Health Q&A: June 19, 2017

04:00 Question : Many years ago, I had a hair analysis done by a health care practitioner.  The results revealed that I was inordinately high in copper. The practitioner did not share what that might mean, and I joked that it must be because I have auburn hair.  Recognizing your depth of knowledge, I thought you might enlighten me what it might mean to have "high" copper in a hair analysis.


10:00 Question : My husbands friend’s father was diagnosed with Pharyngeal-cervical-brachial variant of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, he’s in a lot of pain and his hands and feet go to sleep on him. His doctors said there is nothing more they can do for him but he should be better by next February. Yes they did say that!!!!  Wanted your thoughts on the disease and what he should do. I will pass this webinar on for him to watch.


12:00 Question: I am60 years old and weigh 120lbs. I was fairly active until a year ago and my hip started hurting and my range of motion declined. Since then I've had problems with my right hip/leg/back. I've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. the doc said I was probably born with this condition as the shape of my hip joint is different is different from my left. I went to a hip specialist. He did a blood platelet treatment in Jan which did nothing. I also have osteoporosis . I've been seeing a chiropractor lllllllllShe sent me for an MRI in Jan and it showed 3 herniated discs. She prescribed Intenzyme Forte. I took 20 pills every morning and the back pain was gone. Some days I feel little or no pain and some days I can't walk on my right leg. I've been taking liquid calcium 1oz 2x a day, and the powder once a day. I'm also taking 2oz of Z Radical once a day, 1 oz of plant minerals a day , 1 3/4 t of bone and joint drops per day. and 4 fish oil tablets I had a tummy tuck in 2006. could scar tissue be causing this problem?

17:00 Question: Hi Dr. G,  I recently heard that the best and purest sea salt that also includes iodine is, ‘Redmond Real Salt’.  Are you familiar with this salt?  Also, I have found in my local area a vibrational therapist who is assisting me in identifying foods, supplements and nutritional remedies I use in conjunction with (SOME of the) Youngevity products, therefore, taking my healing journey to the next level. PS –For Your Eyes Only - She is no longer a proponent of the ‘Good Herbs’ products which she says now have become essentially ineffective – Hmmm.)


20:00 Question: Hey Doc, I went to order lab work for T3 and T4 from  unfortunately there are laws that they can't serve people who reside in NY/NJ/MD/RI, what would you suggest to people who need lab work that live in those states to get around this obstacle?

2300: Question: Dr. G-Dawg! Has your preferred selenium product changed or is it still YYGVTY'sUltimate selenium or is it now something other? Have heard you mention vital nutrients. Also what is the mostup to date form of the "Dr Glidden Pack"?Are you not including Selenium in the standard Gliddenpack baseline for everyone?

25:00: Question: I think my son has psorisis?  His head is really red and it is extremely itchy.  He is on OnTheGo pak which he is willing to take.  Can't get him to go gluten free yet.  Budget is a problem.  He is 38 and lives in our finished basement.  He does not work.  So we support him.

27:00: Question: Bonsoir Doc, I've been following your recomandation for my rheumatoid arthritis while breastfeeding. I don't eat any of the 12 bad foods. My baby is know 9 months, she is regulary constipated and I wonder if the supplements have something to do with her condition. Other wise she is healthy and for me I am getting better, almost no more blotting and I have less pain in the articulation. Thank you.


29:00: Question: Hi Dr G I have a torn shoulder which I have been looking after by taking copious amounts of the 90 and 4-6 ounces of Osteo FX daily for 1 1/2 years. For the past 8 months off and on I have had a severe pain in the lower left back just below the ribs that lasts for two to three days. Could this be a a kidney stone because of the large amount of calcium? Should I switch to Cal Toddy? Thanks