HealthQ&A: July 5, 2017

Question : Do you know of any substitutions for oil for salad dressing or to drizzle on a nitrate free sub? Is mayonnaise as bad for you as oil in a bottle?  Thanks.

Question : Hey Doc! Have an uncle and aunt. Both have acid reflux, he had an ulcer break in his stomach. She has high blood pressure. Extra Osteo for her?

Question : Hi Dr Glidden. Sorry if this is a bit long. I have been on 90 for almost 6 months. I have a list of things going on with me. I learned from your webinars that I am calcium deficient from my teenage years – I always suffered with bad menstrual cramps. I suffered with back pain and knee pain for years and 3 month after giving birth to my daughter I had kidney stones. I also developed mild form of acne. I then had 2nd child. I was extremely tired all the time. Then I had this cough for months and it got worse so doctors thought I had asthma. I was given antibiotics, steroids and it was not helping so then I found you (thank god!) I started taking big dose of Omega 3 and started 90 and no 12 bad foods and cough is gone and not tired anymore, my back is not sore anymore, knee is almost fully better. However I got bad stomach pains and heartburn and had endoscope done and I have gastritis inflammation in stomach so I increased my calcium and salt intake. Stomach pain is gone only occasional heartburn, however in last 2 months I have had digestion issues as well and constipation and had hemorrhoid twice. We want to have another child but I am worried with all the things going on with me.. Is my program good enough for me ( I weigh 53 Kg ) :

  • 1 Tangy tangerine 
  • 1 Beyond Osteo Fx Powder
  • 1 Osteo Fx licuid
  • 2 Projoba Omega
  • 1 Selenium
  • 1 Enzymes
  • 1 Plant Derived Minerals 

P.S. I enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Video

12:40   Question: Customers accidentally ordered the 2.0 pak with the tabs/liquid.  First time taking products.  Been taking 8 BTT tabs and 6 EFAs and doing the Osteo Liquid in the morning.  They are doing 2 paks each bc 200 lbs.  The BTT tabs are not dosed for body weight right?  They are experiencing loose stools, etc.  I told them to do 1/2 dose in the beginning but thought they ordered the powders.  Spoke to yesterday and learned otherwise.  They are going to order the powder pak 2.0 and we going over the 12 bad foods but wanted to see if the 8 BTT tabs and the liquid could cause the loose stools.  Only been on products for a a few days. Even though told to do 1/2 dose starting out, they have been taking 8 tablets

15:15 Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, What suggestions do you have for a new mother who's suffering from post partum depression?  She had her baby 2 months ago.  I've ordered her some Tangy Tangerine & figured the Osteo would be needed as well being great for hormone regulation as I've experienced that benefit first hand.  Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank YOU

18:40 Question : Dr. Glidden,  I have been following your suggestion for about 2 years now and I'm not going back to the old way.  I have been struggling with a lot of muscle tightness in the back and shoulders have any suggestion.  thanks keep up the good work.

21:21 Question : Hi Dr. G - thoughts on MCT oil?  It really curbs appetite - what do you think?

22:50 Question : Hi doc. My daughter who is 21 occasionally gets a tingling in her right arm. It goes away when she exercises but comes back again if she stops exercises. She had this tingling in her arm about 2 weeks ago and she felt dizzy. I know she sometimes have trouble sleeping at night. This is an ongoing problem for a while now. I would like to contact you directly and make an appointment. Let me know how I can arrange this. She has had the tingling in her arm for a few years off and on

25:15 Question : Hi Dr. G.  1 1/2 years ago my doc found cyst on my thyroid and wanted me to have needle biopsy which I opted not to do. Instead I rewatched your thyroid video, uped my selenium, started iodine, did some meso copper and occasional myrrh on throat. One or all the above worked. Had ultrasound and thyroid just fine. woohoo Thank you. Can I get a that's how we roll?

27:45Dr. G, I see you don't mention Cal Toddy calcium supplements anymore.  Don't you think Cal Toddy would be just as good as Beyond Osteo FX? It has more Magnesium than the Osteo?  Thanks

30:15 Question : hey doc, i know you talk about avoiding the 12 bad foods when it comes to weight loss, what is your take on low carb diets and when would you recommend suggesting one for a patient?

32:30 Question : I have a detailed medical episode I just endured, and I need help.  Space here doesn't permit my posting the question.  Please help!  Can I email it to you?

34:30 Question : Went to VA for hubby.  Saw nurse practitioner.  She also talked CAT with dye.  I said we didn't want dye.  They do dye with MRI too.  It is funny, but on the way to the VA there was an article about how the dye does not get completely out of the body.  The gadolinium passes the brain barrier and they find it in the brain and bones.  Told her about that and when I had a MRI I had without dye.  She asked what I was afraid of.  I told her nephrogenic systemic fibrosis.  She then actually asked if we would consider an ultrasound. LOLYes. So a renal ultrasound. Then asked about the scope into the bladder. We said yes with no dye.  Waiting til August.  Still had blood in urine.  How long does it take to stop after stopping the EFAs?

37:37 Question : Dr. G.  My chiropractor is having me purchase vitamin Liposomal C and wants me to purchase other supplements.  He knows what I take already, so should I ignore his suggestions?  Seems I have all I need with Youngevity. Also, I have a friend who was diagnosed withe HPV.  What would you recommend for her.

40:30 Question : what program would you suggest for an 80 yr old man with dementia?

43:20 Greetings Doc;  Paul in Alexandria...  Your thoughts? I have a good friend in Ohio. He's about 70 and in relatively good health.  He has begun manifesting spots (like liver spots) on the skin on his head, and he seems fixed on the idea that it must be an infection, and colloidal silver will eliminate it.  I am in doubt of his conclusion, but I do not have any "credentials."  Thanks…

Doc, Randy has had a test showing a 90% blockage in his left Carotid Endarterectomy. He is seeing a vascular doctor tomorrow. Any suggestions to break up this blockage?

Question : Dr. G.  My friend had the HPV vaccines in her twenties, she is now 30 and has HPV.