Health Q&A: June 21, 2017

05:30 Question: Georgia from London

7.5 stones (104 pounds)


On 90 for 2 weeks’ plus



Good Herbs nerve support

Mineral Caps

Speech has improved.

Need to know what to do for bloating stomach (stomach issues have been a thing for some time diagnosed with irregular z line & decreased peristalsis in November) Blood pressure heart is normal.

The pain is fairly constant not necessarily after a meal. Very uncomfortable. I feel very stuffed up. Going to the LOO every couple of days. I look about 5 m.

Question: Well we went to the Urologist yesterday.  He wants to do CAT scan.  He was interested in why I wanted a MRI.  He thinks the CAT is better for this problem.  If that isn't bad enough I asked about dye and YES they want to do dye.  From bad to worse.  This is getting stressfulNow to wait til the 29th when he goes back to the VA.  Suppose I will hear the same.  I am stopping the efas.  This seemed to start when I started him on them.  Will see how urine test comes out on the 29th.  Glasses r cool.

Question: Good evening Dr. Glidden, Why do we lose our near sight when we pass 40 years of age?

38:30 Question: I have a great friend with an eight year old with a missing chromosome and is challenged. Is there any place for naturopathic or homeopathic assistance?

19:40 Question: Bringing on a couple of great friends, George and Karen Shindler Professor Glidden HEE HEE (glasses are great)  My eyes have experienced a miracle with your Argentyn 23.  If I had not subscribed to your Glidden healthcare I would still be struggling with my dry eyes. Thank you so much for your help. Everyone needs to subscribe to your program. I will write out my success story and put it on my story for your non-profit.

23:00 Just a note: (I'm new at Youngevity): Cal Toddy causes severely loose stools, but Osteo-fx does not.  Normal?

27:00 Question: Can you recommend a good probiotics?

29:00 Question: Hi Dr. G. I had a person mention to me they were concerned about some synthetic vitamins in BTT. Is that something to be concerned about? Thanks

33:00 Question: Hi Dr Glidden my wife and I are in our early 40's and are preparing to have a child. We went to a So Called natural path fertility Dr but then later realized he was not a natural path. They did some labs on my wife and said that my wife had some kind of virus and needed to eliminate them before we start the fertility procedure. We both are on the the youngevity healthy brain and heart pack 2.0 & x1 plant derived minerals a month. We be doing the 2.0 it for about a month and plan to stay on it from here on out. We cut out the 12 bad foods, gluten free for a few years now. These are the phamcedicals the fertility Dr is suggesting my wife to take because of a virus and to deal with a low growth hormone: Past exposure to EBV, CMV, and HHV6 (viruses) Abnormal labs: IGF-1: 95, CRP-hs 3.9H, AM Cortisol 19H, TNF alpha <1.0, WBC 11.800 He wants my wife to take (phamacedicals I don’t want to do): 1- Z-pack 2- Acyclovir 800mg PO 3x/day for 2 weeks then reduce to 2x/day for 45 days then 1/day 3- Heparin 7800 (3SQ q 12 hours & check PTT, 6 hours after AM dose and adjust heparin to keep PTT around 34 seconds 4- Reglan 10mg at 9pm bedtime 5- Prozac 10mg/day 6- Lovastatin 10mg/day 7- One week after above meds, start plaquenil 200mg/day for 20 days (below the 6.54mg/kg risk for threshold for retinal toxicity.) I weigh 140 lbs. I don't want my wife to take any pharmacedacals to prepare or to get pregnant. I just want to do it the Youngevity way. What do you think we should do? Thx Rob

40:00 Question:  I had a message today and they found a sore spot on my lower back. They said it is my kidneys.  What would be good to take for kidneys?

40:40 Question:  When people discontinue the 90 For Life Protocols because they believe they are now healthy enough without doing the program, could a retracing of previous symptoms occur?  Also if they wait one year before returning to the protocols, is it like starting from scratch?  Thanks

Question: DR. G. would EFA 6 good for people repairing body organs or structure. Is repairconsidered growth. Thank you

44:00 Another Q (if there is time): My vanity shows here... what nutrients are good for male pattern balding? I am 58 without any hypertension, meds of any kind, and doing fairly well in general. Thanks.

46:00 Question: I accidentally swallowed my crown. My dentist is concerned with it staying within my system since I have no idea if it came out the other end. Is this a concern?  I am on the full 90 with lots of extras. He wants me to go get an x-ray.

Question: Which lab test would you recommend from doctors data for light green vaginal discharge?  I believe the name for it is Trichomoniasis.

Question: DR G! Just wondering when and why you started recommending the powder osteo over the liquid?

Question: Luba I'm 58 , have high blood pressure . ( still thinking of myself as healthy person , not over weight, no smoking or drinking , almost no meat in my food ) . Did try Olive leaf extract , Cinnamon ...but after visiting my Dr . I'm on Hydrocholotriazid 12,5 mg . Any advice I would appreciate it.