Health Q&A: May 15, 2017

Question : Hi Dr. G. Thanks for all you do!! My husband ended up in the ER twice since March 22, not able to breath. Shaking, felt like his esophagus was closing. Heart, EKG and BP was all fine. They found him to be healthy. They gave him Ativan the first time he was in there to help with the anxiety from not being able to get his lungs to fully expand with air.  As of today his symptoms are, clearing his throat a lot, feeling like there’s constant phlegm back there making it difficult to swallow saliva and it feels like something’s restricting or lodged in his esophagus which makes it feel like his siliva won’t go down and when he burps it feels like it won’t come all the way up.  It then makes it very difficult to eat. The doctor suggested, Claritin, Flonase, and Prilosec. If that didn’t help he suggested scoping it out.  I am working on eliminating the bad foods and getting him to take the products regularly, HBSP, Gluco gel and just started him on the Selenium. Little bits of physical activity cause heart rate to soar and BP to go up.  In his line of work, which he can’t work right now, he does breathe some metal dust, despite a respirator, and had a pretty severe choking incident, while eating, a few months ago, which I was wondering if that may have caused some damage. These episodes are sporadic.  Symptoms started occurring after this.

Question : When did grains and olive oil become polluted?  This gluten free stuff is like sawdust.

Question : Dr G. - I have recently developed Tinnitus, which has been constant lately.   I know you treat it as osteoporosis of the skull, and have already been on Bone and joint pak, for some time now,  taking 2 scoops of osteo FX and liquid gluco gel. Is there anything else I should add? Thanks   (5'4- 115lbs)

Question : Good evening Doctor Glidden, After my wife went through several colon hydro therapy sessions, she feels much better by the way, taking some Chinese pills to help with the bowel movements now her hair is falling out hand full at the time every time she washes her hair. We placed an order of BTT 2.0 tablets, Projoba Omega, Osteo FX, Plant Derive Minerals, Immortalium and Hair skin and nail support. Did we missed anything that you would suggest?

Question : My son who will be 40 has a gray - almost white patch in his red beard.  I looked it up and found Poliosis circumscripta or hemochromatosis.  Is this a serious problem?  Can anything be done?  Thanks as always Dr. Glidden--you are the best.

Question : Hi Dr Glidden. I have 2 questions tonight: My husband had an accident and fractured 3 ribs (7,8 & 9) and is in a lot of pain. He is on painkillers and anti-inflammatory anti-arthritic tablets and medicated plaster. He is taking Osteo FxPowder , Osteo Fx liquid and Minerals, selenium. Is there anything you could suggest for him? I was diagnosed with gastritis in stomach and was prescribed to take esomeprazole for 2 months which I refuse to take after listening to some of your webinars. I take 1Osteo FX powder, 1 Osteo Fx liquid, 1 Minerals,1 Enzymes, 3 Projoba Omega, 1 Flora FX ,1 Selenium, 1 gluco Gel. Is that good programme for me? Also is it true that spicy foods and garlicshould be avoided when have gastritis?  Thank you for all your work! forgot to say , i also take 1 tangy tangerine

Question : Hi Dr. G. You may or may not want to read this out loud - wondering your thoughts on my blood work.  It seemed good to me.   On another note - I will be sending my story in need to work it up and will do that after moving - house sold in 3 days.  Life is getting better and better! Thank you. Oh Dr. G.  Can you give me a new vitamin program to save $$ and not that terrible tasting stuff, unless that's the only way.  thanks

Question : I am getting my first youngevity set tomorrow, God bless you Doc. I am priming myself for it for the past two months with no 12 bad foods. My wife and her parents are on it for the past month and a half. I don't have any questions at the moment I just want to say thank you for your work and what it does to me. I'm Scheduled for the lab testing in July and I will have some hard data to compare by then.I will sent it over to you.

Question : olive oil is used throughout Scripture, so is bread.

Question : Randy has lost his ability to taste. Before this he was put on Zpack for walking Pneumonia.  What can be done to get taste buds back? What program do you recommend for Pin worms?  What test to do to determine what parasites one could have. I frequently get cold sore along the inside of my cheek.  What causes this? I am going to order your silver.  Will the product come with how to use? Do you know of a local NP in the twin cities you canrecommend? From Nov.-March we are living in a resort in Mesa, Az.  I have been invited by the activities directory to educate on health every other Friday.

Question : Bonsoir, Doc already feeling better and its been 1 week I am following your suggestion for artritis while I am breastfeeding. No more dark urine. Just wanna know what to give as a basic to my husband that had a sciatic problem and to my dauther's one is 8 and the other is 8 moths. Thank you so much.

Question : I found a less expensive supplement of selenium (200mcgs per capsule from certified organic mustard seed extract). Other ingredients include organic gum acacia. Is the Ultimate Selenium specifically necessary? Also, the Beyond Osteo-fx gives me diarrhea. How should I space it out until my absorption is adequate? And lastly, can butter ever oxidize in any scenario? I take 2 ounces of Beyond Osteo-fx per day with my other Youngevity products.

Question :  I have another friend who tells me that he has a fatty deposit at the bottom of his foot.  He started to consume Apple Cider Vinegar with wild honey every day.  The deposit has shrunk to roughly dime size in the last 2 months.  He was asking if there was anything he could do additionally to clean up the situation.

Question : Hi Doc, it's tina the squirrel wisperer!

how can i help my husband get rid of c? He Contracted it coming into contact with tainted blood at work through an open wound HEP C.

Question : Hey Doc, have an older friend with some memory loss, prostate issues and some bone and joint issues. Thinking of recommending BTT 2.0, Osteo, Flexicare, projoba omega, selenium. Anything else to suggest? How much selenium?

Question : Will your hair tonic work on eye brows and eye lashes.