Health Q&A: May 8, 2017

Question : Hi Dr. G,  What is your take on Blood Type Diets; there appears to be some similarities between these foods to avoid and your 12 bad foods list? Additional foods listed that are to be excluded for B+ types like me include chicken (contains a Type B blood agglutinating lectin), avocadoes, pumpkin seeds, cashews, pinto and black beans, etc.  Other food exclusions vary based on the different blood types – A, AB, and O – as well.

Question : Good night Dr G. I have a rash on my neck for about 3 weeks now. It is itchy and it wouldn't go away. I am not sure what is causing it. I am pre diabetic. What do you reccommend?

Additionally i have a friend whose 9 year old daughter has fluid which comes from a hole on the upper ear lobe. Sometimes it swells and she has to get the fluid drained away. What causes this?

Question : Dr. Glidden,  Good evening. You advised me to take two bottles of Good Herb pancreas support a month.  When is the best time to take this product?  2X a day 1 teaspoon?  With meals?  Also, is there a limit on the length of time someone should take these herbs?  Could you also tell us a little about this product and why someone should take it.  Thank you!

Question : Dr. G I have notice that I have upper body sweating at night.  My sheets and PJ tops are wet when I wake up.  Do you know what causes this and what I can do about it

Question : Hey Doc, I am 34 weeks pregnant. 6 months prior to becoming pregnant I was on the 90, cherry mins, gluco gel, selenium, & sweet eze. Took everything appropriate to body weight the entire time as well as off 12 bad foods & have continued this regimen throughout my pregnancy (except for sweet eze) upping doses as weight goes up. I took a routine 1 hour glucose test where I drank a high fructosecorn syrup & artificial coloring mix then they drew my blood an hour later. They called me back & said my results were elevated a little and now want me to come in for a fasting, 3 hour glucose test. They asked me to fast for 12 hours before test with no water. I am uncomfortable with no food or water for 12 hours while pregnant & then taking in high fructose corn syrup when i do not eat that on a regular basis. Is this test ok to take? Doctor warned me that if I do not take the baby could be unusually large and could mess up my chances of trying for a VBAC. What is your opinion of this situation & what is your advice on how to handle it.

Question : Yo Dr. G!  It was great seeing you in Michigan over the weekend!  I have a client who suffers with chronically teary eyes.  What, if anything, can we do to help her? I don't recall anything about that in your eye health webinar.

Question : Dr. G, is the Youngevity Selenium synthetic?  And for that matter, do you know if there are any synthetic Youngevity products? Thanks You miss the 3 ft put because you are suppose to make those....

Question : Question to follow. Hello Dr. G.  A friend of mine has been on the 90 nutrients for about 2 months.  Her blood pressure has fallen into the “normal range” for the first time in about 21 years!  She’s also had some joint issues so she started on the flexi-care by Biometrics.  She said she’s had sporadic dizziness which she did not feel prior to taking it.  I suggested she stop it for a few days and if it goes away to maybe try it again to see if it returns.   What could be the cause of such dizzy spells?  She said she has very low energy & is tired after meals.  Could the sugar in the flexi care be a culprit?  Could this possibly a blood sugar issue?  She’s on as a guest tonight & is dedicated to improving her health.  Thank you! I found some GLUTEN FREE bran oatmeal today.  Is there such a thing?

Question : what about coconut oil for the skin? and what to use for the skin?

Question : i was on a poor diet and no vitamines or minerals for decades with hardly any fruits or vegetablesi had a blood sugar of 69 in 2007, in 2013 i startedr juicing andmy blood sugar went upi stopped juicing and my psoriasis returned and my blood sugar keeps going upbut im also drinkingmore alcohol than ever before due to depressionim on sweet ease and the healthy body digestionpakplus selenium and minerals i also lost 50 lbs over the last 4 years

Question : I'll try the restaurant. thanks. Hey Doc. Have and index finger injury. Sprained joint..x-ray said no break. Happened a month ago but i had to keep working(massage therapist). Took last week off but slow progress healing. DOing joint support stuff. Arnica and rhus tox. Helps. What do you think of cortisone shot?

Question : Halo doc. I am using everyday coconuts in my diet . scenes coconut contains oil what is your take on consuming at least half a coconut a day? Coconut oil supposed to contain some fatty acids that are working in our bodies against lipid covered viruses. Would you mind to explain if there is any good of doing that? Also I would like to know what is your take on olive leaf extract and Oregon all oil. I just ordered my first batch of youngevity today and will be starting on it as soon as it arrives.

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden.  It was good seeing you in Toronto.  I just wanted to let you know that my hair follicles are starving for a little attention.  What's the good word in this regard?

Question : Sister has migraines.  She takes a drug that the pharmacy has to make special since they don't have it anymore.  Don't know if I can get her to go gluten free.

Question : since I have very low thyroid function, and watched your webinar on thyroid, wow, what a different perspective than what other doctors tell us, so started taking the z-radical, and using myrrh oil, just wondering if i should keep adding to the protocol you told me to start with, or should I just stay with the 90 for life basic protocol   i am always tired, trying to fix this problem, and heal. been on tt 2.0 osteo fx, flexi care, minerals, selenium, EFA's, glucogenix and off the 12 bad foods. other issues, hormones low progesterone, estrogen, and adrenal fatigue, so should i just jump in for each ailment and start taking what you recommend?

Question : Hey Doc, what is your take on Beta Glucan? Do you have a recommended daily dose for both maintenance, and one when fighting an infection?

Question : What is the difference between sweet eze and glucogenix besides the formula.  why would you take one over the other?  

Question : Hi Dr. G. So got 6 month blood work and I am good, did you get copies?  I am so freaking happy about my life, thank you and thank God!!  I would like to know why you are recommending the calcium powder over the liquid.   I noticed the liquid is way runnier compared to what it was 3 years ago.  Thanks for all you do Dr. G. OMG I am really feeling awesome and my ferritin is also holding at 300.  Whaaahooo!

Question : Hey Doc, good to see you in Detroit!   Too funny you didn't know who I was!  I'm having a heck of a time figuring out what to eat on my diet for my liver?  I know fish and chicken out side of that they say all veggies and fruit but that's not true,  Where would I find a good list?  all different on the net.

the dr today and was told that his thyroids are imbalanced.  He wants to know what can be done. Is anyone esle having buffering problems.

Question : My brother in law went the dr today and was told that his thyroids are imbalanced.  He wants to know what can be done.

Question : How much Killer Biotics does one take? Killer Biotics for R.A. How much does one take? What to take for a torn Meniscus besides the HBSP bone and joint?

Question : Doc- How do you feel about processed Gluten Free foods? They do have some additives and lots of sugar....should I avoid them?  Thanks

Question : Hello again! I'm in now!  I had extensive blood work done by an MD who treats people holistically.  She doesn't like western medicine and also does acupuncture.  My adrenal glands and thyroid are off.  If I send you my results can you help determine what supplements I need to take to fix myself?  Thanks.