Health Q&A: July 17, 2017

09:30 Question : Dr. G Since black pepper helps things absorb better, is it wise to take a black pepper supplement with other supplements to increase bioavailability?  Also, what is better if you are on a budget, BTT 2.0 Tablets or the Ultimate Classic? Thank you.

11:10 Question : Dr. G, if an adult individual is physically active (bike ride, workout) every other day, would it benefit them to have both Omega and Ultimate EFA using the Omega on days they are not physically active and the Ultimate EFA when they are physically active? Dr. G, you used to include ZRadical as one of the products you always take. Do you no longer include that as a monthly product you take? When doing an extended water fast (4-6 days), would you get the same results with supplements as without?

Question : Hi Dr. G. A whole lot of crazy going on with this new life. I went for acupuncture to get calmed back down and the jolts came back! Was super surprised as I haven’t had a jolt in over a year. Had a small smoke/fire(from a bad outlet) in the apt last night and was jolting for about 4 hours afterwards, then finally fell asleep. Lot’s of building maintenance issues here and with all the changes from moving & elevation increase I am not making the progress that I had hoped for. I seem to be overeating to relieve stress and that’s never a good thing.. not sure if it’s happening because of all the smokers or just because of nerves, but I can actually feel my throat changing since being here. The new acupuncturist says my tongue shows my body has dampness which means I am retaining water maybe due to cheese – not sure about that (never heard anything like that before). So because the jolts are returning and considering the throat issues please suggest a homeopathic – really want to move to the next level of my new life. By the way my testimonial will come as soon as I get settled. I thought I could stay away from you for about a week or two, but guess NOT! Lol Thanks Dr. G. for everything you’re doing!

20:00 Question : Is it normal for baby to not have bowel movement for 3-4 days? Mom is on BTT 2.0 and off of gluten. Has been going on for several months. When mom was off of BTT 2.0 for a week, baby had movements every day.

22:23 Question : Is it normal for baby to not have bowel movement for 3-4 days? Mom is on BTT 2.0 and off of gluten. Has been going on for several months. When mom was off of BTT 2.0 for a week, baby had movements every day.

23:50 Question : I’m 30 years old, 5’-11” and weigh 124 pounds. I started on a HBSP 2.0 liquid & a bottle of selenium last August shortly before I gave birth to my daughter. I exercise pretty much daily, but I have one health concern. When I was 15 I had braces, & continued to wear my retainers at night until about 3 years ago. My wisdom teeth have also been removed. 2 years ago, without warning I lost a back molar due to what is called “Internal Tooth Resorption” where I guess the cells eat away at the inside/underneath part of the tooth & it’s not noticeable until it’s too late. I’ve since lost two more back molars (one again just last week!) and I had just been to the dentist a month ago along with x-rays & there was no sign of this?? Is there anything I can do or should add to what I’m already doing? Thank you.

26:45 Question : Greetings from Canada. Do you believe we have 3 natural body cycles? Detoxification from 4a.m. to 12 noon, Appropriation from 12 noon to 8 p.m. and assimilation from 8 to 4 a.m? If so, are we wise to wait til noon before we eat our first meal of the day? If this is true there's no way the 5-6 small meals a day plan would work. Just curious! Look forward to seeing you in Texas next month. Can you explain the Vit. K issue. Dr's here are pressuring moms to give it to their newborns. Do you know of a Vit. K drop to use to prevent all the hassle If they didn't cut the umbilical cord so soon the baby would get the vit. K from the mom but as you say, Dr's are clueless about the Natural Way.

29:45 Question : Dr. G. What is your view on lectins? A well known heart surgeon, who no longer does surgery, says it is the cause for arthritis and heart disease. I find when I eat tomatoes or beans I have digestive problems.

32:15 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, I asked you last week about what you were preparing for gray hair, am not too concern about my gray hair, I am more concerned about the thinning of my hair that happened on my mid 30s and I haven't been able to recover it! Do you have a protocol for thinning hair I am willing to be a test subject for it!

32:22 Question : Welcome back Doc: Minor Question... You mentioned that the Calcium forms in Cal-Toddy & Beyond Osteo-fx are different. But as I read the lables (including the powdered form of B.O-fx), they both match (Tri-calcium phosphate & calcium citrate). Did they change recently?

34:40 Question : What protocol would you recommend for someone with polycythemia vera and a skin disorder which has acronym, asap? Asking for a friend. Thank you Sorry I have one more question if you have timeWould you recommend glucogenix over sweetest now? sweet eze, of course is what I meant

38:22 Question : Dr. G. A person that is on your program to bring down high blood pressure. You recommend no fried foods. Can I fry foods with butter?

39:29 Question : what is the health benefit of colloidal copper and silver?

41:30 Question : Good night. I have blood sugar issues and I noticed a water filled bump on one of my toes that would not go away. I was wondering if I should apply ointment for calluses on it. What do you think?

42:30 What are Essential Tremors and what is the protocol to support the body for such?

44:10 Question : Dr. G-Dawg! What is the therapeutic dose and maintenance dose for Flexi-care plus? Thanks!

45:00 Question : Will using a pressure cooker over heat food?

46:05 Question : Would you recommend the colloidal copper for people with heart problems? Like to take with the new beets father has a massive heart attack over 30 years ago