Health Q&A: August 14, 2017

01:35 Question : Hi Dr. G, Randy took the Bryonia Alba that you recommended for his persistent phlegm in his throat but no luck on that one, should he take it longer or try something else. Also he some skin tags, orthat’s what they look like, what would you recommend for removingthem, thanks again for everything!!!

03:45 Question : Dr. G, If a supplement was issued a qualified health claim, can the layperson legally speak or write about the claim without fear of violating the law? 

Also, with all of the North Korea nonsense, would it be wise to keep an iodine supplement on hand?

07:15 Question : Dr. Glidden, what would you recommend for someone that got off of methadone after taking it for 5 years? They are now struggling with depression.

10:20 Question : read somewhere that if you don't see the half moon whites on the base of your nails your are iodine deficient? Is this true? If it is, what should I do/take? Thanks

12:10 Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. I am looking to go to Cuba for a week. It is impractical to take along the Plant Minerals that require refrigeration and the bulky BTT and Osteo FX canisters. I am looking to bring a bottle of the Ultimate Daily, Glucogenix and Projoba EFA. Is this sufficient.? Thx.

14:00 Question : 75 yr. old man through cystoscopy shows bladder stones and cancer. Looks like aggressive kind. Waiting for biopsy report. They want CAT scan to see stage and if it spread. Is this really necessary? Treatment would be the same. They also want to scrape the bladder to get the stones and cancer. Say it could be life threatening. Can we get stones out. Was it bayberry? What to do. Thanks. This from the VA hospital.

16:35 Question : Hi Dr. G, What is the average lifespan of Naturopathic Doctors in particular and of wholistic healthcare professionals in general? Were you able to find out the current status of Jordan Rubin’s cancer diagnosis and healing journey? Thanks

19:15 Question : hey Doc, What is Meso Copper used for and how much should one take per day?

21:21 Question : Dr. Glidden, i have a customer who has type 2 diabetes, 276, started the program with all essentials, glucogenix, her Blood sugar went up to 300, increased Glucogenix to 2 a.m. and 2 p.m. per Richard Renton, it has gone up to 302, started Sweet Eze to add to her regime and it went up to 312. I told her to stop the Glucogenix and stick with the sweet eze, She is getting very frustrated!!! HELP!

25:15 Question : Hey Doc. just wondering why I don't here you talk about detoxing or detox protocol. Do you believe that using the youngevity products and getting the proper nutrition will rectify any issues? Would like your insights on this issue please. also, my blood sugar is all over the place, 159 upon waking this am, then 117 around 3pm, and what was your advice on hot flashes again? where do we order the book?

29:25 Question : Hi Dr G! I have a friend who has a type 1 diabetes called MODY. What do you recommend for her? What would you say her chances are for a full recovery? Thanks for all your help! She wasn't diagnosed with this until she was 17

Question : 6-1" 185-190lbs. African American. History of Kidney Stones, knee pain, lower back pain and starting to show signs of prostate issues. Dribbling etc. Took Healthy start pak for a month, but off now. Any suggestions?

34:00 Question : Hi Doc; Welcome back. A simple question: What is the primary / intended purpose of the "Tropical Plus"? Thanks...

35:30 Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, It was very nice to finally meet all of you in person. Sorry I could not stay longer to have lunch together, I had a 3 hours drive home and a few shores to do before night time to get ready to work after a long weekend. I would like to buy your new book, when is it going to be available to purchase? By the way, thank you so much for the autographed book. I got a scan with Dr. Bailey at the New World Expo and he mentioned that out of every person he scanned there, you and me were the most healthy people he saw in the place.

36:56 Question : For Jonathan in the past 4 years I have had 2 kidney stones come out , the last one being 9 months ago. I read Dr Wallachs book lets play doctor. He mentions that it is an issue of calcium phosphorus balance. I eat plenty of meat and maybe not enough veggies which is something i am working on improving. Since meat, chicken , fish and eggs contain plenty of phos and no calcium should I take the cal toddy instead of the beyond osteo fx Cal toddy as you know has less phosphorus and more magnesium. When I was in the ER they did a ct scan unfortunately and told me i had no more stones. I just want to prevent them ...any advice?

Question : For Darryl, I had a motorcycle accident when I was 19 had a ACL and ml tear and then I've been working all these years and the ACL is torn a little bit and MCL and now I'm bone to bone I hear all these stories that youngevity can help with nutrition but I think because of the injury I may have to just go with a knee replacement.

Question : Good night. I have blood sugar issues and I realize I am sweating profusely in my head. Could this be related? I am on the sweet ezee and off the 12 bad foods.

Question : Doc, as you know I'm very worried about not being able to support my body through Youngevity. What more can I try that won't make me sick?

Question : do you know a cure for tourette's syndrome? teenager with it, not sure what to recommend.