Health Q&A: May 31, 2017 MINI

Question:  A man contacted me and asked me a health question. From 1979-1984 he worked with lacquer which he thinks has had a major effect on his body and has poisoned him. In 2002 he had liver problems due to hepatitis. Now he has lymphatic and skin issues. He has many white spots all over his body which are thick like grains or small coins imbedded. Also all of his joints and articulation are filled with this hardened lymphatic juice which hinders free movement. What do you suggest?

Question: Hi Dr G! Ive been giving my 6 month old baby meso copper for his salmon patch eyelid. the last bottle I opened got a bunch of green particles in it one day. is it still ok to use for my baby? also was wondering if its ok to put plant minerals in his bottle or in baby food and how much if its ok? thanks for your help

Question: I fired my M.D. more than 25 years ago, and I have no medical insurance! Freedom! Thanks for being here. I have recently begun with the Youngevity products. I have a question about the Tangy Tangerine products. I have BTT Powder, BTT 2.0 powder, and BTT 2.0 Tablets. I read the labels and notice differences, especially ORAC value. Can you give a brief summary of why we might choose one product over another? Or work them all into our regime?

Question: Good night doc. What can you apply to a rash caused by mold? Similarly how do you treat a heat rash? Also what is the difference between an naturopathic and osteopathic doctor?

Question: Hi Dr G, I have noticed that you no longer recommend taking copper when you advice someone to use Vital Nutrients’ selenium. Has your position on the importance of the combination of selenium and copper changed? Also, is Algal a viable omega 3 fatty acid option, as well as a good anti-inflammation agent? Thanks

Question:   What is your opinion of hyperbaric oxygen?

Question:  Hi Dr. Glidden. Good to be on the chat with you today. I have a couple of questions for you. Why did Youngevity discontinue the Ultimate Niacin Plus? I ordered the ZRadical as it has some Niacin as an ingredient. Is there another alternative? A lady I know has some swelling on both sides of her neck. She is 130 lbs. I wanted to start her on the Healthy Start Pack plus 2 bottles of the Good Herbs Lympathic Health. I already talked to her about the 12 bad foods. She has some pain in her chest as well. Heart problems have been ruled out via various tests. Is there anything else that I can recommend?

Question: Hello doc how can i get the cervical cup

Question : Hi Dr. G.  Still experiencing irregular HB now and then, the meter always measures it as irregular and at ND office it was irregular, but times are worse than others – thinking this will sort of pass when I settle.  Next item – I have been experiencing a feeling that I can’t empty my bladder, never and an UTI and there is no sting or burn but it’s getting worse.  Doing colloidal silver and just started organic cranberry – what else?  Thank you!

Question: If you have time - how many forms of Magnesium are there?

Question : A friend of mine, their parents have early signs of dementia. What’s your advice for someone in early stages of dementia? Heart and brain pak? D-stress?

Question : Hey Doc, did you sent out my parasite test kit? was taking the herbs to kill, which was killing them off, its been 6 weeks, and still found a worm in my stool today. Can't believe they are still in me. Also what would you suggest for gout?

Question: Hi, Shanda and I are starting monthly meetings and I'm sure it's o.k. but we thought we'd better ask. We are sharing vaccine awareness and want to be sure it's o.k. to show your webinars on Vaccines?