Health Q&A: August 2, 2017

02:15 Question : Hi Doc, 3 4u today: 1. Opinion on 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide for therapeutic uses? I was watching some interviews about that on Health tube. Various sources talk about therapy that involves using five drops of hydrogen peroxide three x a day, stepping up daily until 25 drops 3 x a day, then going backwards with this regiment lowering dosage everyday back to five drops diluted in water. Thoughts? 2. Does the beyond osteo contain potassium? It's not listed, but since beginning in March, K

04:20 Question : Hey Doc, my dad is here with me & he just got out of the ER. For the past 3 weeks his blood pressure has been spiking. It will be normal then an hour later it will get high 151/108 and stay high for a few hours and then back down to normal again. When he is up talking on the phone and walking around it goes up really high (his highest reading was 204/104). Right before we took him to the ER he had an episode. He said his heart started pounding, racing & felt like it was going to explode. He said he was about to either pass out or his heart was about to give out on him. He quickly took 2 nitros and downed some calcium and his blood pressure was normal at the ER and stayed normal in the hospital over night.  The doctor at hospital said dad has a genetic disease where his arteries develop more bad cholesterol than normal and not enough good cholesterol (is this real?), told dad there were several things that could cause high blood pressure and the important thing is to treat it. Put him back on blood pressure medication twice a day (my dad quit taking all his medications 3 months prior to this…cold turkey) as well as back on cholesterol meds & plavix for his stents along with about 5 other medications (yikes). His cholesterol was 350, good cholesterol 27. We watched your blood pressure webinar and for about a week now have been making sure he is consistent with his supplements, but his blood pressure is still high. I know its not a quick fix, but we are concerned about his heart working so hard and his blood pressure staying so high. still not sure what is causing this, what caused that episode or where to go from here. He is scheduled to see the same doctor in about a month and we want to go in there with knowledge on how to attack this situation. He is 160lbs and for a year has been on 2 caps of ultimate classic twice a day, 2 EFAs twice a day, 4 selenium twice a day, 1 cap of liquid gluco gel once a day, 2 caps of cherry mins twice a day and an extra bottle of liquid beyond osteo-fx every now and again. He is also off the 12 bad foods for 3 months now. (He has not been the most consistent with his supplements, he forgets) (He also works in a hot kitchen at our restraunt and sweats a lot & just saw a video of yours that reminded us this could be part of the problem) My dad is a heart patient, has a pace maker, stents, has had several heart attacks with bypass surgery and has had an aorta anurism surgery. (He also has diabetes & arthritus)

Not sure if this could be related, but his rib seperated from his cartlidge right by his heart during a chiropractor visit 3 months ago.  P.S. Delivered a healthy baby boy 7 

11:25 Question : Hey Dr. G, how do I provide product quality and content assurances to potential prospects? I understand that Youngevity manufacturers are NSF certified, and that some Youngevity products are also certified to bear the NSF seal on their labels, but what about in the case of other Youngevity products which lack such seals, and when the name of the manufacturer isn't known? How do I prove a correlation between products which lack the NSF label seal with NSF certified manufacturers to customers?

15:05 Question : Dr. G, I really like peanut butter, and I was wondering if I purchase organic peanut butter, will this reduce the risk of eating peanuts that may be exposed to fungus? 

15:40 Question : Greetings Dr. G, If blood pressure drops shortly after consuming a meal, and results in sluggishness, what would be your recommended remedy? Also, is there only one correct pronunciation for Naturopathic. I have heard even Naturopathic Doctors use two different pronunciations (‘Nature’-opathic and ‘Natural’-opathic) when discussing their profession? Thanks

16:30 Hi doc this is Terry Gudde... my wife is starting the Keto90 diet but has had her gall bladder taken out and has a fatty liver... been on the 90 for about a year. tyia oops now my question is what should she be taking and eating... any tips?

Question : Good evening Doctor Glidden,

You mentioned last week that after the release of your book you can no longer carry the Argentyn 23 products! Do these products have an expiration date? By the way, I love the sound of the ocean!

20:33 Question : Hi Doc. Keep up the good work! I have been having some random tingling/numbness in my left foot. Also some headaches around the temples and some neck pain. Also have experienced some dizzy spells and shortness of breath. Any ideas? Ordered some of the new Cardiobeets, what are your thoughts on the product?

Question : 2. Does the beyond osteo contain potassium? It's not listed, but since beginning in March, K levels elevated to 5.4 then 5.6 by July end. Attending physician said sometimes powdered supplements contain extra K, and advised easing up on osteo powder. Anything else that could be raising the level? Thoughts on dosing or adjustments? (current BTT 2.0 tabs, osteo powder, efa, selenium, muscadine, plus maca, wheatgrass powder and 3 pharma) 3. Concerns over too much vitamin D? What, if any, problems can it cause? Thanks for all you do!

28:50 Question : Hi doc. You mentioned sometime ago what causes fluid around the joints. For instance fluid around the toe joints. What causes this?

30:25 Question : Hey Doc, well you were pretty close to me on your vacation. hope it was a great time. anyway, my grandson, who is 7, has the skin issues with eczema, and who has been on but, osteofx, efa's and skin improves a little, then he gets red eyes, puffy, watery, skin gets red bumps all over again as well as the open sore area, so thinking there is an allergy to grass, or other things. any ideas what to do? what is the most bioavailable form of magnesium, potassium, selenium, calcium? is it true that the FDA only allow 99mg of potssium in most supplements, i see that but has 175mg?

33:05 Question : Dr. G. For a 82 year old woman what can I give her to prevent urinary track infections.

Question : Hello Dr. G! Is there any Good Herbs product that can help with my nail fungus both on my feet and my right hand and skin issues? Just heard you talking about peroxcide. What about our oxybody product?

36:10 Question : Hi Doc., I ordered The selenium from your vital company. I went to order the Medorrhinum, it asked for americana Medorrhinum and Medorrhinum. Which one should I ordered? Randy, had his two week post oppt. and he is doing great. The head issue is caused from prostate meds. taking in the morning and not at night. His PSA is 15. We are rejoicing because their is nothing wrong with his brain. I am getting a bump on my right side of my foot. Looking online is is an R.A. Bump. what can I do? My lower back, glutes are sore. Starting today PT at Chrio. Suggestions please. Taking the PDM liquid, do we still need to take BTT.2. Sometimes my stomach hurts after drinking BTT2.0.

38:38 Question : hello Doctor G., what is the best source for potassium supplementation?

39:25 Question : Dr. G I heard that you can Ivee the Argetyn 23. could that be used on animals to reduce the use of antibiotics. Because all a vets Know is antibiotics. thanks

40:35 Question : My MOM is 65 years, she was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2000 and she was been on pill until june 2017. Now the medication pill is not working any more, she is now taking Insulin Injection 20 units once a day in empty stomach. She also takes the following pills on a daily basis for different things: 1. Deriphyllin retard 150 2. Blood Pressure tablet 3. Thyronorm 100mcg I would appreciate if you could suggest the right minerals to treat her condition. She is in India, would be nice if the minerals. Another question: How do we cure pimple near ****, have tried onion and alovera, it goes off and comes back again. Afraid to visit MD Doctor on this issue, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Do you recommend any minerals for 9 year old kid with Autism issues? He is good in everything, however he does not speak properly, does not make eye contact and does not focus as well.

Question : Good evening Doc:  Are we certain that ANY oils we would wish to use are oxidized, or is that a "playing-it-safe" assumption? How do we really know?  Thanks.

45:10 Question : Hello, I will be traveling soon, what do you recommend for packing/taking liquid refrigerated supplements (i.e., plant derived minerals)? Is there a powder or capsule for plant derived minerals?

46:40 Question : FYI- An example of the blood pressure and blood sugar readings are 87/61 with a 73 pulse, and a 96 glucose reading. Also 9 Sweet Eze are taken daily.

My understanding is that foods that could lower blood sugar include certain mushrooms, beets, garlic and onions.