Health Q&A: August 21, 2017

01:00 Question : Hi Doc! It was great seeing you in Dallas! Just wondering what you'd recommend for someone with Hidradenitis Suppurativa - same as for acne and other skin conditions?

05:10 Question : Hello Dr. G. Living in Tucson 2 months as of today!! It seems that when things happen like the power goes out and it’s 100 degrees; I handle it quite well and then when it’s all over I get shaky as if the adrenaline caused a reaction – this happened to me today, how can I put all this into a place or better yet what is that when a person handles stress but then when it’s over sort of falls apart for 3 hours? This has happened to me over other experiences like driving, etc. I get thru what I experience as difficult, and then when complete I get shaky and it lasts for hours. Thanks Dr. G

08:10 Question : Does fasting get rid of bad bacteria in the digestive tract? Am really excited about the i 26 products that we learned about this past weekend. You "Nailed It" again with your great presentations. We, at Youngevity Nation are blessed to have you. Keep up the great work.

11:40 Question : Hi Doc. Two questions: A friend's husband has ATTR Familial Cardiac Amyloidosis. Doctors told him he won't live long. Is this truly a death sentence or can his heart be corrected with nutrition? Secondly, what's your go to products when a person is diagnosed with cancer? Sorry one more... My 12 year old son, 64lbs has a light patch on his face that started as a dry patch. It seems to be slowly spreading. What could it be?

20:30 Question : Dr. Glidden, it was a pleasure to spend some time with you at the Youngevity convention in Dallas this past week. I was able to enjoy about 4 hours or more of reading your new book on my flight back home and wanted to give a shout out to anybody who hasn't ordered his new book to get it in their hands and to start reading may not be able to put it down. God bless Dr. G...look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis later this year.

22:20 Question : Hey Dr. G, it was great meeting you at convention. I tell everybody about the invisible rabbit narrative and they say that is so cool. My question is, does liquids, such as liquid nutrition, as opposed to solid food cause the production of stomach acid? Do nutritional capsules and tablets cause the production of stomach acid which may destroy their value before being absorbed? You hear about nutritional supplements not getting past the stomach acid to get absorbed and assimilated by the body Also, how does time released capsules work? Thanks

26:56 Question : What are your thoughts on exercising? How much? What kind? Been doing HIIT/Bodyweight for years with very little change.

Question : Is there enough K2 in Youngevity to support bone mineralization? It says there is only 50% of daily value in Tangy Tangerine. I take an ADK supplement daily that contains 600% of the K2 value, is this okay?  What is the source of the calcium in Youngevity? Does your new book address how to heal adrenal and thyroid fatigue/insufficiency? Lastly: Are you up on lectin avoidance diets? I have had more progress in my personal fitness program with lectin-avoidance and focusing on gut health than anything else I have tried in 8 years of trying just about every diet plan. 

44:54 Question : Dr. G have you ever heard of "D-Mannose" being used to cure and keep Urine Track Infection. If yes, where is a good place to buy it.

46:36 Question : Hey Doc, I just had a new rep join YGY (Barbara) a little over a month ago. Unfortunately it was not soon enough. She had a heart attack a few days ago. The MDs want to put her on a large amount of different meds. What do you recommend she take when she gets home form the hospital. Thanks

Question : Hi Dr G, thank you for so generously spending time w/ me & my sister Louann in Dallas. It was so great to see you, Brenda & the Eiffel Team.  Q: Besides Novacaine, what do you recommend to calm down a cranial nerve? Last few days intense tooth, ear & jaw pain. Using CM cream w/ trauma oil, works for few hours brilliantly, but still coming back. Also detoxing with nasty productive head & neck cold, sore throat.  Lucky me. Have YGY colloidal silver and Winter Thyme syrup. Not ready for root canal! Also a reminder to check out possible side effects of sodium selenite/selenomethionine and levothyroxine.

52:00 Question: Hello, Coffee enemas...are they a good thing and if yes, what kind of coffee? instructions, etc.

Question : Hey Dr. G.  We loved your training on Good Herbs at the YGY Convention -- learned a lot.  Hope you got the coffee!  Can you please clarify the dosage when using the mineral caps?  We are still traveling and they are more convenient.  Mahalo!

Question : Hi Doctor G.  If you remember I couldn't take any of the youngevity products.  I was slowly getting all my bone & joint problems back.  I got brave and tried to take the cal- toddy again, all is well my joint pain is gone plus no more potty problems for now at least.  3 months off of Youngevity 4 days on made a huge difference in my life.  Is it OK just to take the minerals and cal toddy until I get brave enough to try more?  Leave for Mayo on 9/11.