Health Q&A: July 26, 2017

Question : My understanding is that silica is essential for the proper storage of calcium and for maintaining healthy connective tissues.  Would it be prudent to add the ionic minerals liquid Silica to your recommended protocols if calcium absorption, and joint and bone tissue health are still concerns?  Thanks

Question : 62 yo male treated for chronic ear infections last 3 years; recently diagnosed with Encephelocele (brain sac herniated thru ear canal) 2 surgical procedures mastoidectomy and craniotomy 8 weeks ago Had seizure on way home upon release.  Now on Kepra for seizures and B6 and B12  Residual effects of procedures are mentation issues.  Please address as possible for protocol

18:50Question : My girlfriends hubby is 30 yrs. old and started having seizures, then had some memory loss, anger issues and lost lots of weight. His heart rate was in the 30's and BP normal.Seizingat least twice a day.HadCT scan, blood work normal. Say they are treating him for frontal lobe epilepsy. Has lump on earlobe and also white hard lumps on groin and thigh area. Got bite by a tick in April, put on strong one dose antibiotic, and had his 1st seizure july 4th.Haslost appetite and has a metallic taste in his mouth. He took Serequal One week prior to seizures, for his anger issues. He's only taking Magnesium as they told him his Magnesium was low. Want to help him. Finances are tight. What can I suggest. Was on Ceprolex for tick bite.

23:05 Question : I have heard that jumping on a trampoline or rebounder is not good if you have a prolapse (uterine).  Is this right.  What if you need lymph movement?   The best exercise for me is swimming, but I worry about the chlorine. Congrats on your book.

25:00 Question : ORAC related questions from a newbie subscriber: I’ve listened to some of your discussions regarding ORAC values of Youngevity products:- 1) Since the ORAC value is important, shouldn’t the ORAC value be listed on all labels of the Youngevity product?  Or is it on the label and I’m just missing it? 2) The chart of ORAC values you have on your web site is appreciated.  Is there a way it can be updated to include all the current Youngevity products and identify the product item # we can order each

30:00 Question : What do you recommend to lower A1C mine was doing really good then suddenly has shot up. I just added Berberine to my regimen will that help this issue?

Question : What protocol should be added for someone currently on the youngevity program since March recently diagnosed with a benign tumor on the  lining of the brain? "Dr's" are advising cutting back on current protocol until further testing next week. (Current, Btt 2.0, z rad, efa, osteo, selenium, ( No bad 12’s)"

34:00 Question : My daughter is not doing well on the efa plus., she has a hypothyroid problem and has been muscle tested for the beyond tangy tangerine starter pac and everything is alright except the EFA Plus. Could you suggest something else for the EFA

35:15 Question : What would you suggest to mix as a drink during IR-Sauna session? We thought at first on rebound, what says the Doc?? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Question : I know you say you;re not good with cancer...but I have a friend just diagnosed with thyroid cancer,  They are talking about removing thyroid and avoiding chemo or radiation.  Anything to do to try to keep thyroid?  If its removed, what extra nutritional support is needed?