as well as supplements I should take besides the 90 essential and gluco gel. Thanks.

Question : EMERGENCY! I have been using YGY protocol for about 2.5 years w/ good results. EMERGENCY! ER visit following 8-days altitude sickness at 9,000 ft. (extreme shortness of breath, heart-pounding and dehydration.) ER BP: 210/99, CT (head) and CTA (chest), ER diagnosis: "suspect Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm and Pleurisy". Q:When I visit the Cardiologist, is it a good strategy to take the Rx to lower my BP until I learn what is happening? My family doctor (ND—not licensed in TX) advised me to take Rx.

Question : Our friend has had several surgeries because of a

 plaque build up in the legs. Has had by passes.  His arteries are hard. What causes this?  What would you recommend for helping this friend. What is the name of the company you recommend for parasite testing?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, This may seem like not a big deal but every month I've suffered greatly from menstrual cramps, constant headaches & nausea.  Over the past few months I've noticed a reduction of symptoms & this month I've had NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL.  I'm completely floored & ecstatic.  It appears that my calcium and, magnesium reservoir is getting topped off.   I think the Beyond Osteo FX is a little under rated.  lol When will your new website with the testimonials be up?  I'm excited to share it with others. I've shared my story! It looks like I've sent you two now.  LOLI sent my original story a few weeks ago but you can use this one too!

nutrients would you recommend for fast bone repair for a 82 y.o. white female who has just fractured her tibia (after a fall). She has been on the healthy bone pak for six months.

Question : Hey Dr. Glidden, you spoke about a hair supplement you were making, is it for restoring grey hair back to its natural color? if so, how can i get some?

…Sorry I have one computer I can't hear you on and another and not sure which one the questions went probably asked twice. As you can tell I'm concerned for my daughter...she is very disciplines and did your suggestions for 3 solid months for her back and this is much worse. Will and EKG be enough

Question : What do you think about the Sueroviv 3-day cleanse.  Is it worth doing?  Thanks!

Question : I'm working with a lot of sick people at my workplace.  I want to get them started on yourno 12 bad foods and Youngevity. One of them is struggling for years with notorious sinus infection, painabove his eyes and behind his eyes. Years ago the x-ray was showing large collection of fluid above one of his eyes. She's problem was never solved. His vision is not the best too. All his problems are always starting after being exposed to draft (windy) conditions and getting real bad two days after.