Health Q&A: June 5, 2017

Question : Doc- What is the highest Safe dose of Osteo-Fx to take for an Extended period of time to deal with my osteoporosis and osteoarthritis? Currently I take around 2,000mg. ( Im 120 lbs)  I heard someone say they started reversing their osteoporosis with 4,000 mg calcium.( which would be around 4 scoops osteo fx daily)  Any thoughts?

Question : Hi Dr. G.  What is it about the increased temperature that makes us feel so drained, even when we are mostly in the house?  What can a person do besides extra minerals and water to stay cool and not get dizzy in 110 degrees?  Thanks

Question : what is best stand alone selenium for person who has trouble taking the copper/selenium blend.  Makes her sick and she has tried everything?  Had a copper IUD removed before.  She is 40 yo and has been on HSP 2.0 for 2 years.  was recently in Bali and was getting headaches 30-40 minutes after taking BTT 2.0   very clean eater, gluten free, drinks tons of watertakes Flora.   cut out and is gradually adding in with no issues but was curious   Dr upped her Thyroid med slightly when she returned after her blood work showed need for it.  headaches have gone away

Question : Friend of mine have some problems with his eyesight. He is describing it as having drop of oil on water interfering his vision within his eye . When he is driving on the highway by the time he is able to read the sign, it is already too late to make decision to take that exit, because he wasn't able to read it on time. MD's are telling him that there is nothing wrong with his eyesight. He can see okay, but when he moves his head rapidly he have severe trouble focusing on things around him quickl

This are some of the diagnosis from MD SHe is 49 yo. with aortic valve endocarditis, septicemia and cavernous sinusthrombosis. Nov 2014. Lost visionOU and has notimproved. Currently receiving amiodarone and doxycyline. No other PH or FH eye disease.








Disposition :Shown to Dr . Brodie for blood under OS macula. He advises intra-ocular anti- VEG-F treatment.He is following MD advice like ship taken to the slaughterhouse. Sadly he's not seeingImprovement in his vision , and he's wondering if following naturopath wouldn't be the best bet.I'm strongly advocating for that. What is your advice please, he'll be listening today.

Question : Hi Dr. G,  Are there any supplements or other Youngevity products that help one’s bodyto repel insects, especially mosquitoes?  What are your best known natural remedies for repelling pesky biting insects? Thanks

Question : What canbe done for a person with factor 5 Leiden Syndrome?

Question : Hi there.  You mentioned in one of your chats about diet. I thought You mentioned that your fiancee publishes information on this on facebook. Not sure. Where can I find this information on Facebook.

Questiojn: What do you think about taking liquid chlorophyll as a supplement to the diet?

Also my son was big in the head by a swing about 6 years ago. he is not 16 and he still feels the bump that he got from the incident. It is not painful but is this something to check out. How do you get rid of it?Was hit in the head* He is now 16*

Question : What is the website to order the parasite test?

Question:A distributor drinks her BTT 2.0 warmed up. Is that ok.

Question: To build up my immune system would Restart product RVB 300 work?

Question: What to do for Candia?

Question : Male 180lbHow long can a person take maso copper.  I take one tablespoon per day.  Is there a cut off point?

Question : Hello Dr. G. from one of your Gliddenites!  Please refresh my memory and tell me if the ultimate daily tablets have the sameingredientsas the liquid. I am interested in the component that cleans the arteries.  I heard Dr. Wallach talking about it today and he did not state which one has it. Thanks

Question : Hey Dr. G., Pastor Jack here. I've been reading about the importance of combining L-arginine and L-citrulline for increased nitric oxide production for heart health. What Youngevity products would you recommend to get these substances into the body?

Question : For my guest, ANGELA, 56,  on 1 FEB 2017 Q and A you recommended a limited budget option1 IMORTALIUM, 1 PLANT DERIVED MINERALS, 1 BEYOND OSTEO FX LIQ, 1 ULTIMATE SEL and 2 GOOD HERBS HEART SUPT.  MD prescribed PhosLoCalcium Acetate binder with meals to limit phosphorusand potassium.  She wishes direction as to the timing of the meals,  Youngevitymineral supplements, and taking the binders so mineral supplements will be absorbed. Thanks Dr G!!

Question: Angela also desires to know the optimum program to follow if additional funds are available.  She is determined to get off of dialysis as soon as possible.  Thanks Dr G !! HARRY FROM OHIO

Question : These questions are related to "oil in a bottle"

Question: Is clarified butter (ghee) acceptable for cooking?  I know you have said butter is OK, but clarified butter does come in a bottle.

Question:Is coconut oil applied to the skin OK?  

Question: Over the weekend, mosquito bit me in my eyelid at night. By the morning I couldn't open my eye because of enormous swelling. Any holistic take approach to that to prevent it in the future. I understand not to get bitten will be the best one.

Question: Vital nutrients seleniumis twice of youngevity in selenium content. Do ia have to take 2 of this instead of 4 youngevity? What is your referal #?


Question : Doc, when I saw you in Detroit you looked 20 years younger,  movie star quality.  Fess up it can't just be supplements, if it is I want to know what your doing? Special products?

Question : Doc- What is the highest Safe dose of OsteoFx to take for an Extended period of time to deal with my osteoporosis and osteoarthritis? Currently I take around 2,000mg. ( Im 120 lbs)  I heard someone say they started reversing their osteoporosis with 4,000 mg calcium.( which would be around 4 scoops osteofx daily)  Any thoughts?

Question: We got my brother in law off of his Type 2 diabetes meds but not before they damaged his kidneys to the point that he has started dialysis. What if anything can be done to help get his kidney function back?

Question: Hey doc. Can I ask another question? What do you think about adding liquid chlorophyll to the diet? What are the benefits? Many thanks

Question: Doc, I am 40 weeks pregnant & spoke with you a few weeks ago. A quick recap, I have been off the 12 bad foods & on all 90, gluco gel, sweet eze & cherry mins 6 months prior to pregnancy & all throughout pregnancy (except sweet eze). A few weeks ago I asked you your opinion about me taking a 3 hour glucose test. You recommended I not take it & start taking 3 sweet eze 3 times a day before a meal. I did not take the test & began taking the sweet eze. My OBGYN called me an incompliant patient and said this was no laughing matter. That there was a good chance I could have a very large baby & not be able to have a VBAC.

Then we had a descrepency on my due date. According to the first date of my missed period, which I am 95% sure of, my due date is June 13th. According to my 9 week ultrasound measurements it shows my due date to have been June 2nd. He said the earliest ultrasound is the most accurate way to tell due date & he is going off of that one. Then he said he is uncomfortable letting me go more than 1 week past the June 2nd due date and scheduled me for a foley catheter procedure to help me dilate on June 9th & scheduled me for an induction on June 10th. (I have heard of alot of women who go two weeks passed their due date & would like to do the same) As of a week ago I am still dialated a 0. The baby has dropped and his head is down. The doctor felt the babys head.

3 years ago my first son was born via c-section. 1 week passed my due date they tried to induce me with pitocin & dialate my cervix with cervadil. None of it worked on me & I was still dialated at a 0 after all of it. So they did a c-section. I have been having braxton hicks contractions with this pregnancy as I did not with my first. (maybe body working right this time around due to the 90?)

Is it safe to go two weeks passed your due date? Is the earliest ultrasound the most accurate? Not sure which due date to go by. What is your opinion on foley catheter to dialate cervix & on inducing labor? What do you think about inducing labor only a week passed due date. Also, are there any homeopathic ways I can induce labor on my own or anything I can do to help my body along, my cervix dialate and labor to start. At this point I would just rather give birth at home by myself Your input on this situation is very important to me. Thank You so much.