Health Q&A: May 22, 2017

Question : Hey Dr. G., Pastor Jack here (your pirate pastor): Have you studied or have any experience with "moringa oliferia" (a "Mighty 90" tree). If so, do you know if Youngevity has any products that contains "mornga oliferia”?

Question : Hi there doc. What are the adverse health effects of lack of sleep? Can it cause diabetes type 2? Also I know youngevity products are the best but I have difficulty in getting them to Barbados. Have you heard of Alive Vitamins? Are they good? I am thinking of using them as an alternative.

Question : Hi Doc. Someone asked me this question. What supplements will help with chronic hypoglycemic or low blood sugar, sets in daily. Says that his blood sugar is low after a breakfast of toast and aegg and ginger tea? Advice?

Question : 31 yo female adult life vegan until 1 yr ago   hand/joint pain from teen   diagnosis from parvo to lupusbegan HSP 2.0/selenium 3 yrs ago for 3 mths w/ successdiscontinued usecurrently chronic Urticara hiveson prednisone and zrtek with weekly IV vitamins

Question : Hey Doc, what is the best way to go about getting a T3 and T4 thyroid test?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I am 71 yrs. old and had a stroke last week. I was in hospital for a week on baby ASA, Lipitor and Pariet. I am out now and have lost vision on the left lower aspect of my left eye. I can no longer drive. I stopped the hospital meds. I have been taling 90 for life, Osteo FX and EFA"s for several months. I want to be a poster child for Youngevity. Is there anything else you would recommend? My wife had her Gallbladder removed. She takes the same supplements as me in addition Liver and gallbladder health, Selenium and enzymes. anything else?

Question : Hey Doc, about 4 weeks ago now I thought I had parasites in my stool, and last Tues.  I got brave enough to reach in the toilet and find out for sure if it was a worm, and YES it was. Can you please send me the parasite test kit you had mentioned. I stayed on the Global healing herbswhich is doing its job killing things, so will continue for the 6 weeks. Has been an interesting 3 weeks of symptons from these critters, but so glad finally getting them out. Any other suggestions?

I am amazed at how many people I offer this link to and none of them show up an get on to get free medical advice. Just blows my mind!

Question : if psoriasis is a sign ofan over activeimmune system   could it be that imbeing overloaded by free radicals orbeing attacked bysome offending agents   since my psoraisis is spreading?

Question : My cousin is in her 50s and weighs about 140 lbs.  She has severe osteoporosis and on a walker, mineral deficiencies from severe sweating working outside in southern CA for decades, peripheral polyneuropathy, hypercalcuiria, and possible pernicious anemia.  She is starting the 90 and Plant Derived Minerals.  What else?

Hi Doc, what is your opinion of the ketogenic diet in concert with following your regimen?