Health Q&A: June 26, 2016

4:20 Question: From Joe:I'm a 64 yo I suffered a heart attack due to atherosclerosis 12/6/2015. They inserted 2 stents in my arteries & was told my other arteries were almost completely clogged also. I refused to take statins but I have been on Effient 10mg/day & Carvedilol 12.5mg/day since then. I take jigsaw magnesium approx. 500 mg per day as well as 10mg CoQ10, garlic, B12. I've lost 50 lbs since then & am mainly on a plant based diet. I have been searching for a product that will clear my arteries.

8:15 Question: Hi Dr G., Does a chicken egg naturally have 100mg or more of Omega 3 or only certain brands which specify that their eggs contain Omega 3?  How much Omega 6 is in one chicken egg?  What is the daily recommended amount of Omega 3 a person needs to maintain good health?

10:10 Question: Good evening, Dr. G.  I'm having issues with swelling in my feet and lower legs.  Has gone from intermittent to routine.  Male, 68, 215#, on appropriate amount of 90 For Life + PDM for several years.  Currently on my 3rd monthly bottle of Nature's Pearl Extract (liquid).   I eat 3 eggs/day plus other protein.  Any suggestions?

16:15 Question: Hey doc. What are your thoughts about drinking lemon juice in water? A friend of mine said that it can affect your joints and make them hurt because if the acid. Is this true?

18:00 Question: I am 38 112lbs. Been suffering from dandruff for 2 months now... out of the blue!!! Maybe even Sebhorric Dermatitis because I have the itchy scalp and dry behind my ears.  It's not horrible, but it's annoying.  Very active, Ketosis diet, no 12 bad foods, been on 90 essentials nutrients for a month now in addition to Selenium and a probiotic.  Read that it's a zinc deficiency, so taking zinc now.  That true? What should I be doing to cure this. should I just be patient and Wait 3months?:)

21:45 Question: My hubby started having blood in his urine when we started him on EFAs.  Is this possible?  When he stopped it stopped.  He has been on them ever since.  So now I am having him stop them to see if there will be no blood in the urine when we go back to the VA on the 29th.  Just curious.  Actually hope that is all it is.  We will see.

Question: Hello Dr. Glidden, God bless you for your excellent work. It is always great to interact with you. I haven’t been on since I have moved out here to the Seattle region, but glad to be online with you. By the way, both of my parents’ health have significantly improved since they have implemented lifestyle changes including the nutrition and supplement recommendations you and Dr. Wallach have given. For example, since my mother has stopped smoking, performed pulmonary rehabilitation, and since she has taken the supplement program you recommended for her, her supplemental oxygen needs have decreased significantly and she seems to have a considerable increase in energy. I will be encouraging my parents to email you their testimonials. Also, I am impressed with the amount of healthier food options out here (for example, gluten free, etc.) compared to back east in Indiana, both within restaurants and stores. I wanted to know if you had any recommended restaurants/businesses that were 12 bad food friendly which you like to visit. I will keep you in my prayers Dr. G-Have a great summer!

23:45 Question: I have a friend who's been on the 90 for 2 years & is off the bad foods.  She has Fluid (bursitis I think) in her ankle as well as tendon pain.  She's had surgery on her foot and fluid came AFTER the surgery and has lingered along with the pain.  Any thought or suggestions? Also, I weigh about 170 lbs and I'm 5'10.  I just started to get plantar fasciitis pain & I've been taking 2 scoops of the osteo powder a day.  Do you feel that if I increase the dosage to 4 day, it should help?  I've been taking the full dosage for everything else. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: Hi Dr. G Was at my computer printing out my insurance cards and saw my policy showing something that upset me about my credit, so went online to look up how to get free credit report and all the sudden my whole body went right – so I dropped to the floor and I feel very strange for about a minute. Then scared it happened for about an hour.Considering I just have been in Tucson 7 days, not driving yet, got in a disagreement with sister on phone about 2 hours ago, 116 temps – please tell me I am not losing my mind.  I wasn’t sharp like the old jolts it was like a slow steady force causing me to drop to floor and crawl to bed stand where I regrouped then got up.  Hands shaking, blood sugar normal – blood pressure 158/100 hb 80 and irregular.  So what do you think? P.S. the place where I am living everyone smokes, all the units to the left and all units to right, I am seeing everyone smoking old and young.  Considering I stopped the nonsense 7 months ago – any tips to keep my lungs clean other than to wear a mask?  Thanks for your help.

30:30 Question: spouse has Frontal Temporal Dementia. What products should he take to help reverse it? Only prescribed drug he is on is medidrin. He was diagnosed 10 years ago.

33:15 Question: Our son has Wegener's Autoimmune that starts in the sinuses and the anti bodies start attacking healthy vascular tissue in other parts of the body.  What causes the antibodies to start attacking healthy tissue. He has now been advised to take Retuxan 6 hour infusions 4 weeks.  Is there a blood test for inflammation. His anca panel shows antibodies and inflammation.  He thinks the inflammation is a sign of the disease from the original sinus infection and not the cause.  Is there anything that you can say that will show him otherwise?37:37 Question: My husband doesn't cooperate with his docs either.  A1c is 13+, fasting blood sugar is 359.  He has glaucoma, cataracts, 130 lbs, age 61.  Eye doc says he has another leakage an eye behind a cataract.  Our lymphatic machine that cleared a major floater and a beginning cataract.  He LOVES grape Pollen Burst, and allergist says he MUST avoid gluten and dairy FOREVER.  Any suggestions? His allergist says his immune system is super stressed.

41:10 Question: Hi Dr. Glidden.  I hate to bug you on this as I have asked a few times.  However, I am chomping on the bit.  Have you made any progress with the hair product that you were looking to produce? Thanks.

42:00 Question: Doc, I have had R.A. for 46 years. I am ready to get rid of this thorn I have lived with.  What can I do to get rid of this once and for all.What was your formula for the CM cream, Peppermint oil, and Bone & Joint how many drops?  Thank you.

46:00 Question: My thyroid is enlarged. I immediately went to the thyroid institute were I live and they did a biopsy. They found that it is larger than 3.0 cm., it's benign (Bethesda Category II) w/ cystic or hemorrhagic change. I have seen your thyroid webinar and my doctors didn't tell me Anything useful like what is causing this "cyst" or what I have or what I can do to get rid of it. They said my TSH is 3.42 which is "normal." What can it be? I am taking the recommend vitamins and minerals but i still have

50:00 Question: Hello Dr. Glidden, my wife's aunty suffers from thyroids, her arms are swollen like pop eye's arms, she is in her mid 60's 5' tall 150lbs.