Health Q&A: August 28, 2017

04:50 Question : What if any topical uses are there for the following Good Herbs: Bone and Tissue, Female, and Hypothalamus Support? Could the Good Herbs prove beneficial for gardening purposes? I have extra bottles of the Good Herbs that can not be taken internally, and that I have had too long to return for a refund. Thanks


07:25 Question : What's up Doc? I have a friend who's little girl got dizzy and passed out in the shower a couple of days ago in the morning. Any idea of what could cause this? Also what is the main cause of canker sores in the mouth?


09:15 Question : Dr Glidden

I’ve been taking: 1 Healthy Start Pack

1 Healthy Start Pack Liquid

1 bottle Radical

1 bottle Ultimate Selenium

1 bottle Plant Derived Minerals 

for the past 6months. I feel really good, my appetite is down and I’ve lost 29 pounds. Knee pain is gone but I still have pain in my shoulders off and on. 

It’s not too debilitating, mostly it’s annoying. Last year I had uterine cancer 1) Migraines - Every 2 weeks, out of nowhere, I begin loosing my vision and the "aura" takes over my vision for about 20 minutes. Sometimes the migraines is preceded by neck pain. This is followed by temporary numbness in my hands and sometimes my mouth. Then, the grueling pain of a headache strikes and last for about 5 hours. The next day my head/brain feels like I was in a boxing match. The depressed emotional state that follows feels as if someone is pouring a black, dark depressed substance through my body. 2) Chronic eye burning & redness (dry eye?)

This condition, as well, is chronic and painful. Most days my eyes are so red I have to wear glasses. They constantly burn and no prescription or eye drop has helped. Suffering from eye irritation effects everything I do all day long.

Age: 57

Height: 5ft 1 in.

Weight: 105 lbs.

Thyroid Medication from the MD- Nature- Throid 65 mg/daily Mary Pat

15:15 Question : a friends parent has colon cancer and doctor suggest surgery to prevent spread to liver. suggestions

17:45 Question : Dr. GIs there a difference between "D-Mannose" and "Mannose"

18:20 Question : Yo, Dr. G! Just wanted to say your new book is AWESOME! I ordered two more copies - can't put it down!

20:10 Question : Greetings Doc; In your opinion, are digestive enzymes designed for gluten, effective to take. If so, before, during, or after consumption of the food? Thank you...

23:45 Question : Hi Dr. G. Thanks again for being you. ? How much noise gurgling rumbling should there be in a healthy digestive tract?

25:05 Question : Dr. G, it's a little late in the game but my daughters supervisor is going in for open-heart surgery 9/7 to replace aorta valve. He is tired all the time, gets winded, trouble breathing, no energy. His diagnosis was enlarged weak heart due to aorta ventricular stenosis. He is on steroid inhaler, blood thinner and water pills for swelling. Any suggestions? He will be on a heart/lung machine during the surgery. Thanks

27:45 Question : Hello Dr Glidden….thank you so much for all you do. I am a breast cancer survivor, Bilateral Mastectomy, 12 round chemo, 33 radiation. Before these I never had any health problem. Now I am trying to boost my immune system. I am taking 90 nutrients, Selenium 3x a day, and Turmeric. I have this cough that didn't go away. The Dr said I have minor asthma and prescribed me a symbicort. Took it for a month then stopped due to thrush on my tongue. What do you recommend I should use? The CT scan

33:10 Question : What causes a hard heartbeat? I'm 52, 145lbs, recovered from dilated cardimyopathy (thanks to Youngevity!!!) periodically I have hard heartbeats or it "skips a beat". I'm NOT go No back to the cardiologist!!!

35:05 Question : With the Proline, most of them are tablets. I have heard somewhere that tablets aren't as absorbable. Are they less absorbable than the regular body packs?

Question : Hey Doc, I started going to a chriopractor and he found that I have stiff neck and lower back muscles both on my left side. What would be ideal?

39:10 Question : Hi Doc. My MD wanted me to under go a CT Scan to make certain the blood in my urine was not more than the kidney stone it turned out to be. MD wouldn't let me do an ultrasound, etc. What is a person to do when you're at the mercy of their treatment options?

41:51 Question : a 63 year woman 5ft 130lb has 3 herniated disc, missing cartiidge. numbess on legs, irritated nerves. taking cortizone shots every 2 to 3 months.also experiencing neck pain. She is taking a multivitamin B What do you recommend.

42:42 Question : Have you ever heard of Glytamins? It's a liver cleanse "primer" supository which apparently works very well. I know someone who had cancer and this is one of the protocols he used. Oh and I'm ordering your book!!! Sounds fantastic

43:45 Question : Ordered the book! Can't wait to read it!

44:30 Question : a friends parent has colon cancer and doctor suggest surgery to prevent spread to liver. suggestions. Thanks you so much doc. good to hear from you. I am from Bermuda and I have one more question: Friends mother has Anterior cervical diseconomy and fusion and her doctor recommends surgery. do you agree?

47:00 Question : Dr. G. Do you know of a good source for D-Mannose

47:55 Question : My brother has been told by his chiropractor he may have temporal arteritis. He would like to get a real diagnosis, but is worried about getting a cat scan. Is there a good way to get an accurate diagnosis without the scan? 

51:20 Question : protocol for swollen lower legs and feet? cld this be a problem with the heart?